Chapter 355: Communication Gap Between Generations

“Think about what to do? What can my family do to me, no matter what happens? Mother and father won’t change their minds about me. As for the old dowager, she won’t like me even if nothing happens. Besides, Madame Lu absolutely can’t find anything to do—that’s why she’s making such a fuss. It’ll blow over after a while.”

Utterly composed, Qin Yining couldn’t think less of the madame’s provocation.

She was well aware that having maintained dominance and prosperity for so long, the wielder of power in the Lu clan could be no blockhead. Madame Lu’s high profile, overbearing, and brash style was undoubtedly a source of trouble and chaos for the family. It was impossible for her to be a core figure.

What the Lus wanted wasn’t clear yet. It was too early for the Qin fourth miss to panic.

The only one making a mess at the moment was a minor character who would have no bearing on the Lu clan strategy. There was no need to pay it any heed at all.

“You’re certainly broadminded about everything.” Bingtang sighed. “I thought we’d be able to live carefree lives after leaving the trash emperor and trampress behind in Great Yan. But after arriving here, I’ve discovered that it’s impossible to live a free and easy life.”

The lamentation teased a chuckle out of Qin Yining. “Says who? We’re living quite free and easy at the moment.”

“Free and easy? Don’t you think that the most you can do now is to be trapped in the manor and make morning and evening greetings to the old dowager? Her impression of you wasn’t good to begin with, now she jeers and taunts you at every opportunity. This sucks!”

Qin Yining waved a hand with a smile. “Silly girl, do I look like an ordinary noble daughter to you?”

Bingtang blinked blankly.

Xianyun, braiding Xiaozhou’s hair off to the side, smiled. “You’re no ordinary person, miss, so you naturally don’t care about what ordinary people do.”

“No matter what I do, I’m living a free and easy life as long as the bigger picture is moving in the direction I want.”

“So this means that what’s happening now is what you want?” asked Bingtang.

Qin Yining arched a noncommittal brow. “Some things need to be blown up in order to be handled in an easier manner.” She rose. “Let’s put on thicker clothes and walk around in the yard.”

Weather in Great Zhou dipped heavily into cold and frost. It was already the second month of the year, but the nippy wind outside still bit deeply into bones.

Qin Yining wore a heavy winter coat and carried a hand warmer, chatting and strolling with her maids in the yard.

The Qin manor now didn’t boast the extensive acreage that the former family manor had. It was just a simple complex—two houses deep, with each family branch assigned to different houses. Therefore, the entire family could see what Qin Yining was doing if they cared to.

The old dowager closed the window after putting down the window rod, sitting down primly with a dismissive snort.

“That girl is having a ball of a time.”

Qin-mama amiably brought over a bowl of cheese. “Have a snack, Old Dowager. The kitchen just sent this over. It’s still warm.”

However, her mistress waved her off. “Just look at our manor now. Though it’s nice to have a place to live, it’s a bit small. I can see everything those chits are doing when I open the windows, and I can hear everything they say if they speak loudly. I don’t know what’s going on either, but I’m irritated by the merest sight of the slippery fourth lass. Her devious self is so annoying to look at.”

The fourth miss and the lord are very similar. You just hate her because she’s a bit more objective in her ways.

Although Qin-mama also felt that the old dowager had been less than aboveboard in many things, she was loyal to her mistress in the end. The granny servant sighed. “Mistress only thinks this way because you’re angry.”

“Why did that damn girl go and offend the Lus!?” The Qin matriarch had questioned her sons yesterday before getting a full handle on the foundations of the Lu clan.

She couldn’t wrap her mind around it at all. Qin Yining had only gone to attend a banquet, how had she managed to offend such a prominent family??

“The Marquis of Valiant Faith’s household is no ordinary noble family. I heard that if General Mi hadn’t died, he’d be on the same level as Prince Consort Ji and the Faithful Prince of the First Rank by now. The marchioness is also an eminent Lu! What does the fourth lass use for brains, why didn’t she know that she had to get along with them!?”

The old dowager slammed her hand angrily on the square table, shaking porcelain tea cups with images of carp frolicking among the lotus flowers. “How will we afford the loss of face if we really lose our home!?”

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became, and the more maddening the sound of girlish laughter from the yards became.

She was about to push open the window and shout at Qin Yining when a maid called out a report.

“Reporting to Old Dowager, a madame has come and is asking to see the fourth miss.”

Worries that she would have no place to live being first and foremost on her mind, the old dowager immediately thought of Madame Lu when she heard a ‘madame’ had come to visit.

“Quick, quick, get the damn girl here,” she urged Qin-mama. “I’m going to give her a piece of my mind before letting her see the guest. Otherwise, with our family’s shallow foundations, how is the future going to look if we fully offend someone!”

“Don’t be in a rush, mistress. We don’t know who’s come.” Qin-mama tried for some calm, but still set off to fetch Qin Yining.

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