Chapter 423.1: Cause and Effect

The three of them had actually heard Li Helan loud and clear when they were outside.

Li Qitian played deaf; it was simply too embarrassing to acknowledge that his younger sister had such loose morals, and that the two subjects of her desire had bumped into her in the act!

Pang Xiao’s attention was wholly caught by the unconscious Qin Yining on the ground. The sight of her scared him out of his wits. He had no mind to spare for anything else.

Ji Zeyu took a deep look at Li Helan before taking a spot behind the emperor. He refused to voice a single word, his expression was as stiff as it’d never been before.

Hands clammy, an appropriately regal smile hung on the empress dowager’s face. 

“Ah, Anyang’s had a bit too much to drink and blabbed some drunk nonsense. The princess consort tripped in a moment of inattention. Maybe she hit something, which is why she fainted. I’ve already sent servants to fetch the imperial physicians.”

Hands tightly balled into fists behind his back, Pang Xiao kept himself calm with effort. If he didn’t keep his cool, all manner of swear words would erupt from his mouth.

His wife had been perfectly fine when she arrived. Fit enough to put on an act with him, here she was a short while later, rendered unconscious on the floor??

Pang Xiao stalked up and cradled the girl, pillowing her head on his arms. He wanted to express concern, but didn’t dare do it too obviously for fear of eliciting greater suspicion.

Therefore, what the group saw was a glowering prince holding Qin Yining. Black as could be, his expression spoke of gloom and promised wretchedness. They couldn’t tell if he felt badly for his wife or if he’d been personally offended.

Though Li Helan had calmed down by now, her mind was still buzzing because she’d been overwrought earlier, as well as ranted and raved for a satisfying amount of time.

Reason returned with the calm, and it told her that she’d messed up, big time. 

Her prince consort had heard those words!

Heart in her throat, she snuck a cautious glance at Ji Zeyu. He was as coolly removed as always. Maybe this would be his expression even if the skies caved in.

Her heart sank.

She had servants deliver a constant stream of meal boxes, clothing, and her own embroidery during this time. All of her actions to curry favor had likely just gone down the drain. I wonder if he heard what I said earlier? If so, she might not ever again have the chance to obtain this man’s heart.

Would hot-blooded men of the battlefield such as Ji Zeyu and Pang Xiao tolerate another man filling the heart of their wife, and such a huge fuss developing from it?

This was viciously slapping Ji Zeyu’s face, and doing so in front of outsiders!

He was remaining silent probably only because she was the eldest princess, and he her prince consort. If it wasn’t for her identity, she would've long been served with divorce papers.

Looking at Ji Zeyu’s handsome face and the taciturn Pang Xiao stooped on the ground, Li Helan felt that her entire basket of eggs had been smashed. She had nothing left. Nothing more.

“Announcing the imperial physician!”

As thoughts ran rife across everyone’s minds, a eunuch stumbled in, dragging an imperial physician with him.

Seeing that the emperor and both war gods were present, the physician blanked with shock and dropped to his knees. “This old subject, greets…”

“You may forgo the courtesies. Hurry and take a look at the princess consort.”

“Understood!” Hearing the urgency in Li Qitian’s voice, the physician quickly trotted over to the prone girl.

On his way here, the young eunuch had subtly indicated the empress dowager’s desires. The physician had planned to deliver his diagnosis accordingly, but the brooding, main generals of the nation’s armies and an acquisitive emperor off to the side left him at a loss.

What should he pronounce for the diagnosis? What the empress dowager wanted? But then he might offend the others. But if he opted otherwise, he might offend the empress dowager instead.

There was no right decision!

Seeing sweat bead the physician’s brow, Pang Xiao ground his teeth anxiously. “How is she?”

The magnetic voice gave the physician a fright. He blurted out, “The princess consort is fine. Maybe she fainted because she suffered some sort of shock…”

Color drained from his face when he recalled his original instructions.

“What shock?”

“Uh, eh, of the emotions.” The stammering physician didn’t dare meet the empress dowager’s eyes. “Extreme anger, sorrow, or joy can all cause emotional turmoil. It’s not a strange occurrence that she fainted if then."

He’d spoken the truth and couldn’t take it back. There was nothing to do but to keep to the truth.

“I see.” Pang Xiao turned to look at the empress dowager and Li Helan. “It looks like my wife didn’t hit something when she fell down. Since all is well with her, this subject will take her home.” The last sentence was directed at Li Qitian.

Absolutely livid, there was actually no reason for the emperor to turn the request down. He didn’t have anyone from his camp on the council. The only noble who could say a few words for him was Pang Xiao. Li Qitian wanted to tap the prince for greater things as well, but to think there’d be two brainless fools in the palace who would so blatantly offend the prince like this!

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