Chapter 38 part 2

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Chapter 38 part 2


Aside from you helping me, what else is there to do?! I was roaring it in my heart, but didn’t expect that my mouth would slip up on me again. “You need to help me, of course!”

The air was silent. Our warm breath formed white mist in the cold air. We stared at each other for a while, and finally, I looked away. I slapped my mouth a few times.

Shouldn’t have said it, ah! Why couldn’t I control it?!

Could it be… My eyes fell onto the jar of wine in Chu Kong’s hand.

Chu Kong suddenly trembled. He put the jar on the wooden table. The wine spilled out. With a “gululu” sound, it rolled down the five story house.

I looked up at Chu Kong and saw that he walked a few steps back, his face a sun-like transparent red.

“Help, help?”

I didn’t know what kind of images he formed in his mind. His voice was really hoarse.

His shy appearance made my ears feel hot. I touched my face to try and calm myself down.

“Don’t think so hard. Maybe this wine has something else in it.”

I didn’t know if Chu Kong heard me. I only saw him quickly stand up, his back to me. I heard him take a few deep breaths, and then he rapidly said, “Let’s go back first. If there’s really no other way…go roll in the snow.”

When I heard his words, I felt like we weren’t talking about what Zihui put in the wine anymore. I looked at his back for a while, then blurted out again the words I held close to my heart. “Say, Chu Kong, do you really like me?”

Chu Kong’s back stiffened. He was silent for a long time before he said, “You…go roll a few more laps in the snow. I’ll guard you. I won’t let others look at you…”

I saw my own fists clench and release several times. It was like a bunch of silent fires had suddenly flared up inside of me. I tried and tried to hold it back, but after hearing those words from Chu Kong, they all broke out. I stood up and walked in front of him.

Chu Kong looked up at the stars and didn’t look at me. I reached out and yanked his collar.

“Chu Kong, let’s lie down and talk, alright?”

Chu Kong looked stunned for a moment. I put more force behind my grip and tripped his foot. Of course, Chu Kong didn’t guard against me and stumbled straight onto the wooden platform with a “zhi ya” sound. There, he obediently lied on the platform. I sat on top of his belly, tugging at his collar while condescendingly staring at him.


Chu Kong’s face was so red that his blood looked like it would burst out of his cheeks. He stared into the distance and sternly said, “Even if the drug is really strong, you need to restrain yourself.”

He struggled to get up. I grabbed his forehead with one hand and pressed him down, practically gluing his head to the wooden platform. This time, I might have hurt him. He frowned. His right hand grabbed the hand that was holding his collar. My heart hurt. I blurted out, “I like you.”

This sentence made Chu Kong go into shock. He stared at me with big eyes.

The dark sky was filled with stars, as if even the heavens were hiding my shadow from me.

I also didn’t speak, and didn’t even know what to say next. Still, the troubled thoughts I had locked up tight in my heart somehow leaked out. “You’re violent, and you don’t understand how to be gentle. Occasionally, you’ll also want to beat me. You look a little childish. Your temper isn’t calm and your mind isn’t so good. And you totally don’t understand a woman’s mind. When you’re angry, you don’t know how to give in. Your moods are really hard to grasp…”

Chu Kong’s eyes that were originally stunned, changed with my words.


I wanted to shut my mouth, but once I started, it was like a door in my brain refused to be closed. So…I just spoke honestly.

I thought, Chu Kong was a proud guy. If he couldn’t say it, then I would say it. He didn’t dare to be straightforward, so I could only be brave… Then, I’d force him to open his mouth, force him to say it.

“But! I still want you! We’ve already kissed, already hugged, and at one point we even touched each other’s body! Today, if you want to obey me, then you have to obey me. But if you don’t want to obey me, then you still have to!”

I grabbed his collar and fiercely pulled at it.

“Say it! Say you like me! Hurry up and honestly admit it!”

After releasing all the storms that had previously weighed me down, I looked at Chu Kong. He was in a daze. Suddenly helpless, I thought, obviously I came to hear his own thoughts, but he hasn’t even spit one word out and I’ve already said so much myself, really… I’d really loaded the cart before getting the horse.

“You, get up.”

I didn’t know how long we were silent; suddenly Chu Kong said those words.

I didn’t loosen my hold. “You admit it first!”

“I told you to get up first,” Chu Kong shouted angrily.

I was also angry. “When you admit it, I’ll naturally get up!”

“You really don’t know when you’ll live or die!”

His words had hardly left, when I suddenly felt myself being dumped on the ground. After spinning, my back landed against the cool wooden platform. My eyes were full of Chu Kong’s face, and around it were the stars in the sky. I saw the red of his ears. I felt his hot breath on my face and heard him say through gritted teeth, “Xiao Xiang Zi, remember this well. You forced me!”

My lips felt warm. Something wet and slippery got into my mouth. In that moment, being kissed by the unique strength of a man, it almost completely drained the breath out of my life.

This thing…actually dared to say that I forced him? In all these hot and crazy thoughts, one thought made me a little calmer.

Those ten copper coins… I really made the wrong bet!


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