Chapter 39 part 1

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Chapter 39 part 1


This hot wet kiss gradually deepened. My heart was resolute. All the necessary words to get to this point were said. If I didn’t take the opportunity and thoroughly kiss him, I’d feel sorry for this old face of mine!

I wrapped my arm around Chu Kong’s neck, holding him tight as I began my response to this fierce, emotional kiss.

It’s because I felt like I trapped into the fire or it’s because I spoke all the things that was deep in my heart out, but I couldn’t stop this passionate kiss.

I couldn’t detect Chu Kong’s thoughts or feelings. I only felt his hand moving up and down on my back. It felt a little sentimental. I didn’t know where I should fondle him back, but I was itching all over my body.

We had no experience in this, but when I was in Yue Lao temple, I occasionally looked into the Mirror of Fate and saw the wedding scene of a married couple.

I knew. The first step was undressing.

I loosened my arms from around Chu Kong’s neck and probed at his waist. I pulled for a long time before I finally just used brute force and broke his belt in two.

Chu Kong didn’t notice. His hands were still on my back. I moved my lips and bit his ear. “You need to…make some real progress, ah…”

The words had hardly left my mouth when I felt my aorta being sucked by someone. After a slight tingling feeling, numbness filtered into my head. I didn’t have the time to groan; someone was entering the territory. Suddenly, a loud bang resounded through the sky.

It felt like I had been drenched with a bucket of cold water. The night watchman’s voice came from faraway. “…Be careful of the fire.”


An extremely dull tone passed through my ears. Chu Kong was lying on top of me and didn’t move. I held my breath; afraid that if I breathed any louder, the night watchman would hear it as he passed.

Bang, bang.

“Be careful of the fire.”

A tsunami passed through my mind. We actually almost did it here…under the eyes of everyone!

I immediately returned to my senses and frowned.

The night watchman passed over the flower house. Chu Kong silently pulled me into his embrace. I tugged at his shoulder and tore his clothes. But he kept his head down on my forehead, not letting me see his expression. Only when the night watchman was far enough away that we couldn’t hear his voice anymore did he let go of me. Chu Kong sat up and quietly put a little distance between us.

I tidied my clothes. I pretended to be calm, sat up, and said, “Well ah, let’s go back.”

Chu Kong nodded and with a “shua” sound, he stood up. But he didn’t know and I also forgot that I ripped his belt, so when he got up, his pants fell straight down.

Chu Kong: “…”

I: “…”

He immediately bent down and pulled up his pants. I avoided looking at him.

“I didn’t see anything.”

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