Chapter 580.1: Dual Joy

Pang Xiao walked at the front with his hands behind his back, closely followed by Huzi.

“We just received word that the emperor has made the Lu second master the Earl of Loyalty and Justice,” the guard murmured. “The imperial decree has just been delivered to the Lus.”

No particular surprise crossed Pang Xiao’s face. When he thought of the attitude that Lu Yun had taken with him today and how he’d assessed the prince, it seemed that there’d been hints of this early on.

He wasn’t very familiar with Lu Heng and the two were love rivals. Apart from sighing that there was no eternal relationship between people, just eternal pursuit of profit, there was nothing else he felt about the situation.

But it made him uncomfortable to think that Qin Yining might worry over the matter.

Seeing his master’s eyebrows draw together in a frown, Huzi asked carefully, “Milord, do we tell the princess consort?”

Pang Xiao raised a brow and couldn’t help a chuckle at his bodyguard’s quick wit. “What do you think?”

“In my mind, I think we should. The princess consort isn’t the sort to split hairs and takes an open view about everything. Besides, she views the Lu second master as a friend. If she doesn’t know about this, she might accidentally let something slip that she would rather not.”

“Yup, you’re a sharp one,” Pang Xiao grinned. “Take a look outside, didn’t Yin Li and the other fellows say that they’re coming today?”

Huzi agreed with a smile. “It’s all thanks to Prince Consort Ji this time. If it wasn’t for him, Yin Li, Cao Heming, and the others would still be trapped in the Valiant Tigers. Their superiors find their presence irritating and don’t give them important missions. That makes it impossible for them to devote their energies to the men, even though they want to. Thus, it’s better for them to lose their commission and regain their personal freedom. With them coming to join us, it’ll be just like old times!”

Pang Xiao nodded and waved Huzi off to meet their new additions. He was also very grateful to Ji Zeyu and his arrangements that day.

Ji Zeyu was a smart man who knew how to utilize various conditions to create opportunities for himself at critical moments. Being “grounded” by his own troops not only pulled the wool over Lu Qingtian’s eyes, but also enabled the six to return to Pang Xiao’s side. The prince had his left and right arms again with the addition of his capable subordinates.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Ji Lan, I wonder how he is?

When Pang Xiao returned to the residence, there was no sign of Qin Yining strolling around the yard. Thus, he entered the house.

Qin Yining was reclining against a soft cushion on the raised platform and lazily paging through a book. She smiled at the return of her husband. “What did Huzi want with you?”

“Six of my subordinates in the Valiant Tigers have been demoted and dismissed from service. Now that they’re free, I’m going to meet with them.

Qin Yining chuckled. “That’s just as well. They’re trusted and valued subordinates only by your side. If they serve in front of the emperor, he’ll be on guard against them. They’ll never receive any important missions or have a chance to advance their careers. This arrangement benefits both sides so that neither affects the other.”

“My thoughts exactly.” Pang Xiao sat down next to her and kicked off his shoes. He leaned against her and rubbed his hand against his wife’s rounded belly. The little fellow inside kicked him. Though it wasn’t his first time feeling such vibrant life force, Pang Xiao was both delighted and fascinate by each occasion.

“My darling, he kicked me again.”

Qin Yining nodded with a smile. “There’s something I haven’t told you yet.”

“Tell me,” Pang Xiao responded solemnly. “I’ll do whatever it is you need me to do.”

“Bingtang discovered it when she inspected my progress before, but it wasn’t that apparent from my pulse. She confirmed it after grandma left.”

Pang Xiao grew nervous when he heard that it was something to do with his beloved’s health. He turned uncommonly grave. “What is it? Shall I summon Bingtang to have her explain?”

“No need, I want to tell you this myself.” Qin Yining watched the prince with a slight smile, her limpid eyes looking movingly at him. Her soft lips curved into a delectable smile that one could lose themselves in. “Bingtang says that I am possibly bearing twins.”

Pang Xiao froze before a smile crept up his face. His phoenix-shaped eyes widened with incredulity and he lowered his gaze to Qin Yining’s stomach. He stroked it gently again. “Really?Twins?”

“Yes.” Qin Yining hugged her stomach with contentment. “I wanted to ask if any of your ancestors or relatives have given birth to twins before?”

“I… actually don’t know!” Pang Xiao thought for a while. “Grandma might not on her side, whereas the Pangs is a complicated situation. Who cares? Twins are great and a wonderful convenience. Giving birth once is the equivalent of twice for others.”

Pang Xiao sprawled on the bed like hew as the child and stuck his face next to Qin Yining’s stomach. He grinned as he listened to the gathering inside. “No wonder! I was just thinking our child is so energetic, but it’s actually two brothers taking turns!”

“That’s right.” Qin Yining looked down at her steadily increasing stomach. How wondrous were the things of this world? To think that her days of motherhood were fast approaching.

Lu Heng pressed himself against her cheek and kissed it with a loud smack. He gathered her into his arm and nuzzled her like he was a dog.

“You’re so wonderful, my dear.”

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