Chapter 101 Gaia the Meteor Archer

Chapter 101 – Gaia the Meteor Archer

Over a dozen Wind Wolves around Level 40 was not a pack that Fatty could mess with. So, he immediately ran without any hesitation.

Fatty was very confident when it came to running away. He didn’t even need to take a second glance at where he was going. He jumped up and sprinted towards the woods as he put the drops away and cast Harvest to net a pelt.

Wind Wolf Pelt: Intermediate Sewing Material. Can be made into leather armor.

One of the largest wolves howled, then led most of its pack chasing after Fatty, while another wolf circled around to try and block off Fatty.

As Fatty sprinted through the forest, he felt like he was young again. During a couple of years, a certain shitty old geezer forced him to combat wild beasts every day. I was just a twelve years old kid back then! That shitty geezer actually threw me into a pack of wolves!

Yet… Although he wasn’t happy with the way the geezer taught him, Fatty was still very thankful. My little sister and I would have died a long time ago if not for him. And… in the end, he still passed away and left us.

Sorrow surfaced in his heart. Ever since he could remember, Fatty only had two relatives, his little sister and that geezer. One of them moved into his life and left too soon… the other one was going to leave to pursue her own life.

A tear emerged from the corner of his eye. He wiped away the tear drop then chuckled. If that geezer knew that I was feeling sad, he might actually leap out of his coffin in laughter, then die of laughter.

As the wolf pack continued their chase, the leading Wild Wolf sent out crescent-shaped blades of wind over half a meter wide. Always narrowly missing Fatty, but still causing more impact to the surroundings than the attacks of the Wind Wolf Fatty killed. Furthermore, every single strike managed to clear a path for the wolves to continue their chase.


Soon, the sky began to darken. The crescent moon so very like the attacks of the wolves hung high up in the sky. The wolfen howls echoed through the woods terrorizing all cowardly beings within.

A few more blades of wind were shot at Fatty. Although he was agile enough to avoid most of them one of them still sliced across his shoulders and dealt a good chunk of damage to him. It was the eighth one he had taken already. The only thing he had to feel lucky about was that not all blades of wind were as powerful as the ones the largest Wind Wolf shot out, so his health potions were still enough to keep him rather healthy.

F*ck this. I was just going my own way, why the heck are you guys chasing after me when I didn’t do anything to you!? Fatty cursed silently. However, he could only continue running since he knew that it was impossible to reason with monsters of their level.

As the grand chase continued, the wind wolves revealed their extreme patience. They did not give up on the chase even after several hours and over several dozen kilometers. Fatty really would have fallen due to starvation and vigor loss if he didn’t carry enough food to replenish his Vigor and reduce Hunger with him.

“Shit, you’re treating Lord Fatty as useless since I’m not doing anything to you!?” Fatty roared as he scuttled up a tree.

A blade of wind sliced at the spot underneath Fatty’s feet and embedded itself into the trunk. The huge tree immediately creaked, then began to slant.

The moment it was about to fall, Fatty leaped off the tree and landed on another one.

A few more blades of wind show at him, but missed, only to cause this new one to fall down as well.

Fine. Keep shooting. Let’s see how much mana you guys have! Fatty made up his mind. He leaped from tree to tree. Every single time he landed, a few blades of wind would be launched at him, only hitting the various trees. Yet, he was not able to do so unscathed. One of the wind blades landed on Fatty and sent a chill down his spine.

Due to Fatty’s decision, the wind wolf that raced off to circle around returned. However, since Fatty was merely hopping around tree tops, it could only hurl wind blades like all the other wolves.

Continuous creeks and snaps sounded out in the forest and the sheer number of trees knocked down before the Wind Wolves showed any signs of only went on to show how resilient the Wind Wolves were.

“Hmmph, let’s see what you’re going to do without any mana!” Fatty leaped onto another tree and waited.

It took a while for the largest Wind Wolf to fire another blade of wind. However, the attack was only around a third of the size of its previous attacks.

As the attack landed on the tree trunk, it merely left a mark in the tree. That’s so much weaker than the first attack. I guess the wolves are starting to tire.

Since that’s the case, then it’s Lord Fatty’s turn!

Fatty sat down on an outstretched branch and hugged it close with one arm, then used his other to fire with the Azure Feather Crossbow.

Yet, because crossbows were ranged weapons for rogues, they possessed lower damage compared to other ranged weapons for other classes. What’s more, rogues never had a high attack in the first place, so the attacks merely tickled the Wind Wolves. Each arrow would only deal a few dozen points of damage, which was nothing compared to their health regen. On the other hand, the Wind Wolves would fire their magic attack whenever they regenerate enough mana naturally.

Due to the monsters not having access to things such as mana potions, they regenerated mana at a fairly slow rate, so the situation then evolved into a stalemate.

As time gradually passed, Fatty felt more and more troubled by the pack of wolves. Dude, when the heck did I piss you guys off? Why on earth are you so relentless?

He had originally intended to kill them all, but when he finally understood the difference in strength, Fatty could only choose to take the situation as it is.

“Hmmph! I’ll let you go for now and deal with you guys after Lord Fatty gets his next class enhancement,” Fatty said threateningly.

Just as he was about to leave, a loud shout sounded out from afar.

“Beast, you are seeking death!”

Countless arrows shot through the trees and impaled themselves into the wolves.

Over half of the wolves were wiped out with the attack.

The largest wolf howled, then began to lead its pack away.

“Heh, if I let you escape, then what would happen to my face as Gaia the Meteor Archer? Hah! Meteor Shot!”

The dark sky lit up. Countless arrows of light descended from the sky and poured onto the remaining Wind Wolves. All Fatty saw was a flash of white light, then heard things shooting through the air and the wails of the wolves. After a while, the rain of arrows dispersed. All that was left was a ruined area of land without even a speck of dust from the wind wolves’ corpses.

“Damn, there aren’t even corpses left,” Fatty gasped.

A human leaped out from the trees and shouted, “Who’s up there? It’s time to come down!”

Due to it being dark, Fatty couldn’t tell how old the person was or what he looked like. However, he still obediently jumped down.

The one who proclaimed himself as Gaia the Meteor Archer scolded, “You are bold to come to the Moonlight Forest at this time of the night. Don’t you know that there are ferocious monsters lurking here? It’s one thing if you were strong, but you are a puny assassin. You are merely seeking death here!”

What the f*ck, what part of Lord Fatty does it look like he is speaking death? Fatty twitched his mouth. But he did save me, so I have to be kind of nice even if it was unneeded.

“My Lord, thank you for your help.”

“Alright, now scuttle off.” Gaia the Meteor Archer, who seemed to be in his thirties, hurried Fatty away impatiently. “This is shit. I only just became a Meteor Archer and now I have to go and do a mission at the Ancient Battlefield. That’s a place filled with dangers and monsters! It’s nowhere I should be going! F*ck, they’re only sending me to my death because I have no backing!”

This must be a mission!

All hints of annoyance were wiped away when Fatty understood that there must be a mission here.

“My Lord, may I inquire what mission requires you to go to the Ancient Battlefield? Perhaps I may be able to help you complete it?” Fatty asked.

“You? Ahahahaha,” Gaia burst into laughter. “A puny assassin that didn’t even get his third class enhancement actually offered to go to the Ancient Battlefield to complete the mission in my place? That’s ridiculous!”

“Ridiculous? Heh, that’s clearly not so!” Fatty snorted. “So what if I’m weak? Aren’t you supposed to be strong? You still ended up being kicked out of town to be sent to his death. Brains are valued far more than brawns now. Whatever, it’s not like you’ll understand. Lord Fatty can’t be bothered with you. Keep going towards your death.”

With that, Fatty turned around.

“You!?” Gaia was furious that a puny assassin dare to speak to him like that. However, when he saw that Fatty was just going to walk off, he suppressed the flames of rage in his heart. “Come back here!”

“Who do you think you are? I have to go back because you told me to?” Fatty stood still and looked back. “What is it? Say it. Lord Fatty still needs to hurry over to the Ancient Battlefield.”

“W-What are you going to the Ancient Battlefield for?”

“That’s none of your business.” Fatty acted impatiently. “Hurry up, you going to speak or not? I’m short on time, so if you won’t say it, then I’m leaving.”

“Oh, come back. I’ll tell you!”

The truth was actually very simple. An important person in the Imperial Capital noticed a change in the Ancient Battlefield, so he decided to send someone to take a look. However, due to it being a place infamous for its danger and the fact that all of the important people were NPCs with advanced AIs, all of them tried to push the task off to someone else. Thus, it eventually landed on Gaia, the unfortunate soul without any backing.

I'm back.

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