Chapter 473: Something Afoot

“I’ve seen plenty of women your age, but I’ve never seen one who isn’t afraid of the enemies’ blades. On that day when you saved me, when you protected me at all cost without thought of your own safety, I had eyes only for you.

“No other woman is as exceptional as you. Those younger or prettier lack your talents and courage. Those with courage do not bear a true heart for me as you do.

“My dear khan, what is there to be unconfident about? You are my goddess, and so precious that I wouldn’t trade you for all the world.”

Siqin’s words were low and measured, every word marked with sincere affection. Anari blushed violently from the emotions expressed, so embarrassed that she wanted to burrow deep into her beloved’s embrace and never come back out.

“What are you talking about? How am I that good? I’m not pretty and I have a bad temper. As the most genteel and superb man of the Tatars, I’ve always known that you’re settling for less with the two of us being together.

“Siqin, don’t blame me for being paranoid. I’m really afraid of losing you. You are so wonderful and I am so unworthy…”

“Silly girl.” Siqin placed a finger on Anari’s lips. “Don’t you dare look down on yourself like this. You are the ruler of the Tatars and my wife. Above all, you are my mistress. How are you unworthy of me? It is I who is reaching above my station and the unworthy one. It’s all my fault that you feel so insecure. Beat me, Anari. Anything as long as you are no longer sad.”

“How could I ever bear to do so?” The khan lifted her head and planted a loud kiss on Siqin’s cheeks.

Moved by the straightforward and heartfelt gesture, the khan consort grinned and bent over to kiss her back.


Slumped on the ground, the extreme dosage of loving murmurings whacked into Qin Yining again and again. Her goosebumps had goosebumps, and she suspected Siqin even more than ever.

Sweet nothings were normal between a loving couple, but between those two, it was plain to see that Anari was in the weaker position. Siqin had to comfort and coax her so that she could spend her days peacefully.

In fact, his words were too comforting, like they’d been rehearsed endless times before finally being delivered. He felt like he was reading off a script.

But why was Siqin treating Anari like this? Was it just out of love for his wife?

Qin Yining lowered her head, her long lashes fluttering rapidly and mind painting endless possibilities. She went through all of them carefully, then discarded each one. Who knew how much of what he said was true? If it were up to her, she wouldn’t believe him at all.

The truest test of one’s heart wasn’t in the words, but in the actions. Though Siqin painted a pretty picture, it was undeniable that he’d visited a woman’s tent of his own accord.

Oh, he’d done so to interrogate the captive? Who would believe that?

Probably only someone as trusting and straightforward as Anari.

Qin Yining made up her mind to thoroughly investigate the Tatar power structure during her stay here. Siqin was overly wily and Anari too honest. It was too easy for the khan consort to set up trap after trap for his wife. He was only a consort, so no matter how splendid he was, others would still think he’d slept his way to the top.

Maybe there was some unpleasantness between the two! That would be the perfect opening to make her escape.

Her scalp suddenly tightened in this moment. When Qin Yining came back to her senses, she realized that Anari had grabbed ahold of her hat and had yanked it upward, along with her hair. She was forced to stand from the strength in the khan’s hand.

“You slutty fox! Stay away from my man in the future! If you really are so hungry that you can’t stay away from men, don’t blame me if I send in a dozen soldiers to serve you!”

When had Qin Yining ever suffered such humiliation? She was one of those who’d rather die on her feet than live on her knees. How would she possibly take this kind of treatment lying down, especially after hearing those disgusting words??

Qin Yining grabbed Anari’s hand and forced the khan’s fingers open, standing to jeer, “I’ve long since heard that the ruler of the Tatars was now a woman, and was quite curious and respectful of you when I heard how you handled your people’s affairs as regent.

“But I hadn’t thought that the venerated regent would turn into someone else entirely after being made khan. Just look at how unconfident you are, spending your days pouncing with paranoia, worrying that your husband will like another woman!

“If you really are that wonderful and competent, then you should be confident that your husband will have eyes for none other than you. But just look at you now, blaming others because you didn’t leash your dog properly!

“As a fellow woman, don’t you dishonor your upbringing to voice such disgusting words?”

Qin Yining’s voice was clear and resonant, her perfectly enunciated words delivered so quickly that there was no way to interrupt her.

Livid with rage, Anari pointed at Qin Yining and opened and closed her mouth wordlessly. “Who, who are you calling a dog!”

“Didn’t you hear me clearly the first time? That’s strange, so there’s actually people in this world who like to be cursed at. Do you want me to say it again so you can have a good listen?”

“Blasphemy! Look at you trying to swing the situation with perverted logic! It was you who used your looks to seduce someone else’s man. You tried to tempt my man because you’re afraid of death! How high-principled are your actions!”

“Which of your eyes saw that I was trying to seduce him? It was your man who barged into my tent. Even though I’m a captive, you still need me to blackmail Pang Zhixi. Aren’t you worried that he’ll come down on you in a fit of furious revenge if I don’t make it back to him alive?”

In the throes of her rage, Anari still managed to calm herself down. It wouldn’t do to yell and stomp at this vixen, it would only make her lose face in front of her consort. Instead, she opted to titter madly like she’d heard an incredible joke.

“Fascinating, how fascinating!  I’ve never seen such a stubbornly willful captive like you! So you don’t care about your life and don’t care if we kill you or not!” Anari’s fingers were still smarting from Qin Yining’s grip. A tide of envy threatened to erupt like a volcano when she noted that the Qin princess consort only grew even more beautiful when angry. She unsheathed an exquisite dagger in her boot, its hilt embedded with jewels, and waved it at Qin Yining's face.

“Let’s see how you seduce men without that face of yours!”

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