Chapter 41 part 3

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Chapter 41 part 3


My heart was thumping. After I rolled into the Netherworld, I stood up, tugged on Chu Kong, and asked, “The pervert just smiled at you! Has…he set his eyes on you?”

This question didn’t get an answer. Instead, Chu Kong grabbed my skirt and asked, “He hit you! Do you only know how to be beat up?! Whenever you fight with me, aren’t you really brave? Why didn’t you resist? Why didn’t you dodge?! Is your brain just full of cow dung?!”

I was scolded by his inexplicable rage.

“Why are you so furious? If I really could resist, do you think I’d be stupidly beaten like that? If I was able to dodge, would I really just stand there? Do you think I really wanted to die?”

In my opinion, even though Chu Kong was arrogant, he wasn’t someone unreasonable. Previously, my soul had been hurt by the flamed beast. The difference in strength between me and the blond-haired man also couldn’t be ignored. Even he himself had been eaten! He ought to know how strong that person was. Fighting back or dodging wouldn’t happen just because I wanted to. His rage now was really puzzling.

“You didn’t want to die! You soul had already been taken and you still say you didn’t want to die?! You!”

He was speechless. He gritted his teeth and stared at me with an unknown expression. Suddenly, he raised his hand and put it on my forehead. The burning feeling burned for a while and then disappeared. It was him who took my soul back from that man. Chu Kong hung his head. “Do you know that your soul was almost wiped out?”

Upon seeing his expression, the fire burning in my heart also disappeared.

He must’ve been worried about me…

He waited patiently on the other side for an opportunity to attack. He was probably angry because he wasn’t strong enough…or maybe he was venting because he’d been restraining himself from showing that he was scared. That I was the one who scared him.

This was what you called an idiot who didn’t know how to express himself. (totally agree)

I stretched my hand out and touched his head.

“You’re the idiot whose brain is full of cow dung.”

We rested for a while in the Netherworld. Then, we tidied our clothes and moods and went to Yanwang’s palace. I asked Chu Kong curiously, “Who was that man? His whole body was covered in evil energy. And he was so powerful. What did you encounter in that cave?”

Chu Kong was silent for a while and then said, “When I was filling the hole with fluorites, he suddenly flew out from the hole. He and I exchanged some blows.”

He coughed loudly. He seemed to be reluctant to admit that his immortal power was inferior to that man.

“…Because my wounds from the flamed beast weren’t healed yet, I lost. But I’m not like you. Xiaoye, in the last moment, even facing death and bleeding, had closed the hole with fluorites. Evil energy won’t leak from there again for two, maybe three thousand years. As for who that person was…if I’m not wrong, he must be a sinful god locked in the eighteenth floor of Hell. He took the opportunity and escaped. This matter should be reported to Yanwang. Let him search for people to solve it. Anyway, our task of filling the hole has been completed.”

Hearing him say that, my heart felt happy and I said, “So, we can go back and get married!”

Chu Kong’s face turned red. He coughed twice and didn’t answer. I happily narrowed my eyes.

“From today onwards, I’m also someone that has somebody who’ll provide for me. How much money do you earn per month? Can you really provide for me? Don’t say that the Morning God is as stingy as Yue Lao.”

I talked all the way to Yanwang’s palace. Surprisingly, Yanwang was sitting at his desk with a serious expression, writing something with a brush. The magistrate sat beside him, marking the files. It was the first time I saw Yanwang’s palace actually look how a Yanwang’s palace was supposed to be. I didn’t know how to react.

Chu Kong and I froze for a moment before we entered the hall. Then, Chu Kong cupped his fist together to show Yanwang courtesy. “Yanwang, Hua Mountain’s hole has already been closed, but there’s still a matter that I need to report to you.”

“I already know,” Yanwang didn’t let Chu Kong finish speaking and interrupted him. “A sinful god from the eighteenth floor has escaped to the human realm, isn’t that it? I am now writing a report and was just about to bring it to Heaven to let the Jade Emperor assign the Heaven’s General and military to arrest the sinful god.”

I froze for a moment. Yanwang could actually work efficiently. Could it be that the matter of the sinful god escaping was an event that could destroy Heaven?

Chu Kong’s eyebrows also rose. He nodded and said, “In short, I’ve already reported this matter. The hole has also been closed. Yanwang is going to Heaven. You can take me and this thing beside me with you.”


Yanwang’s body moved back slightly as he leaned on the chair. He looked serious. “I’m afraid that this time, I can’t take you two…”

Yanwang’s voice had hardly left when Chu Kong’s expression turned serious. He grabbed me and walked away.

“If that’s so, then we’ll go back ourselves.”

“Ah, ah! Wait, wait, ah! Celestial Star Chu Kong! Aiyou, don’t be like this, ah! If there’s something wrong, let’s discuss it!”

Yanwang kept calling from behind. He was so anxious that he almost cried out.

“I really don’t have anyone, ah! I really have no other way. If there’s another person, I definitely wouldn’t have bothered you! Everyone’s life is in your hands. Celestial Chu Kong, how can you neglect a god’s duty?!”

Chu Kong’s footsteps halted. I crashed into his back. My nose turned red. I turned to Yanwang and said, “We’re hurrying back to get married! The fate of the bad guys will be unlucky their whole life!”

“Aiya, you two really got together. I won the gamble in Heaven!”

“Don’t chat about this and that,” Chu Kong said, slightly angry. “Xiaoye just messed up a few red strings. You all have been treating me like a joke, driving me around like a servant! You said to fill the hole and go back to Heaven. Xiaoye won’t do anything else. If you love to give yourself headaches, then go on. It has nothing to do with me.”

“Does it really have nothing to do with you?” Yanwang’s voice sank. “Do you know who the sinful god who escaped the Netherworld is? Celestial Star Chu Kong, do you know that you have been worshipped as a star under the Morning God? But besides ‘Star’, do you know why we still have to call you Celestial?”

I was also curious and looked at Chu Kong. He frowned. “How would I know? They’ve been calling me that since I was a child.”

Yanwang solemnly said, “The sinful god who escaped is called Jin Lian. Long ago, he was the first disciple of the South Pole God. Because of his talent, he won the South Pole God’s favor. He was the most favorite disciple of the South Pole God. After completing his practice, he liked to go to the human realm to search for babies that had spiritual power and let them cultivate into an immortal. Many war generals came from Jin Lian. His identity was very noble. Chu Kong, you’re also one of the babies that he found. The sinful god that escaped today is your Shifu.”

I was shocked. Chu Kong was also shocked. I suddenly remembered, just before we entered the Netherworld, the pensive look in Jin Lian’s eyes. Could…it be that he had already recognized Chu Kong?

Chu Kong frowned. “I only remember that I once had a Shifu, but that Shifu suddenly disappeared. All the disciples scattered. He…such a person, why would he be locked in the eighteenth floor?”

Yanwang sighed loudly. “It’s only natural you don’t remember. The key to the spell that the God Jin Lian was practicing was the assistance of another refined transformation. He let his sister Jin Luo go down to search for it. But after going down, she didn’t come back. Later, God Jin Lian became obsessed, committing many sins until he was thrown into Hell.”

So this was another tragedy of life…

I thought of that blond-haired man’s cunning and perverted appearance. He really didn’t seem like someone who’d just wait patiently in Heaven, or a fool who had been cheated by his sister. There must’ve still been many hidden secrets about what happened…

The air was silent for a while. Chu Kong pulled away without a care and continued to walk towards the door. Yanwang shouted, “Hey! Celestial Star Chu Kong, are you really still leaving?!”

“What does a broken matter from so many years ago still have to do with me? Regardless, go find someone else. I won’t help with anything.”

Yanwang was silent for a while. “Even if it is related to Xiao Xiang Zi, will you still not help?”

I stopped walking. Then, I turned around and looked at Yanwang. “Related to me? Does he want my life?”

“When you and Chu Kong reincarnated into the princess’ and the general’s bodies, there was an error in time. The time in which you needed to reincarnate was late by decades. This was a mistake that shouldn’t have occurred. I specifically investigated it. Xiao Xiang Zi, have you ever been attacked by that evil energy?”

I scratched my head. “It should be…”

Chu Kong glared at me. “Why didn’t you tell me?!”

“I didn’t know what it was then.”

Yanwang nodded. “Indeed, the evil energy must’ve wrapped around Xiao Xiang Zi’s whole body then, causing an error to happen when you reincarnated. Now it has invaded your soul. After that, it’ll disturb your mind. Jin Lian was already obsessed. He escaped from Hell. If we let his cultivation get any the future, maybe he’ll use this evil energy to control Xiao Xiang Zi.”

My face paled. Chu Kong frowned. “To put it plainly, Xiaoye can’t beat him. What do you want me to do in the human realm?”

Yanwang grinned. “I won’t let you fight your Shifu. I only want you to slow down his cultivation. As you know, one day in Heaven is one year in the human realm. If I go up to ask for soldiers, I certainly can’t get down in half a year, or even a year. If Jin Lian causes trouble, I won’t know how the human realm will look afterwards. So, I want you two to go drag down Jin Lian’s pace. Disrupting his plans will be good. After all, if I call reinforcements and get rid of Jin Lian, Xiao Xiang Zi will also be safe. You can go back to Heaven, get married, and lead a happy life.”

Chu Kong looked at me for a while and then gritted his teeth. “This matter…there won’t be a next time.”


The perfect expression of Chu Kong now


Chinese people see Hell ( 地狱, dìyù) and Netherworld 地府dìfǔ) different. The Netherworld is place that everyone who has died needs to pass. Hell is a place only used for punishment.

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