Chapter 36

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Chapter 36


Darkness. I felt Chu Kong’s face above mine. His lips were tightly pressed against my forehead. I took deep breaths against his neck. His hands were on my back. His chest was pressed against my chest, making me feel a strange pain.

“You’re openly…taking advantage of me, ah!”

I pushed his chest.

“Motherfucker, breath, breathless!”

“Why the fuck are you hurrying!”

Chu Kong was also angry.

“Do you think I want to be pressed against you?! Just let me lean here for a while.”

(Oh, it was involuntary? But what about your lips on her forehead, Chu Kong?)

I continued to breathe. The temperature of our bodies melted the snow. The water dripped onto my clothes. I shivered from cold.

Just then, Chu Kong pressed me more tightly against him. Then, I heard a burst. Finally we escaped the small space.

We emerged from the ground…or better said, emerged from the snow.

Standing on the white snow, Chu Kong and I kept gasping for air. I had several layers of clothing soaked in water. Then, a cold wind brushed past, and I instantly froze me like a popsicle. This situation was as bad as it could get. As for why our situation is so bad…

Chu Kong fisted his hand.

“If this is Heaven’s Will, it must be big-bearded Li’s revenge!”

I deeply accepted Chu Kong’s view.

Because nothing went according to how he had written it, that Heaven’s dog blood Li must be angry. And now that he wasn’t going to have the chance to write our lives out anymore, he tampered with how we’d come to this world after our reincarnation!

This despicable and petty Heavenly Emperor Li let us be caught in an avalanche right after reincarnating that was supposed to bury us alive in it! This was clearly taking revenge while he still could! Shameless! Really shameless!

While I was trembling, I said: “Let’s…let’s go get some thick clothes… We haven’t even found the stones yet. At this rate, we’ll be back to see Yanwang before soon.”

Chu Kong got it together. He narrowed his eyes while looking at me. “You don’t know how to use the immortal’s power against cold?”

I was startled. I racked through my brain. After being a mortal for so many years, I actually had forgotten that I had the power of an immortal.

I murmured a spell to disperse all the cold from my body. Then I turned to Chu Kong and said, “Although you reminded me about my immortal power, you still took advantage of the opportunity to rub against me.”

I sighed while shaking my head. “You deserve to be single.”

This was obviously a means of flirting with women. Chu Kong was obviously not as good as me.

Chu Kong stared at me for a while and then expressionlessly said, “What do you have for me to take advantage of?”

My mouth twitched. I felt that this guy must really not be interested in me. His mouth looked like it had been wiped in dirt.

I narrowed my eyes and dissatisfied, said, “You deserve to be single!”

After saying that, I turned and walked away.

After taking a few steps, I didn’t hear Chu Kong’s footsteps in the snow. My heart felt it was strange. I turned to look at him. I saw him standing absentminded. A hand was touching his lips, another hand was clutching his chest. His vision was from the snow pit, where we escaped from. His cheeks were inexplicable red.

That, that saying one thing, meaning another thing...what did he mean, nothing to take advantage of’… He obviously took advantage of me!

Chu Kong stood there for a long time. He frowned as he thought for a moment. Then he suddenly said, “Do you feel that the snow on this mountain is strange?”

I looked at him seriously. “No.”

Frustrated, Chu Kong said, “Forget it, I was being stupid. I actually asked you.”

We were silent again. I looked around. The strange thing that I found was that the snow was mixed with some wood. I thought for a while. Suddenly, I crashed into Chu Kong’s back. Chu Kong ignored me and solemnly said, “The wrong thing with this snow mountain is that someone put a spell here.”

I was confused. “But I didn’t see a spell, ah.”

“Of course you wouldn’t see it,” Chu Kong said with dissatisfaction.

“You see the snow on the roadside? It’s neat, like someone just cleaned it. You don’t need to walk far and there’ll be a stone on the roadside. If you look carefully, the distance between the stones is always the same.”

I followed Chu Kong speech and looked at the environment. My heart was startled. My face paled. “These things have always been there when we walked down the mountain. Someone actually used one spell on the whole mountain? What does he want to do? Why put a spell on this mountain?”

“If it’s only this mountain then it’d be fine…”

Chu Kong paused. We tried to figure this out. Suddenly one of the stones on the roadside flashed a bright red light. The flashes spelled something that I didn’t understand. Chu Kong’s eyes turned serious. “It’s a bloodthirsty spell. It’ll suck all the blood of the living creatures inside the spell!”

Immediately, I pulled Chu Kong’s sleeve and hid behind him.

“Living creatures, including us?”

“What do you think?”

I carefully thought for a moment. “I really don’t know if it includes us.”

Chu Kong went silent.

I stuck tightly against his back. Chu Kong waved. A crimson whip appeared in his hand. He looked back at me. “Are you incapable? Are you just good for nothing? You’ve already been restored your immortal body and you’re still afraid of this kind of spell? Just find the opening and break it. It’s as simple as that.”

Hearing Chu Kong’s words, I was startled. If I’d fallen into this spell alone, I wouldn’t necessarily behave like this. But seeing Chu Kong’s straight back standing there, I didn’t worry and just automatically hid behind him. This seemed to have become a behavior I couldn’t stop.

Of course, I wouldn’t tell Chu Kong such a thing.

“Do you think I want to hide behind you? If you hadn’t broken my round fan that time, leaving me with nothing to protect my body, would I still stand behind you?”

Chu Kong was silent for a while and then harrumphed coldly. “It’s just a broken fan. You, a poor ghost, actually remembered it for so long. When we go back, I’ll compensate you.”

My eyes lit up. I grabbed Chu Kong’s hand. “This is something you said, ah! We agreed! I want the Weaver Girl’s fan. The best one.”

Chu Kong pouted, dissatisfied. “Really no knowledge.”

“If you have the knowledge, you go find a better one, ah. I’ll never refuse…”

My words hardly left my mouth when Chu Kong grabbed my shoulder, pulled me to the side, and jumped into the sky.

I hadn’t understood the situation yet when a strange sound came from below. I looked down and saw there were several tentacles at the place where we were just standing, all in a flurry and moving. Everything they seized would be torn to pieces.

I asked, “What are these?”

“The spell has started.”

Chu Kong turned serious.

“Look for the spell’s opening.”

I looked around and noticed that, at the peak of the mountain, a flash passed. I poked Chu Kong’s hand. “There, there, Chu Kong. Above!”

“You wait here.”

Chu Kong didn’t say anything more and let go of my hand. He swiftly went to the spell’s opening. I stood there and waved at his back. “Do your best, ah!”

It was only when he was at the peak of the mountain that I came to realize how I just naturally wished him the best, and he didn’t feel anything wrong with it.

The earth shook. Something made a dull sound. It was the movement of the spell’s opening. I looked up at the peak of the mountain where Chu Kong was. We were separated, too far away. I couldn’t see his expression, but I could just imagine how beautiful the light in his eyes would be.

Chu Kong did have some skills, and his skills were out of my range. He clearly didn’t seem like someone who’d work under another immortal. Now that I was thinking about it...whether it was Yanwang or Great Golden Star Taibai, they all called him “Celestial Star Chu Kong”. And this title “Celestial Star” was above his position.

Chu Kong was not as simple as he looked…

The earth shook again. It didn’t come from the direction of the spell’s opening. Not far from me, an animal suddenly drilled out from beneath the snow. His whole body was covered in white fur. Even the fur on his forehead was white and covered his eyes.

“Who broke my bloodthirsty spell?!”

His roar had a deep voice. I raised an eyebrow. Using one spell on a whole mountain, and it’s from a demon, too. This matter was really not simple.

I glanced in the direction where Chu Kong was. This was a critical time to break the spell. It couldn’t be interrupted. The demon on the ground shook his head. He rushed to the peak. My body moved on its own and fell right in front of the demon. My hands twisted and a big net appeared. I waved, and it fell straight on the head of the demon.

“Although I’m not powerful, you can’t afford to not look at me, ah.”

I walked to the demon covered in the net and whispered, “My man is at work, how can I let him have worries?”

Originally, I was such a gentle and considerate person, ah!

The demon’s throat made a “gululu” sound.

The earth shook again. The sky above seemed to be breaking apart. The demon lying on the ground suddenly began to struggle as if he needed to fight even if he died.

While he was struggling, a hole formed in the net. One hole, two holes.

I didn’t expect that this demon would have such abilities. My heart was startled. I searched my whole body to see if I could find something to protect myself, but I quickly realized that I had nothing…

I was a poor immortal. There was nothing of worth on my body.

“You stay away from her!”

Chu Kong’s voice could be heard above our heads.

My body stiffened. A red light flashed at the corner of my eyes. The demon’s eyes were covered in a glowing red light.

Soon, I heard a terrible roar. The net was completely shattered. He turned to me.

I was soaked in sweat. “In fact, it’s alright if you don’t look at me. It doesn’t matter.”

He shouted, “Whoever’s breaking the spell needs to die!”

His claws came in my direction. I rolled on the ground and escaped this attack, but couldn’t recover in time as the second claw came after me. The speed was so fast, I couldn’t react in time.

The sound of the spell breaking accelerated. Presumably, Chu Kong increased his speed to destroy the spell.

I came to a decision. I needed to stall for time till Chu Kong could get over here.

The demon seemed angry. His claws came at me. I was furious. “The one who’s destroying the spell is obviously there. Why are you hitting me?!”

My words had hardly left my mouth when he got free from the net entirely. The demon’s claw came at my head…

In a split second, a hand grabbed my waist. I was surprised. When I came to, the demon was miles away from me. I looked up and saw that Chu Kong was still fighting to break the spell. I turned and looked, catching a glimpse of a purple robe drifting in the wind.

“A Xiang lady?”

His voice had a hint of surprise.

I looked at this person’s face for a long time and finally said, “Ah, you are that sinister stone demon, Zihui?”

“Having not seen you for so many years, a Xiang lady is still so straightforward.”

He smiled, mouth curving.

“But it’s really an honor that lady still remembers me.”

I looked at him for a moment, and then looked at Chu Kong. Suddenly, I had an impulse of mischief to roar to Chu Kong: “Your rival has come!”

I really wanted to know what expression he’d make when he heard that…

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