Chapter 104 Patrol Squad

Chapter 104 – Patrol Squad

“Run! It’s dangerous!” Wang Er the Scout shouted after hearing Fatty’s words, even though he was in the middle of an intense fight.

Although Wang Er was being ganged up on by five monsters, he was not in a disadvantageous spot at all. He was using a short sword that was only slightly longer than a dagger. His weapon was covered in crimson bloodstains that showed how many foes it killed. Wang Er skirted around the five monsters, blocking incoming attacks with his weapon, as he scolded Fatty.

“Brother Wang Er, don’t worry. I am the person that the Central Dynasty sent to rescue you. Wheat, go!” Fatty shouted shamelessly, then ordered Wheat to attack, while he retreated.

“You!?” Wang Er paused for a moment, then nearly choked when he saw Fatty’s actions. The momentary shock cost him dearly as two bone swords sliced across his body.

Wheat’s Howling Bullet arrived at the critical moment. Although it didn’t do a lot of damage, it was able to slow down another monster’s attack.

Wang Er quickly retreated from the fight to Fatty’s side using that opportunity.

“The Dynasty sent you?” Wang Er asked Fatty softly while staring vigilantly at the monsters.

“Of course,” Fatty continued to retreat. “Do you know Gaia the Meteor Archer? He sent me.”

“Gaia? He’s ascended to the ranks of a Meteor Archer now?” Fatty merely mentioned Gaia randomly and did not expect Wang Er to actually know Gaia. However, the latter’s tone seemed to be filled with a mix of joy and loneliness. Wang Er sighed. “Hurry, leave this place, it’s very dangerous. Help me send a message to Gaia.”

“Then what about you?” Fatty was confused. Wang Er is trying to convince me to leave? I thought we were supposed to leave together?

“No, I can’t,” Wang Er said firmly. “My brothers are still in there, I have to save them. I’ll leave it to you to tell Gaia of the situation here. Ask him to inform the generals of the dynasty that the magical formation sealing the Phantasm Ghost King has been badly damaged and that the monster is about to awaken. Get them to quickly send someone over to repair the seal.”

“What? The Phantasm Ghost King is sealed?” Fatty finally understood why the level of the ghost claw was so low. So its main body is still sealed. “You can ask the Imperial Capital for help to save your brothers.”

“No, they will not last till then,” Fatty patted Fatty’s shoulder. “Thank you for sending the message for me so that I can die with them.”

“Dude, don’t get so worried. I’ll go with you after we deal with these monsters.”

“It’s very dangerous within,” Wang Er looked at Fatty seriously. “I didn’t want to come out, but I cannot defy the orders of the Captain. The most important thing is to inform others of the situation here. If you didn’t come, then I would have run out. But with you sending the message now, I can be at ease and struggle on alongside my brothers.”

“Don’t worry, we won’t die. We will definitely save your brothers,” Fatty patted his chest. Although Wang Er was merely an NPC in game, his words had moved Fatty deeply. He was already safe but was going to return to his brothers even when he knew that it would be certain death. Although many people can say stuff like that, very few people were actually able to do so.

“Think about what’s important,” Wang Er spoke plainly.

“This one understands. Don’t worry Brother Wang Er, I won’t let it affect anything,” Fatty said determinedly. “Let us kill these monsters then save the others!”

“Alright,” Although Wang Er was still a bit worried when he saw how strong Fatty’s sense of justice was, it was clear that he was very happy. “Just follow behind me. These mere mobs are nothing in front of Wang Er.”

With that, Wang Er rubbed his wounds, then leaped forth with a battlecry.

“Wheat, hurry up,” Fatty called out as he followed closely behind Wang Er. He might not be able to match the high level monsters here one on one, but he was capable of getting something done by following Wang Er.

Wang Er was clearly a rogue as well, but he looked to be a Magical Bandit with the fifth class enhancement, which allowed him to use some spells in addition to his physical attacks. While the five monsters seemed evenly matched with Wang Er earlier, they could not do anything when Wang Er turned serious. So Wang Er was able to kill two of them very quickly.

“Wow, Brother Wang Er is so strong!” Fatty praised. The Ancient Battlefield was clearly designed to be a farming spot for high level players, so nearly all of the monsters were above Level 50. It was natural for Fatty, who was only Level 30, to struggle, but Wang Er clearly possessed the necessary strength to stroll around freely.

“Little brother, don’t look down on these monsters. Although they are weak, they are plentiful,” Wang Er easily cut through the five monsters then lead Fatty inside as he explained the situation to him.

“We are a patrol squad stations nearby to watch over the Ancient Battlefield. We discovered a crack filled with miasma here by chance. The Captain felt like something was up, so he led us down here to investigate, only to find out that this is the place where the Phantasm Ghost King was sealed. When we noticed that the seal was already starting to crumble, we knew that disaster will strike if the Phantasm Ghost King was to break out, so the Captain started to lead us out to report our findings. Yet, tons of monsters popped out of nowhere and trapped us within. My brothers paid their lives on the line to create an opening for me to run away from to bring the news back.”

“Is the Phantasm Ghost King very strong?”

“Have you not heard of it?” Wang Er glanced at Fatty. When he noticed the look of confusion, he continued on with his explanation. “The Phantasm Ghost King was one of the high ranking demon generals several thousand years ago. He lead an army of three million demons to our realm and nearly destroyed half the continent. It took the combination of Lin Yu the War God and Aura the Saint Magus to defeat him at the cost of becoming heavily wounded themselves during a great battle here. Even so, they could only seal him and were unable to kill him.

War God and Saint Magus were the strongest amongst warriors and mages respectively. I can’t believe that it took two of them just to seal and not kill him! What’s more, they even were heavily wounded?

“So that means the situation is very dire?” Fatty started to get more serious.

The deeper they ventured, the darker it was. The dark energy in their surroundings also seemed to seep away the heat from their bodies and turn their bodies stiffer.

“Here, hold this,” Wang Er handed Fatty a cobble-like item when he saw the latter’s discomfort.

The moment Fatty held the item in his hands, he felt a warmth spread through his body from the item.

“Holy Spirit Stone!?” Fatty practically screamed when he saw what he held.

“Little Brother, you know recognize this as well?” Wang Er smiled. “Holy Spirit Stones are adored by light mages, so few others know about them. I didn’t expect you to be so knowledgeable.”

“Brother Wang Er, how did you guys get them? Do you have any more on you?” Fatty asked urgently.

“This is given out to all squads for protection. Our squad of a hundred people only has one. Captain only passed it to me since I needed to run out and relay a message,” Wang Er looked at Fatty in surprise. “Is little brother interested in this?”

“There’s only one for a hundred people?” Fatty finally understood how rare it was. “I’m not interested in it, but it is necessary for me. Brother Wang Er, do you know where I can get some of these?”

“I really don’t know about that,” Wang Er thought long and hard, but still didn’t think of anything. “But the Captain might know. He told us when we were coming in that we would go and get a few Holy Spirit Stones after our rounds so that everybody’s safer.”

The two chatted as they advanced forward at a mediocre speed. The main reason for that was because it was too dark, and the place was filled with too many crossroads, so Wang Er needed to carefully observe their environments to lead the way.

After around half an hour, they heard faint fighting sounds in front of them. Then, when they noticed a sliver of light up ahead, they understood that they were there.

When they turned around the corner, they saw all sorts of monster before them. Their target was a team of thirty something people with their backs to the wall as they fended off the attacks.

“Captain! Captain! I’m back!” Wang Er called out when he saw his wounded companions. He swung his short sword and joined the fray, while Fatty followed closely behind him.

“Wang Er? You bastard! I told you to go and deliver the message, but you actually came back here!? Do you want all your brothers to die for nothing!?” A heavily injured warrior NPC shouted. He’s probably the captain. Meanwhile, the other NPCs also glared at Wang Er in anger.

“Captain, I already found someone to deliver the message,” Wang Er quickly explained.

“Bastard, that’s even less of a reason for you to come back! You managed to get out, why come back to die?” The Captain seemed to calm down slightly, only to begin cursing moments later. “Wang Er, this is an order. F*ck off and as far away from this shit as possible!”

“Captain…” Wang Er choked. The middle-aged NPC was in tears!

“Don’t worry guys, I can get you guys out,” Fatty shouted behind Fatty. “Brother Wang Er, create an opening. I have a way for all our brothers to leave safely as long as we get over to them.”


“Hurry up,” Fatty smiled mysteriously like a true master.

“Captain, this little brother said he can get you guys out. Hold on!” Wang Er shouted, then threw himself at the monsters relentlessly.

I'm back.

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