Chapter 573.1: Moving (II)

Pang Xiao had always highly admired Qin Huaiyuan from the bottom of his heart. Here was a man who maintained serenity in the face of highly dangerous and confusing situations, one who constantly kept his goals in sight. He again remained steadfast when confronting such a tremendous unforeseen event, focusing his efforts in the best way for his family to live a comfortable life.

His suggestion of moving to the prince’s manor was also out of consideration for his family.

Apart from Qin Huaiyuan, the Qins still had second elder master Qin Xiuyuan present at court. Granted, he was a minor official with a nominal title and no real power. Whenever Li Qitian needed anything from the family, he had to seek out Qin Huaiyuan. If any enemies wanted to send assassins for revenge, they’d come for Qin Huaiyuan as the remaining Qin members fell far beneath public register.

Thus, though Qin Huaiyuan made it sound like moving away at this time was for his own benefit, it was actually out of concern that he’d drag the rest of his family into his troubles.

In addition, living with Pang Xiao in the prince’s residence would make it easy for him to come under protection. Qin Yining and Pang Xiao, at the very least, wouldn’t have to spend their days on tenterhooks and be distracted by concern for their kin.

The only issue that gave him pause was that Qin Huaiyuan was equally concerned for the remainder of his family. What if his enemies turned their attention to the rest of the Qins when they couldn’t find him? Since he was Pang Xiao’s father-in-law, he couldn’t just blatantly suggest moving his entire family into his son-in-law’s home.

Pang Xiao knew everything that his father-in-law was weighing up and immediately proposed, “Father and mother-in-law must do me the honor of moving in me, there are plenty of empty residences in my manor. It would be even better if second and third uncle-in-law could do the same as well!”

Quite astonished by the offer, the second elder master, Qin Han, third elder master, and Qin Yu were equal parts touched and overwhelmed.

What kind of person was the prince? It was always others currying favor and lavishing attention on him. Rare were the occasions in which he had to do the same for others. Yet, he valued his relationship with them so much that he was including them in all of his plans.

They weren’t quite as sharp-witted as Pang Xiao, but enlightenment was forthcoming when they thought it through some more. Qin Huaiyuan’s intentions sent another wave of gratitude through the men. Their patriarch had tactfully made a request of the prince in order to keep the family safe!

“The prince’s suggestion is wonderful and we are very appreciative, but would it be too much of a disturbance if we moved in?” The second elder master exhibited hesitation.

“That’s right, I’m concerned that we would impose on the prince’s family instead.” Qin Han was also worried about making trouble for Qin Yining.

The old dowager was a constant thorn in everyone’s sides. She’d turn the prince’s manor upside down on a daily basis after moving in! Qin Yining had her own mother and grandparents-in-law to consider as well. If this caused them to dislike her, it would be the Qins’ wrongdoing.

The same thought also occurred to the third elder master and Qin Yu; they couldn’t be selfish when it came to other people’s goodwill. And so, all of them demurred.

“There are indeed plenty of empty buildings at the manor,” Qin Yining chuckled. “So don’t be shy, second uncle, third uncle, and my brothers.” She turned to Pang Xiao. “What if we clean up Snowplum Yard and move my family there?”

“But of course.” Pang Xiao nodded with a smile. “Snowplum Yard is located to the west of the manor and is an individual residence three houses deep. It has a separate side door, so you can access the streets through it when you don’t wish to circle around to the main door.”

“Snowplum Yard is part of the manor, but the hallway leading to the rest of the complex can be shuttered at any time,” Qin Yining continued. “Using the yard’s side door makes for completely removed day-to-day living. This will place our family closer to the prince, making it more convenient for his men to protect us. When you wish to walk around, simply open the passage door to visit the in-laws in the rest of the manor. You’ll maintain a high degree of autonomy.”

Qin Huaiyuan was very satisfied by the arrangements from his daughter and son-in-law. He turned to his brothers. “Second and third brother, what do you think?”

They were quite tempted, but looked at each other. “Why don’t we take it up with the old dowager?”

Qin Huaiyuan nodded. “I will abstain from that conversation. Second brother, will you discuss it with mother?”

The second elder master nodded with a sigh. “That’s just as well.” He paused, then said, “Mother’s getting on in her years, so it can’t be helped that she’s sometimes muddle-headed. She’s like a big child sometimes, so don’t be sad, big brother. You know that she still loves you the most.”

“I know,” Qin Huaiyuan smiled. “At our age, it’s all water under the bridge.”

Seeing the carefree smile on their oldest brother’s face, the second and third elder masters knew him to be an open-minded person. If he said he didn’t mind, then he really didn’t mind it. Thus reassured, they set out to convince their mother.

When the old dowager first heard that Qin Huaiyuan wanted to move out, she cursed him for being a worthless ingrate and forgetting his mother after gaining a wife. But when she heard that Pang Xiao invited them all to move to his manor as well, she was sorely tempted.

That was the residence of a prince! If she refused, she’d probably never get another chance to enjoy life in such luxurious surroundings! 

Besides, given her status, she’d be highest on the hierarchy in the complex. Everyone would have to dance attendance on her!

She smiled through her tears when her thoughts traveled to this point and she declared with pride, “At least my son is filial.” Her assurance quickly turned to worry. “What is the situation like outside? Will we be dragged down into something if we move over there? I just feel that the emperor removing your big brother from his position at this time has something to do with granddaughter Yi and her husband.”

Disgust rose in the second elder master and second madame when they heard these words. Thank goodness that no one from the eldest family branch was present! Who knew how saddened they’d be to see their good intentions received with such an egotistic, selfish mindset?

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