Chapter 561.2: Outskirts of the Capital

Pang Xiao’s heart clenched upon hearing that. He didn’t immediately reply to Qin Yining’s words, instead sighing, “If I’d known it’d be this hard on you, I wouldn’t have wanted children.” 

“What are you talking about?” Qin Yining gripped Pang Xiao’s hand and closed her eyes, her voice low. “Even if you don’t want to be a father, I still want to be a mother. This isn’t just about you. As long as our child can have a safe birth and grow up happy and healthy, I’ll be satisfied.

“Besides, look around, all mothers undergo this process. Both of ours suffered a great deal. That’s why the saying goes that one doesn’t understand the gratitude owed to their parents until they have children themselves. When we return, we must demonstrate deep filial piety to our mothers.” 

She still marshalled her spirits to talk things through with him despite her deep weariness, a consideration that only made Pang Xiao’s heart hurt even more. 

“Alright then, we’ll do as you say. You should make use of the chance to sleep now that your symptoms are a bit better. We’ll reach the outskirts of the capital soon, and I’m not sure if there will be people waiting for us there. If His Majesty doesn’t do anything immediately, I’ll summon an imperial physician for you.” 

Qin Yining could only docilely nod her head. She really was tired. She closed her eyes, hugging Pang Xiao’s waist and nestling into a comfortable spot on his chest before falling into a deep sleep. 

Pang Xiao pulled the quilt over her. The days at the end of the fourth month of the year were still a bit chilly, and his darling was especially sensitive to the cold right now. 

They’d spoken with many doctors along the way, and all to a man said Qin Yining lacked essence of blood, and that it wasn’t the best timing for her to be pregnant right now. Regret assailed Pang Xiao everytime it was repeated. He shouldn’t have made Qin Yining carry a child when she was so weak. However, what was done was done, so they had to try their hardest to protect this child. 

Though Pang Xiao closed his eyes to rest, the arm around Qin Yining didn’t relax in the slightest. His mind raced through what awaited them at the capital. Most places had already been scouted by the Elite Tigers, so he had a general grasp of the situation. 

Now, he just had to see if those closest to him truly were of one mind. Especially him and Ji Lan. 

He knew that Li Qitian would choose to attack him at his weakest, at a moment in which he was least able to fight back. The most likely timing was at the moment of their return, before they had time to prepare anything. 

Indeed, everything proceeded according to Pang Xiao’s speculations. The prince’s entourage was met with Metropolitan troops as soon as they approached the outskirts of the capital. 

When Yi Binghu saw one of his own, he felt like he’d finally returned home. He greeted them happily, “Have you come on His Majesty’s orders?”

The leader of the squadron was called Sun Yan, and he was relatively close with Yi Binghu. He cupped his fists upon seeing the two carriages, “Yes, I am here on imperial orders to welcome the prince’s entourage into the capital. I’ve been waiting here for many days. His Majesty believed that His Highness would return around this timeframe and ordered me to keep watch here.”

Hearing that, Yi Binghu suffered a burst of frustration. They were so close to the capital, so shouldn’t His Majesty just seize and arrest Pang Xiao’s party? Sending out more soldiers to welcome the prince was giving him his due respect. This wasn’t what Yi Binghu had anticipated, not at all.

Pang Xiao alighted from the carriage, gravely solemn as Qin Yining’s condition wasn’t very good. “So it’s General Sun. Please give thanks to His Majesty on this prince’s behalf.” 

Sun Yan immediately raised cupped fists in greeting, “Your Highness, it would be better for you to thank His Majesty yourself. His Majesty also gave orders for Your Highnesses to rest in a manor outside of the capital. Everything has already been fully prepared there. There happens to be a big court session tomorrow morning in which Your Highnesses are requested to attend together. You will have the opportunity to personally thank His Majesty at that time.”

Yi Binghu’s brows immediately rose with happiness. So this was what the emperor was planning!

This meant keeping the prince’s group in house arrest outside the capital, not permitting him time to prepare anything before trying him in court tomorrow morning!

When he thought of this, Yi Binghu almost laughed aloud. 

Pang Xiao naturally understood Li Qitian’s intentions, but he wasn’t afraid. “Many thanks for His Majesty’s arrangements. However, my wife is currently with child. Was a physician arranged for at the manor?” 

The secret messages Yi Binghu had sent along the way had already reported Qin Yining’s pregnancy. Each of their stops along the way was also to search out doctors or medicine, so Li Qitian had long known the news. 

Given how directly the prince phrased the question, Sun Yan naturally couldn’t say His Majesty hadn’t arranged for anything. He thought quickly on his feet, “I will immediately request a doctor for Her Highness.”

“An ordinary doctor won’t do, I need an imperial physician from the palace that specializes in pregnancies. Send for one. If you can’t, this prince will personally go,” said Pang Xiao. 

The threat in his words was clear. Sun Yan wouldn’t dare to allow the prince to search out an imperial physician, not for anything under the sun! If they escaped along the way, the soldiers here would be the ones to bear the blame!

Sun Yan nodded and saluted, “Please be at ease, Your Highness. This general will certainly do so.” 

While Sun Yan sent men to summon an imperial physician, Pang Xiao returned to the carriage and ordered his men to set out. Following the soldiers from the capital, they traveled to the manor that the emperor had prepared for them.

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