Chapter 10 Golden Rabbit King

Chapter 10 – Golden Rabbit King

Rabbits were famous for their speed, and as the rabbit king, the Golden Rabbit King naturally had its own pride. Its speed was definitely a lot faster than just quick, but it was still slightly slower than a full Dexterity rogue. Since the effects of Rooster Squawk had not yet expired, Fatty ran around the Golden Rabbit King like a gust of wind, and continuously thrust his dagger at the rabbit’s buttocks. Although the damage of the dagger was low, he had thrust it repeatedly, so the Golden Rabbit King soon lost more than eighty percent of its HP.

“Squeak,” the Golden Rabbit King squeaked furiously, then rolled over and lay on the ground before folding its hind legs tightly as it stared at Fatty.

“What? You want to seduce me? Lord Fatty is Casanova’s reincarnation, I won’t take the bait,” Fatty chuckled, but still remained vigilant. It’s pretty clear that it’s about to use its Rabbit Kick attack.

Rumor says while eagles hunt rabbit, they always swoop down from the sky. When rabbits are unable to escape, it will lay on its back on the ground, and wait for the eagle to approach. When the eagle did, the rabbit would kick with all its might, which would be enough to shatter the eagle’s skull.

Whoosh. The moment Fatty thrust his dagger forward again, the Golden Rabbit King kicked out with all its might towards him.

“Ha, I’m so prepared for that,” Fatty leaned to the side using his high dexterity, allowing the two huge rabbit legs to fly past his face. Yet, even so, he still received 80 something damage from the attack.

“Phew, that was close.” Fatty had added all of his stat points onto Dexterity, so his maximum HP was still 100. If rabbit king’s attack had connected directly with him, then he would have been sent back to the respawn point along with the Cloud Dragon Gang.

After that final blow, the Golden Rabbit King was clearly lacking in stamina points. Thus, it could only squeak loudly after getting stabbed several times by Fatty before moving onto the afterlife.


System Notification: Congratulations. You have killed the boss Golden Rabbit King. EXP +2000. Reputation +100.

Whoosh. A white light shone on Fatty.


System Notification: Congratulations. You have reached Level 6.

That level up allowed Fatty to remain firmly seated on the throne of the highest level in the village.

“OH YEAH! Another boss!”

Fatty looked at the ground at the small pile on grounds on the grass. He counted it briefly. 12 gold coins, 64 silver coins, and a ton of bronze coins. When added with the drops he got from the Furious Rooster and the small mobs, he had twenty something gold coins total.

“Hey, earning money is pretty simple,” Fatty still picked up every single bronze coin with the mindset of “wasting things is despicable”.

After that, he took a look at the remaining equipment that was shimmering with a gold light.

“Wow, a golden item!” Fatty leaped over. If one was to look at the scene from afar, then… Fatty leaped onto the “golden item” like a toad leaping over to an insect.

He used Appraisal.

Rabbit King’s Cloak



Level Requirement: 8

Defense +5

Dexterity +5

“Tsk, what the heck. Golden Rabbit King? It’s even weaker than a chicken!” Fatty was angry. This damn item was clearly tricking me of my emotions.

Fatty took a look at his status bar. Damn, I’m only 30% into Level 6. That’s ages away from Level 8.

“What a shame, if I could equipment it now, then I can go and pick up cute little girls with this golden cloak. That would be amazing,” Fatty gulped, then put the cape away in a sad manner.

At that moment, a sound rang out in the sky.


System Notification (Player Cloud Dragon Sail’s announcement): Damn Fatso, the damn fatso who lured the rooster and rabbit bosses to block the village entrance, the one called Money Grubber. You actually dared to sneak attack us, and steal our boss. We, the Cloud Dragon Gang, will never be done with you. Just wait for you to be killed by us back to Level 0.

“Tsk,” Fatty directly ignored it. You need Level 30 to establish a guild. What Cloud Dragon Gang? I’ve never even heard of it.


System Notification (Player War Shield of the Beastmen Team’s announcement): Money Grubber, you shameless and detestable rogue. Just wait for the revenge from the Beastmen Team!

Oh wow, they’re all rich. It’s quite expensive to make public announcements like that.

“Beastmen Team? Who the heck are they?” Fatty never had enough space in his mind to remember small fries.

Fatty used Harvest on the Golden Rabbit King’s corpse, and received a full rabbit skin, alongside two legs which were guaranteed from rabbits.

He took a look at his missions. All I need to do now is destroy their nest.

“Little bunnies, little bunnies, let me come in…” Fatty hummed random songs as he walked over to the rabbit nest on the slope.

He spat into his hands, then raised the small pickaxe up high, “Time to work!”

Fatty might have been a fat rat in the sewers in his past life, so he was extremely quick in digging the hole. His pickaxe picked up a storm as he swung it down over and over again, until he dug ten-odd meters into the hole.

At that moment, some of the other players had already gone over to the area to level themselves. When they saw that Fatty dug so furiously, they all paid attention to where it was as they slew monsters one after the other and waited for something amazing to appear.

Yet, what was strange was that none of the Cloud Dragon Gang had shown up.

Hop. A rabbit jumped out of the whole and flashed across Fatty’s eyes, completely shocking him. Oh, half an hour has already passed by, so the rabbits in the hole started respawning again...

F*ck, I have to hurry. Otherwise, a whole bunch of rabbits are going to spawn. Then I won’t be able to dig anymore, Fatty made up his mind, and sped up the speed that he dug. From a distance, he was actually swinging the pickaxe so quickly that he looked like a large windmill.

“Brother Grubber, you…” East Gate BlowingWind walked over, and was dumbfounded by Fatty digging the hole furiously with a blood-red name.

“Shh. I’m telling you, there is a legendary item down here. It’ll belong to whoever digs it out, so don’t tell anyone,” Fatty “whispered” mysteriously in a tone that everyone within a ten-meter radius could hear.

“Legendary item? Ugh, then let me congratulate Brother Grubber from receiving the first legendary item of the game. Don’t forget to help little brother out when you get it,” East Gate BlowingWind didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Of course. Just you wait and see, I’ll definitely…” Fatty suddenly revealed a strange expression and halted.

“What happened?” East Gate BlowingWind stepped forward, drew his sword and looked around carefully.

All of the surrounding players also stopped, and inched towards Fatty.

“Ugh, I ran out of vigor,” Fatty said after a long time.

Everyone was speechless, and East Gate BlowingWind even nearly fell into the hole Fatty just dug.

“Ugh, Brother Grubber. If you don’t need any help, then keep yourself busy. We’re going to farm,” East Gate BlowingWind wiped away the sweat from his face. I’m speechless. I should go back to farming instead.

“No worries, go and busy yourselves,” Fatty replied.

East Gate BlowingWind’s team seemed like a group of friends who already knew each other. They merely greeted one another, then started to farm with a lot of teamwork.

Fatty sat on the ground to rest for a moment, then made up his mind to roast a rabbit leg. Thus, his vigor filled up very quickly.

Time to continue to work.

If one was able to take a look from the sides, the tunnel that Fatty dug was like a long snake that was going around itself in boredom. Fatty had to dig a total of fifty something meters in order to reach the very bottom of the rabbits’ nest.


Fatty’s pickaxe dug out another piece of rock. This time, it was an ore. Fatty rolled his eyes and chucked it into his inventory, then continue to dig.

Not long later, he dug out another ore, then another, and another one. Soon, he was able to dig out ten-odd more pieces of ore, including two bronze ores, which was just enough to complete the blacksmith’s mining mission, while increasing his Mining skill’s Mastery Level to 22/100 of the Novice Rank.

Ding, ding.

When Fatty finally dug through everything, the rabbit’s nest finally opened up to him. He smiled, then reached inside, while holding the small pickaxe with his other hand.

He found… Some gold coins, a few bronze coins, a ring, a pair of boots…

“Lemme take this, and this, come to me, my legendary item. And… Ouch! Who bit me!??” Fatty’s eyes shone like little stars just as he was going to grab his “legendary item”, but at that very moment, he felt a pain on his hand, and saw that his HP began to drop. He took a look. It was a rabbit, which had just spawned. When the rabbit saw that its home was getting torn apart, it immediately bit down on the invader without even thinking twice.

“You dare to interrupt Lord Fatty’s dream? Maybe someone else can endure it, but I can’t!” Fatty was outraged. He threw his pickaxe to the side, grabbed a health pot and chugged it down using his left hand, while he took out his dagger with his right hand to end the unlucky rabbit with a swift combo attack.

“F*ck, I didn’t even use a single pot when killing the boss, and I actually had to waste one here,” Fatty cursed as he harvested a rabbit skin and two rabbit legs.

He reached out to search around once again, but… Nothing.


Still nothing.

“F*ck, so it was just a diversion. They sent a rabbit over secretly for me to kill, then moved all the treasures away as I was occupied. Damn, even rabbits know the thirty-six stratagems nowadays.”

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