Chapter 100 The Pitiful Bai Xiaosheng

Chapter 100 – The Pitiful Bai Xiaosheng

“Bai Xiaosheng?” Fatty raised his eyebrows.

“You are…” Bai Xiaosheng was rather surprised to be recognized at first glance like this.

“Haha, how did the first player to enter the Imperial Capital and the sect master of the All-Knowing Sect end up in this sort of pitiful state?”

The person in front of him was nothing like the big boss of a the top information vendors in game. He was wearing some crappy leather armor with boots that look like some common items around level 20 something. What’s more, he only had one leg guard! If one were to just judge from his appearance, he was in a state even worse than the normal casual players!

“You are Money Grubber?” Bai Xiaosheng smiled after his shock wore off. “You managed to teleport here, so you must have some item that allows you to teleport.”

As expected of the All-Knowing Sect’s sect master. He guessed the right answer with nearly no information.

“You know of me?” It was Fatty’s turn to be shocked.

“I have heard of you,” Bai Xiaosheng nodded. The shambles covering his body was unable to hide his wisdom. “Did 093 explain my invitation to you in detail?”

“I wonder what did you invite so many experts for?” Fatty has been very confused about all that. According to what Bai Xiaosheng093 said, Bai Xiangsheng essentially invited the top experts from every single class ranking, and most of these experts had their own guilds. If one was to take that into account, then it would be the greatest force in the Chinese region. Fatty could not understand what Bai Xiaosheng gathered such a force together for.

“It is not time yet,” Bai Xiaosheng shook his head. “I can only tell you when we are all at least Level 50.”

Level 50? Fatty grew even more shocked. Gathering so many experts and waiting until Level 50…. That means Bai Xiaosheng’s plans are insane.

Bai Xiaosheng chuckled as he recalled Fatty’s shocking gaze when the latter scanned him earlier, “What? Do you think my items are terrible?”

“Not terrible, but they are lacking,” Fatty replied honestly.

“Haha, I presume 093 already told you about me?” Bai Xiaosheng smiled. “Although I reached outside the Imperial Capital a long time ago, I haven’t been able to enter. In fact, this is my first time in here.”

“It can’t be!” Fatty exclaimed. “Wait, did the guards not let you in?”

“Indeed,” Bai Xiaosheng said grumpily. “I tried to come in many times, but that damn guard said that the entry requirement of the Imperial Capital has not been reached, so nobody could enter.”

“Ahaha,” Fatty laughed. “So you have been waiting outside the entire time?”

Bai Xiaosheng said speechlessly. “I’ve been here for quite a while, but they refused me entry, so I could only stay outside. Although I can get some potion drops from monsters, I couldn’t get any real drops. The monsters around here are generally very high leveled, and even if I do all I can to kill them, I can use the items dropped. I was actually rather lucky to get a few useable drops in my journey. Otherwise, you’d be seeing a butt naked me now.”

“I thought you must have gotten a lot of benefits for being the first one reaching the Imperial Capital. I never expected that…” Fatty chuckled.

“Benefits? There were many occasions that I wanted to commit suicide just so I would respawn back in town. The monsters are tough and there is no place for me to replenish myself. More importantly, I still didn’t get my second enhancement yet. If the Imperial Capital still didn’t open up, then I definitely would have just committed suicide. Also, f*cking hell, although they said that the city was being opened up today, they asked me for identification! I would have definitely been killed if I wasn’t quick to think of something,” Bai Xiaosheng complained.

“Then, how did you enter?”

“I picked up a Holy Spirit Stone in the Ancient Battlefield along the way by chance. I told the guard that I am a disciple of a Grand Magus of Holy Light and lost my identification while training outside. He let me in after that.”

“Amazing!” Fatty praised. Bai Xiaosheng was definitely a spectacular player to have stayed in the wilderness the entire time and get into the Imperial City before getting a full set of items. I didn’t expect Holy Spirit Stones to possess such a use either. I should get a few more of those.

“I just got lucky. 093 said that you need Holy Spirit Stones?”

“Yeah, I need 5 for a mission. I wonder if you can give me a bit of guidance?”

“Sorry, I can’t help you,” Bai Xiaosheng smiled wryly. “I got this one by chance. It’s all going to depend on your luck.”

With that, Bai Xiaosheng took out a stone around the size of a goose egg. It was pure white and radiated a warm white light. When people looked at it from afar, it looked like a small light bulb.

“This is a Holy Spirit Stone?” Fatty took it in his hands and felt the warmth from it. “Sect Master, if you have no use for it, then name your price for it.”

“I can give it to you in the future, but I need it to enter the city right now. Sorry about that.”

“Then allow me to reserve it first.”

“Alright, I’m going to get my class enhancement now. Man, seriously, rogues have weak basic attacks. I’m practically useless if I don’t learn a few more skills,” Bai Xiaosheng muttered to himself as he began to walk off.

“Uhm… There’s something I want to tell you. Are you willing to listen?”

“What is it?” Why is this fatty speaking like that?

“Although there is a Class Enhancement Hall here, they only accept class enhancements for players at Level 60 or above. Those below have to return to the various main cities to get their class enhancement missions,” Fatty said carefully and observed Bai Xiaosheng’s expression.

“What!?” Bai Xiaosheng coughed up a mouthful of blood.

After Fatty said his goodbyes to Bai Xiaosheng, he considered everything for a moment, then still decided to go to the Ancient Battlefield using the directions Bai Xiaosheng gave him.

Meanwhile, when Bai Xiaosheng confirmed Fatty’s information in the Class Enhancement Hall, he chose to commit suicide. He knew that Fatty wasn’t able to lend him the teleportation token, so he didn’t ask. He merely ran outside the city gate and stabbed himself sorrowfully.

As Fatty followed the instructions he got from Bai Xiaosheng, he got more and more worried. Although he was still near the Imperial Capital, he was unable to see the actual stats of the monsters with his Appraisal skill anymore.

As he walked nimbly, he suddenly felt a chill down his spine, so he threw himself at the ground. A painful feeling surged through his body from his back, while half his health was wiped away.

He couldn’t afford to get up and instead rolled to the side. A huge creature landed at where Fatty initially threw himself at, leaving a huge hole in the ground.

Fatty finally crawled up afterwards. He drank a health potion, then took a look at his attacker. It was a large green wolf.


Wind Wolf

Level: ???

Fatty’s Appraisal was already at the intermediate rank, he could now see monsters at most 15 levels higher than him. Yet, he couldn’t see any statistics of the monster. That only meant one thing. The Wind Wolf was over 15 levels higher than Fatty, at a level above Level 45.

The wolf howled but didn’t ponce over. Instead, it shot a blade of wind at Fatty.


As the blade grazed his shoulder, Fatty’s lost more than half of his newly replenished health bar.

Fatty immediately used Invisibility and disappeared. Although he could just leave, he still chose to remain behind to try just how strong the Wind Wolf was.

The Wind Wolf is only a mob monster near the Imperial Capital. If I can’t beat it, then I can’t possibly go to the Ancient Battlefield to find Holy Spirit Stones.

The Wind Wolf lowered itself towards the ground and growled when it lost sight of Fatty. All higher level monsters had slightly higher intelligence compared to the low level ones, even if they were not advanced monsters. This was naturally true for this Wind Wolf as it stood on the spot and defended itself since it judged that its prey did not run away.

Suddenly, it looked up, while its green eyes flared red. It shot out a series of wind blades around it.

Fatty was knocked out of stealth. However, he was no longer in a position to need it.


A huge silver python coiled around the Wind Wolf. The Wild Wolf roared, but could not budge. It was clear that Coil’s low success chance managed to proc.

Fatty aimed carefully at the Wind Wolf and activated Combo Attack.




Blood spurt out of the wolf’s eye as its health bar dropped by around one third.

Two thousand something HP. This’ll be easy. Fatty quickly made a judgement on the difficulty of the monster after calculating the Wind Wolf’s approximate health.

Since Fatty was now Level 30, he had already changed his equipment. His gold dagger Fang was very useful. Not only did it improve his weakness of low attack, its passive effect allowed Fatty to restore 10% of the damage he deals as health. The Combo Attack net him 77 HP, so his health was nearly full again with another health potion.

It wasn’t strange for him to deal such high damage due to the eyes being a weak point.

At the same time, the Wind Wolf trembled, but could only wail in pain as it was still restrained by the python.

Die! Fatty continued to slash with his dagger. The Wind Wolf’s health quickly lowered. Just as he was about to finish it off….

Countless roars sounded out behind him. Fatty quickly rolled over and flattened himself against the ground.

A few dozen wind blades landed on the Wind Wolf the python restrained. Its health disappeared in an instant as it was cut to pieces and fell down by Fatty’s side.

More than a dozen Wind Wolves! Fatty took a glance behind him. Over a dozen young bull-sized Wind Wolves leaped out of the forest and slowly approached him with their glowing green eyes.

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