Chapter 27 part 1

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Chapter 27 part 1


I stayed by Chu Kong’s bed for three days and three nights. This was the first time I saw the arrogant Chu Kong so weak and so pale. Even though he was a woman now, I was still not used to it at all. So well behaved as he lied in bed, letting people look at him…it made me think about the time when he was Lu Hai Kong.

Very strong and yet very fragile, only letting his guard down when he was with me...even though he was a woman now. I had no idea that I would panic like that when I saw him bleed. It felt like the sky was falling down. It was my first time feeling such a strange emotion...even though the other party was a woman.

I covered my face with my hands and sighed. As if he had heard me, the person that had lied in bed for three days straight without moving suddenly groaned. I was startled; I immediately moved closer to his head and softly said, “Chu Kong, Princess Kong? Are you awake?”

His eyelids moved and with extreme difficulty, he managed to open his eyes. I stared at him, afraid that he’d lose consciousness again.

Chu Kong narrowed his eyes and stared back at me for a while. Suddenly, his eyes closed again. My heart panicked. Just now, had he used the last of his strength to see me? No, it couldn’t be! This couldn’t happen! I used my fingers to peel open his already closed eyelids. Against the whites of his eyes, I called out: “No! Don’t! Don’t die!”

“Die…‘don’t die’… You think this body can obey orders…?”

Chu Kong’s voice was hoarse and weak. His eyes rolled back to the front of his head. Finally seeing his pupils set my mind at peace. I let go of his hand, took a deep breath, and said, “When your eyes kept rolling, I was afraid that you were dying.”

Chu Kong glanced at me and immediately turned away. His voice sounded quite disgusted as he said, “Seeing a dirty, rough man crouched by my bed the moment I wake up really sucks.”

If he could speak with such a tone, I knew he wasn’t about to go dying on me. The big rock that had been crushing my heart finally rolled off. I didn’t care about his attitude; he could sass me all he liked and I would just be happy that he could. I sat on the bed and laughed: “It’s good that you’re alive.”

Chu Kong’s eyebrows moved. He looked at me out of the corner of his eye.

“Were...were you really worried about me?”

“Really worried,” I confirmed.

Chu Kong didn’t say anything and buried his head under the quilt. I caught a glimpse of his ears and saw that they had turned red again. It appeared that he hadn’t expected such a straightforward answer.

I wiped away my sad tears.

“If you’re gone, who’ll run in front to block all the knives? I’ll end up dying and have to kiss Yanwang’s cheeks in the Netherworld! Hey, you’ve already kissed him. It’s terrifying to think about, right?”

The room was quiet for a while. Chu Kong pulled his head out from beneath the quilt. He glared at me and ruthlessly said, “Get out.”

“Out to where?” Right after I asked, I suddenly realized what he must’ve meant. “Look at me being confused! I should’ve let the physician check your pulse first!”

After saying so, I squeezed Chu Kong’s hand. “I know that you’re sad about losing the child, but in life, there’s nothing that won’t pass. Every time you encounter a difficulty, just think about it as enriching our wealth.”

I looked at Chu Kong’s pale face and thought it looked a little dark now. Well, regardless!

“You must be strong!”

Chu Kong used all his strength to pull his hand away. It trembled as he raised it and pointed at the door. Gritting his teeth, he said, “Out!”

I did as he wished and left the room, calling for Physician Zhang and several maids immediately after. I earnestly said, “The princess just lost her child. It’s inevitable that she’ll be depressed. Serve her well.”

Even if the general’s body was made from iron, keeping watch over Chu Kong for three days without rest had been exhausting. It was straight to bed for me. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep. I could clearly hear the beating of my heart in the peaceful darkness, but instead of drifting off to its rhythm, I touched my cheek and felt its obvious heat. Looking up at the ceiling, I sighed. The situation was a bit bad, ah...

“You...were worried about me?”

“Really worried.”

Thinking about this conversation, I couldn’t help but cover my mouth. The scene was so vivid in my head that it felt like I had just blurted it out again, but not even the palm of my hand could erase that feeling.

What was wrong with me? What went wrong?


XXZ sure knows how to break the mood (sigh). Chu Kong is darn cute with all that blushing (I’ve a soft spot for alpha males but who are also shy hihi).

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