Chapter 370.2: Widespread Tittle-Tattle (II)

She was barred from the prince consort manor, but Pang Xiao had come sauntering out of it!

Flames of fury leapt, even though the princess knew that the two men had a steadfast brotherhood. She was a right and proper princess! How was she any less than a common-born prince??

“What does the prince consort mean by this?” Li Helan demanded lowly.

Ji Zeyu rose and responded in a neither servile nor overbearing manner. “What is Your Highness asking?”

“The doorkeeper says no visitors allowed. Why is this princess, the one most intimate to you, refused entry, but the Faithful Prince of the First Rank allowed inside? Or is the real story that the prince consort gave orders only to bar this seat, while everyone else has free entry??”

The prince consort looked expressionlessly at Li Helan when he heard this. He asked calmly, “Why does Your Highness think so? Does Your Highness think that there’s a reason why I do not let you in?”

A hot retort caught in Li Helan’s throat. Previously obscured by fury, she’d finally remembered what she was here for.

Then catching sight of Pang Xiao standing behind Ji Zeyu and sweeping a disdainful look over her, the princess’ ears burned and her eyes darted away.

The prince consort frowned. “Can it be that the rumors outside are true?”

“No, this seat…” interjected a hasty Li Helan.

Ji Zeyu turned back to his sworn brother. “Zhixi?”

The common-born prince’s forehead was knit tightly in a frown. “Ah Lan, you should know what kind of person I am.”

However, his sworn brother looked back at him with a glowering expression. “I know what kind of person you are, but similar occurrences keep happening one after another. How can I trust you then?”

“Ah Lan!” Outrage colored Pang Xiao’s frown as a light flashed through his phoenix eyes. “You and I have been brothers for so many years! Am I the sort to poach my brother’s people?”

“If you aren’t, why do such rumors run rampant outside? Is it the princess’ fault?”

Ji Zeyu suddenly drew the soft sword coiled around his waist. The sword sprang firmly straight with a flourish. “Pang Zhixi, don’t you understand that thou shalt not covet thy brother’s wife!”

“You know best what kind of person I am. How would I do anything like that??”

“If it wasn’t for you being forward, then was it the princess who seduced you? Be a man and own up to your faults! What kind of man are you to hide from what you’ve done!?” Ji Zeyu seemed to be in the throes of a towering rage as he stabbed towards the prince.

Startled by the lack of warning, Pang Xiao quickly jumped to the side.

With that, the two started fighting in front of the prince consort manor!

Openmouthed with shock, it’d never occurred to Li Helan that Ji Zeyu would fight someone else for her!

He was normally the picture of indifference towards her. Such cool remoteness made her long since lose confidence.

But seeing how angry he was now, he obviously care about her! Otherwise, with their ties of brotherhood, how would they be erupting in an all-out fight like this?

Sweetness, contentment, and a bit of pride flooded Li Helan’s heart. Her vanity was fulfilled as it’d never been before.

However, a cold chill travelled down her back when her thoughts turned to Li Qitian’s instructions. Watching the two locked together in battle, she had to admit that her royal brother’s scheme was working.

At this moment, Ji Zeyu’s sword flicked open a slash on Pang Xiao’s arm. Blood spurted out from the action.

“Ji Lan, you bastard! You’re fighting for real! Are we brothers or not?!”

“What kind of brother are you to toy with my wife!”

“Bullshit!” Infuriated by the accusation, Pang Xiao kicked Ji Zeyu in the shoulder.

Sent reeling back from the blow, the prince consort furiously threw down his soft sword and resorted to brawling with his fists and feet.

Both of them possessed exceedingly high levels of martial arts but were now kicking and punching randomly, like two kids fighting over a piece of candy!

The doorkeeper and Huzi ran up to pull the two apart. Servants in the prince consort’s manor also came out to diffuse the situation.

With such a chaotic situation, anyone passing by also stopped to watch the show. The prince consort’s manor was located in a wealthy and noble neighborhood. Those out on the streets were all the servants of the neighbors.

The gathering crowd was shocked by the sight of the eldest princess trying to calm down Prince Consort Ji and the Faithful Prince of the First Rank tussling with their bare hands and feet. Hands and feet flailed wildly. It would seem that all of the tumors outside were true.

Li Helan circled around them anxiously, shrieking all the while. “Stop! This seat orders you to stop!”

Both of them heartily ignored her.

Only when both of them were bruised and battered, one bleeding from the corner of the lips and another with a reddened forehead, did they both stop. Their servants pulled them away as they continued to huff and glare from each other.

Ji Zeyu rubbed his battered forehead and with a tight expression, stared a hole into Pang Xiao climbing onto his horse and leaving with his men. The prince consort turned to re-enter his manor.

“Prince Consort.” Li Helan came forward to take her husband’ arm. “You’re hurt. Let me apply medicine for you.” It was the first time that her tone had ever been so bashful.

Ji Zeyu gently shrugged her off and responded indifferently, “Your Highness can tell the mamas if you wish for this subject to serve you. An official summons will do. The prince consort manor isn’t someplace you should be. Please return home.”

He turned and shut the doors with a bang, not caring that Li Helan was still standing in front of them.

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