Chapter 559.2: Pregnancy

Qin Yining’s head began to ache from his constant nagging and hovering. When she heard his random declaration to kill someone, she couldn’t help a helpless sigh. “Stop being so noisy, it’s making my head hurt.”

“Alright, alright, alright, I’ll be quiet. I’ll just keep you company here.” 

Pang Xiao had already planned out how he’d torture Yi Binghu to death. He didn’t care that the bastard had been sent by the emperor. Whoever dared so much as look at his wife in the wrong way had to die! 

The physician quickly arrived, entering with Tao Jun and his wife when they also heard the commotion.  Pang Xiao anxiously fidgeted off on the side while the physician examined Qin Yining. 

Tao Jun waited out in the courtyard, his mood complicated. With how deep the prince’s feelings ran for Her Highness, how would His Highness be able to cope if she met with an unexpected accident?

However, he was also a little glad. Now that Her Highness had fallen sick at this critical juncture, wouldn’t that postpone Pang Xiao’s return to the capital? Considering that, Her Highness’s illness was truly timely. 

Inside the room, the physician carefully took Qin Yining’s pulse before turning to Pang Xiao. “Would it be possible to have Her Highness reveal her dainty face so that this old physician can judge her complexion?” 

Pang Xiao immediately raised the netting by the bed. 

The old doctor observed her for a while and finally checked her tongue. He smiled when he reached his conclusion. “Congratulations, Your Highness. Her Highness is blessed with a child!” 

Qin Yining’s eyes went round with shock. 

Pang Xiao froze into a stone sculpture, asking a long beat later, “What did you just say?”

“Congratulations, Your Highness. Her Highness is blessed with a child! She looks to be only one month along. Although her pulse isn’t the clearest, this old physician has many years of experience and wouldn’t mistake her condition.”

Qin Yining couldn’t help but think back over recent times. Sure enough, it seemed that her monthly bleeding hadn’t come for almost two months!

Furthermore, she couldn’t place how many times they’d been together after their reunification. Based on the amount of time that’d passed, conception seemed to have taken place the first time they were together after he found her!

She suddenly noticed how her beloved was grinning like a fool. 

“Ahaha, a child? I’m going to be a father this quickly?!”

The handsome prince’s lovestruck smile reminded the old doctor of his own youth. He couldn’t help but smile as he raised cupped hands. “Congratulations, so many congratulations! Your Highness will be a father around the eleventh or twelfth month of the year.” 

“You are wise in the ways of medicine and skilled in your craft, sir!” Pang Xiao bobbed his head rapidly in delight before calling out to Huzi. “Hurry and prepare a large red envelope. There will be many times in which we have to rely on the good doctor in the future!” 

The old physician was all smiles as he followed Huzi to receive his tip.

Pang Xiao jumped onto the platform like an enormous spoiled cat and carefully embraced Qin Yining, nuzzling and kissing her. “My dear, my darling, we are to have a child! Did you hear that? Did you? I’m going to be a father!” 

Although Qin Yining still felt nauseated, Pang Xiao’s sheer giddiness and exuberant antics truly amused her. 

“You’re practically shouting it from the rooftops, how could I have not heard you?” she snorted with laughter.

Pang Xiao merrily kissed her cheeks. “Are you still unwell? Do you want to eat something?” He fired off more questions before Qin Yining could reply, “Say, do you think it’ll be a boy or a girl?”

“Do you want a boy or a girl?” Qin Yining asked jokingly.

“Both are fine.” Pang Xiao pulled Qin Yining closer, lying by her side as he let his mind wander. “If it’s a girl, she’ll definitely be as intelligent and beautiful as you. I’ll have to spoil her to the heavens and give her the best life. I can also teach her martial arts! If our future son-in-law ever dares bully her, she and I can beat him to death together!

“A boy would also be good. I can raise him well and teach him how to be a good older brother. A boy should have a proper sense of responsibility. In the future, he has to take care of his younger brothers and sisters.”

Hearing that, Qin Yining laughed. “You said both are fine, but why do you sound so ridiculously biased? If it’s a girl, you’ll pamper her to the high heavens, but a boy’s ‘just fine’ and you even plan on strictly disciplining him from young?” 

“Boys should be treated with tough love so they can shoulder responsibility when they’re older. Girls should be spoiled. Everything is fine no matter how you pamper them.”  Pang Xiao declared righteously, his eyes bright. He helped her sit up and placed a kiss on Qin Yining’s pale lips. “My dear, thank you.” 

Qin Yining read the emotions running deep in Pang Xiao’s eyes. It felt like the softest part of her heart was wrapped in the warmest hug of contentment. Her eyes couldn’t help but curve into smiling crescents as she flung her arms around his neck, stretching forward to peck his cheek.

“What are you thanking me for? We’re husband and wife. The child will call you father and me, mother. If we’re speaking of thanks, shouldn’t I be thanking you?”

“Just look at you, that mindset of yours is what makes you live a life far harder than ordinary women.” Pang Xiao drew her in closer. “Carrying a child for ten months is much more exhausting, the one who should be saying thank you is me.” 

“Alright, we don’t need to keep thanking each other back and forth,” Qin Yining giggled.

“That’s right,” Pang Xiao suddenly exclaimed, “I need to go arrange a luxurious feast and invite all of the Elite Tigers to celebrate!” 

“What are you doing? Do you have to go that far?” 

“What do you mean, go that far? I just want to exult in becoming a father.” Pang Xiao was like the mouse that’d gotten into the cookie jar and strode out majestically to inform his men. 

Out in the courtyard, Tao Jun gave his happy congratulations when he heard the news. He even mentioned that he would have his brothers come drink in celebration. 

After giving his orders, Pang Xiao immediately returned to the room, refusing help from all the maids and experienced married servants that Tao Jun sent. He insisted on serving tea and fetching water himself, making the servants sigh, “His and Her Highness are truly in deep love” and “Her Highness sure is fortunate.” 

Meanwhile, Yi Binghu’s face sank with anger in stark contrast to the cheers and laughter that rang through the residence upon hearing of Her Highness’ blessing. If Her Highness was pregnant, wouldn’t that mean their journey would be delayed even further? His Majesty would be furious with him!

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Zomg Qin Yining is pregnant! And omg I died laughing when Pang Xiao said he and his daughter would beat their future son-in-law together. This is how we get the next MC of our next novel, friends!