Chapter 372.2: Madame Pang (II)

“Aiya, please don’t say that.” Li Guanwen was silently howling to himself. Just what was this Madame Pang thinking?? 

Her husband has been dead for so many years, but here she is, talking like this to the high and mighty prince. Pang Xiao had neither been adopted as a concubine-born son nor been been raised in the Pang household!

“The prince is His Majesty’s right hand man. This servant is also here to look in on the prince’s wounds. If Madame Pang doesn’t mind, we’ll have the imperial physician come examine the prince.”

“Then I thank His Majesty greatly for his concern.”

Li Guanwen had Physician Ma come over.

Pang Xiao’s arm wound had already been dressed, but the bloodstains on the snow-white gauze looked horrific. Add to that the bruise around his lips—it made for easy imagining of how brutal the actual fight had been.

Once the imperial physician redressed the prince’s wound, Li Guanwen conveyed respectfully, “Your Highness, the emperor would like me to ask you just what happened.”

Pang Xiao frowned ferociously and bit off coldly, “That bastard was asking for it! When this prince gets the chance to, taking revenge for this wound will be the first thing on my mind!”

He was someone accustomed to taking lives on the battlefield alright. When the prince’s wrathful aura flared, even Li Guanwen subconsciously shrank into himself.

Madame Pang, however, was wholly unafraid. She hectored lowly, “Your Highness! You are a subject and Prince Consort Ji a royal relative! How can you talk like this? Do you not remember the Pang house rules?”

Forehead tightly furrowed together, one could tell that the prince was on the verge of erupting. For now however, he still held himself in.

“You weren’t fortunate enough to grow up in the manor, alright, and you’ve come back with some rascally ways from the outside world. Just how did your mother raise you? You wouldn’t be this lawless if you’d grown up in the manor. If your father was still alive, he’d break both your legs to see you be so good-for-nothing!”

Li Guanwen wanted to sink to his knees in abject horror. Of all the people in the world unrelated to Pang Xiao, likely only Madame Pang dared talk to him like this!

Having kept a tight grip on his temper all day, Pang Xiao could finally take no more. “Madame Pang, this prince respects you on account of the father that I never even saw. Don’t greedily fumble for more than what you’re given!”

Madame Pang blinked.

Since arriving at the Pang Manor, Pang Xiao hadn’t so much as raised his voice at her!

It was due to this courteous reception and continual compromise in all areas that’d imparted on her the confidence that she could discipline him.

To think that someone who usually looked so meek and harmless would be so terrifying when releasing the killing intent of the battlefield!

“Why would I lack the fortune to grow up in the manor if not for Madame Pang’s all-encompassing envy? You know better than anyone the events of yesteryear. This prince respects you, but you should not overdo things. That year, you first drove my mother out of the manor, then sent assassins after her. That she managed to escape is great serendipity itself. She had nothing to do with the general’s household after that!

“I’ve never been acknowledged by any of you, and I won my titles with my own, bare hands. I never once borrowed the light or influence of the Pangs. That I treat you courteously today is evidence of my good character. If you think you can still bully my mother and treat her like the maid that you once persecuted, think again!

“I, Pang Zhixi, have no other skills than what you said—being a good-for-nothing! Let’s see what anyone can do to me when I kill you!”

“You, you…” Madame Pang’s face was pale, equally likely from fright or anger. “You’re absolutely hopeless and completely disregard the rules of relationships!”

Pang Xiao smiled faintly and turned back to Li Guanwen. “Has the Grand Supervisor seen all that has transpired today?”

The eunuch looked down. “Yes, this servant has kept a close eye on everything. What instructions does Your Highness have?”

“As long as you saw clearly Madame Pang’s ridiculous tantrums. I will be entering the palace and requesting an imperial audience in a bit. I will need the grand supervisor act as witness.”

“Witness?” Li Guanwen was puzzled. “What do you mean, Your Highness?”

“This prince is immensely grateful that his Majesty found the Pang matriarch. But my humble abode is unable to house two families. Madame Pang continuously raises difficulties for my maternal grandparents and arrogantly orders my mother around. When I see all this, I no longer know why we rose against Northern Ji tyranny. Didn’t they lead the same kind of lives in that dead dynasty?”

A woman who incurs unnecessary trouble can cause chaos for an entire clan. 

Pang Xiao didn’t want Madame Pang around, but had had to obey imperial orders in the beginning. Now that so much time had passed, it was the perfect opportunity to make use of his sour mood today to dig out this thorn in his side.

Li Guanwen’s heart sank.

Madame Pang’s expression changed drastically as well. “What right do you have to send me away?” she protested urgently. “Would you even exist in this world if not for your father? I’m your father’s lawfully wedded wife. You must be filial to me even if only out of consideration for your father!”

“So these are Madame Pang’s true thoughts?” Pang Xiao sneered. “You talk about filial piety, but the only filial actions in your eyes is to be quietly docile. This prince is a sack of tough bones and has no idea how to adopt a soft attitude. Madame Pang will easily grow sick from anger if you stay in the manor. How is this prince supposed to take responsibility then? It’s far better to beg an imperial favor now and establish another residence for you.”

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