Chapter 536.2: Picked On

In her young life, Qin Yining had already experienced some of the most tremendous suffering the world had to offer, as well as luxuriated in peak fortune, riches, and the finest clothes. Such empty glories no longer moved her, but these croaking frogs at the bottom of a well clung onto their trappings with every last bit of strength. They even had the gall to jump out and antagonize her! 

They were simply impervious to reason, and she couldn’t be bothered to quarrel with people like that. She wasn’t interested in being some ‘fifth princess consort’ in either case. But at the same time, that didn’t mean she’d take any maltreatment lying down. Qin Yining hadn’t been afraid of Great Yan’s trampress and her decrepit father, so how would she fear trash like these princess consorts? 

Qin Yining’s noble and lofty attitude only made her seem all the more displeasing to the three princess consorts. The second and third princess consorts were well enough, but their leader itched to scratch Qin Yining’s beautiful face to shreds. 

“Stop it with that act! You’re just a bunch of refugees who found your way here and now want to leech off of us to survive! Leaving? Where will you go? Leave the palace? As if you’d really bear to do so! I’ve seen my share of sluts like you! You’ll do anything possible to climb up the ladder. This ruse you’ve been putting on is just an act to get the prince to act on your behalf. Leave if you have the ability to! Don’t even think of using your wicked looks to harm our kindhearted prince!” 

The senior princess consort flew into a fury, stomping her foot and unleashing a torrent of malicious invective. The more she screamed, the more sense her words made. This vixen was simply too conniving!

Qin Yining couldn’t care less about arguing with someone like her. It’d only lower herself to the level of this shrieking shrew. She calmly watched Xinyu clean up Biyu’s face. If possible, she wanted to take the two maids with her so they wouldn’t bear the brunt of the princess consort’s ire when she left. 

While she was lost in thought, a flurry of footsteps sounded outside and an imperial guard saluted at the door. “Goddess, the imperial physician has arrived.” 

“Send him in.” 

It was the same Imperial Physician Wang from earlier. He hurried in with his medicine box and hastily bowed when he saw the three princess consorts were also present. 

The second and third princess consorts both nodded at him, while their leader snorted.

“Have the imperial physician take a look at that little bitch of yours. If he finds something wrong, you’ll finally have an excuse to go to the prince and complain about me, hmm?!”

One had no choice but to bow one’s head when under the roof of another. With Qin Yining’s temper, if she’d had her trusted people about her, this princess consort would’ve been thrown out onto the streets long ago. 

She ignored the harlot’s shrieking for now. “I’m afraid I’ll have to trouble the imperial physician to check my maid’s injury.” 

Imperial Physician Wang bowed, startled and flattered by the courtesy. He quickly responded in the affirmative before approaching to inspect Biyu’s wound. 

After a careful onceover, the physician reported, “This is a result of blunt trauma to the head. After dressing the wound, some medicines will be needed for recovery. If dizziness appears, further rest will need to be taken.”

“I shall have to trouble Imperial Physician Wang to prescribe some medicine for her.”

“That can’t be done, Goddess, that can’t be done! I really am fine!” 

In Xiyue, medicine was scarce and treasured, servants like them didn’t have the right to make use of it. In ordinary households, they didn’t receive medicine even if they were ill. Whether they lived or died was up to heavens’ will.

People like Biyu who could serve in the palace were already favored by the gods, a tremendous stroke of good luck as it was! “I just hit my head, I’ll be fine after resting for a few days. There’s really no need for medicine.” 

Qin Yining shook her head with a smile, “Just take it. Your medicine will be charged to the bill for my illness, and I’ll pay it back with supplies later on. You did your utmost to serve me and was dragged into my troubles, even being injured for it. If you don’t accept this arrangement, then I’ll think that you’re blaming me for your injury.”

“No, no, no. I don’t blame the goddess, truly!” Biyu protested anxiously. 

Qin Yining patted her arm in a comforting manner. “Don’t worry, I know. Just listen to me.” 

When the goddess faced her, her smile was as warm as the sun, at complete odds from the demeanor she’d displayed to the senior princess consort. Biyu’s heart flooded with emotion and she ducked her head.

As Imperial Physician Wang applied medicine to Biyu’s wounds, the foremost princess consort crossed her arms with a cold sneer. “What a pretentious, fake act.” 

Still deaf to the incessant yapping, Qin Yining waited patiently for news from the outside. 

The Xiyue prince would never let her go, so she only wanted to see how he would punish the senior princess consort. Since she couldn’t leave for the time being, she had to establish her authority to ensure that the days ahead were as peaceful as they could possibly be. If she reacted weakly after being bullied and didn’t even dare talk back, the mistreatment would only increase in magnitude. Being ground down until nothing was left would be the only fate for her if she turned the other cheek. 

Although there weren’t many in the Xiyue tribe, the level of ruthlessness with which women fought couldn’t be underestimated. 

After the imperial physician treated Biyu’s wound, he took Qin Yining’s pulse and gave her another list of things to take note or be careful of. Having been ignored all this time, the three princess consorts shifted with impatience. 

Being a more mature and conscientious sort, the second princess consort appeared a little calmer. Meanwhile, the third princess consort continuously rolled her eyes, sending countless glares at Qin Yining. 

The senior princess consort felt caught between a rock and a hard place. She wouldn’t win anything if she kept arguing, but if she just turned and left now, others might think she was afraid of Qin Yining. In that case, where would her authority in the palace go?

As she hesitated, a mess of jumbled footsteps sounded outside. 

The Xiyue prince paced in with a flourish, surrounded by an entourage of guards, servants, and maids. He swept straight past the curtseying princess consorts to Qin Yining’s side. His voice was soft as he asked throbbingly, “Miss Pang, why do you wish to leave? Has your stay here been unsatisfactory?”

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