Chapter 556.2: Anticipation

Pang Xiao was standing alone in the parade grounds with both hands behind his back, watching his Elite Tigers soar with the Dragon Riders, cheers and shouts ringing in his ears. 

“I don’t even need to look to know what he wrote. Just ignore it, let it go.” 

“Understood. However, won’t the situation only grow more chaotic if Your Highness allows him to spread whatever falsehoods he wishes?”

“In our current situation, it doesn’t matter who’s the one sowing discord.” Pang Xiao gently thwacked his horse whip against his palm; it was the black whip that Ji Zeyu had given him when he left the Great Zhou capital. “Various criticisms and censure have long filled that one’s heart. Adding to the pile or exaggerating things won’t make much of a difference.”

Huzi had followed Pang Xiao for many years and seen with his own eyes how much Pang Xiao had sacrificed for Great Zhou. In light of that, outrage and fury bubbled in his heart.

“When the dynasty was first founded, the imperial court didn’t have enough silver to pay the army. But that one pushed the blame onto you, claiming that you refused to pay them. That caused the soldiers to misunderstand you for a very long time. 

“At the height of clashes with Northern Ji’s court, you had to do all the heavy lifting while he kept his hands clean. You’ve done so much for the country, fighting so many battles that you’ve been bathed in blood more times than once! You captured Great Yan almost single-handedly, but he sent a decree at the last second and prevented you from accepting their surrender. He denied you all of your due credit! 

“And now, he treats you like this. I really do think that enough is enough. It pains all of us brothers to bear witness to this.” 

“Alright now, let’s not mention such things again.” A smile clung to Pang Xiao’s face from start to end of his bodyguard’s irate vent. “I know our brothers care for me and can’t stand to see injustice done to me, that’s all I need. If these words traveled into that one’s ears, I’d be afraid of dragging you into this mess even if none of you are similarly concerned.” 

Huzi pursed his lips disagreeably before finally heaving a sigh. 

Pang Xiao just changed the subject with a chuckle. “Alright, stop worrying about all of this. I see you and Miss Tang share feelings for each other, do you want me to give you a push in the right direction?”

Huzi’s face flushed red as he stammered a response, “A man of character should have certain professional achievements before starting a family. I, I haven’t done anything worthy yet.”

Amused by the awkwardness, Pang Xiao teased, “Don’t think I haven’t noticed what you’ve been sneakily carving every day. You should learn from your master here when it comes to things like this. If you like someone, go after them. What, do you expect her to take the initiative if a man doesn’t make the first move?” 

“I, I just, there just hasn’t been an opportunity to.” 

“If there isn’t an opportunity, create one! Getting a wife is just like going to war, you have to seize even the tiniest opportunity. So if there’s none, then create one!” Pang Xiao slapped Huzi’s head. “Hemming and hawing like this won’t do, just watching you makes me anxious. How about I have my consort help you?”

“Nonono, Mengmeng thinks of Her Highness as her savior, her sister, and her mistress. Mengmeng will do whatever Her Highness says. If that happens, it would feel like she doesn’t really want to marry me. It’s better if I do the asking.” 

“Tsk tsk, you’ve even got nicknames for each other. Looks like I was worrying over nothing!”

Startled, Huzi hastily fumbled for the excuse that nature was calling to him before whirling around to run away. 

Pang Xiao belly-laughed in the wake of the young man’s trail. He had a different line of thinking from his wife. Qin Yining always fretted when she sketched out the future, but Pang Xiao never thought about things negatively. He always carried himself with confidence, as if he were in control of everything. 

As chaotic as things became outside, he didn’t want to bring the unhappiness home and worry his loved ones. He was a man, so it was his duty to support his family. If he worried himself to the bone when nothing had even happened yet, then wouldn’t his family have to spend every day in fear?

Just as he wouldn’t stop Huzi from wooing Bingtang because of their tense situation, the same went for trying for a child. 

On the contrary, he couldn’t wait to have a child with Qin Yining. 

If they had a son, that would probably make his family very happy. However, he actually preferred a girl. If they had a baby girl just as pretty and intelligent as his darling, he would pamper her like the apple of his eye. He would never let her suffer like his dearest had when she was young. 

A certain mighty and awe-inspiring God of War flashed a gentle, fatherly smile while he stood in the training fields, overseeing a group of men spar. 

A group of Dragon Riders far off in the distance sighed with emotion when they noticed. The rumors were very true, His Highness was truly someone who loved his soldiers like his own sons.


Pang Xiao and Qin Yining remained in Skyzone Pass for ten days before Yi Binghu could no longer bear it and urged them to set out. 

Pang Xiao studied his beloved’s face as she swallowed the last dose of medicine. She’d recovered some weight and there was much more color in her face. As such, he declared magnanimously, “This prince shall return to the capital now. General Yi, you may escort us.” 

Yi Binghu almost fainted from anger. Just who exactly was the master here?? He was to arrest and drag back a traitor, so when did things turn into escorting a prince back to the capital! 

However, seeing as he was faced with the keen stares of the Elite Tigers and the Dragon Riders that Pang Xiao had become friendly with, as well as a hundred of the prince’s own men, Yi Binghu didn’t dare say anything back. 

The next stop was Skywolf Pass! It’s not possible that he has men there as well! Just watch how I clap him in irons and shove him into a prisoner’s wagon!

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