Chapter 232: The Emperor’s Sentiments

Chapter 232: The Emperor’s Sentiments

“Are you alright, Yi’er?” Weichi Yan took a seat next to Qin Yining and looked at her pale face worriedly. “It’s all Our fault, We scared you.”

Distaste bubbled up from every inch of the girl’s pores. She frowned at the ground and avoided the man, kneeling to kowtow to her liege. “This subject greets Your Majesty.”

The beauty was pale as a ghost with blood blossoming on her shoulder. Her previously moderately plump, egg-shaped face was now a sharp oval shape. She was thin to begin with, and being sick added further hints of fragility to her. Weichi Yan’s heart melted at the mere sight of her. How could he possibly bear to let her kneel?

“Do get up. There’s no need to stand on ceremony with Us. You’re injured.” The emperor bent down from his seated position to lift Qin Yining up.

The girl adroitly scooted back on her knees and grit her teeth against the pain, kowtowing, “Etiquette must not be ignored. Ten thousand years of health and fortune to Your Majesty!”

The reclining couch wasn’t that high, but Weichi Yan was unable to reach her even after bending down. He rose to raise her up, responding with pure tenderness, “I already said you don’t need to be so polite. Go and lie down.” He steered her towards the formal bed ensconced in a wooden frame. [1. One of these bad boys. ]

Qin Yining knit her forehead together tightly and ducked away from his hands. She paused. “Riceball, come here.”

The snowy ball crouched next to the couch pushed off its stumpy legs and twitched its butt over to Qin Yining’s feet. The bunny actually struck a sitting posture, catching the hem of the girl’s skirt with two forepaws.

“Is this your pet?” Weichi Yan bent down to pick up the palm-sized rabbit and brought it up to his eyes. Its fur was snow-white apart from a black circle around its left eye. Its ears drooped, framing chubby cheeks that was perfectly suited to an equally chubby body. A red square of knots hung around its neck, presenting an adorable sight.

“Like owner, like pet. You’re so exquisite, and so is your little bunny.” He held Riceball in one hand and took Qin Yining’s left hand with the other. “Come now, lie down.”

The girl yanked her hand away once again and sat down on the side of the bed, taking Riceball from the emperor and placing it on the jade-green brocade coverings.

However, Weichi Yan wasn’t angered in the slightest. He stood smilingly off to the side, admiring a long cherished piece of art that he’d finally obtained.

Jiao-mama, Xingyu, Bixue, and the young eunuchs hastily retreated to the outer hall. Their master’s ardent fervor couldn’t be contained, but Miss Qin remained perfectly indifferent. The servants couldn’t bear the sight they’d just witnessed.

Hadn’t the beloved human candle of their prior emperor received the same treatment? Would the son follow in his father’s footsteps? Was Great Yan about to welcome another sharp and formidable empress?

Weichi Yan couldn’t care less what other people thought. He’d carried a torch for Qin Yining for the longest time. When she’d been sent to participate in the peace talks, he’d charged over with great anxiety to express his feelings. But she’d thrust his hand aside and hectored him for not understanding the rules and for behaving inappropriately. He’d been quite saddened then and gone back to have a right royal fight with the Prince of Ning. But later on, he understood why Qin Yining had rejected him.

She hadn’t had a choice given her identity then. His royal father would’ve grown suspicious if she’d dared express any closeness with him. At that time, he’d hoped to one day stand at the peak of authority and not have to take anything else into consideration.

And now he’d finally done it! Thousands of girls in the world were willing to give themselves to him, but he only wanted the one in front of him.

Weichi Yan grew even more proud of himself and enthusiastic; he turned that energy into further tenderness towards Qin Yining.

“Yi’er, hurry and lie down. The imperial physicians will be here soon. I’ve already given orders to Jiao-mama to must nurse you back to health during this time and return what’s been lost from your body.”

The room was spinning in front of Qin Yining’s eyes. She forced herself to alertness, but a buzz filled her ears when she heard Weichi Yan’s words. Get out if you want me to rest!

She wanted to throw the man out, but sadly he was the emperor. She’d give others something to criticize her with if she went overboard with her actions.

“Your Majesty should go about your business. Don’t delay them because of spending time here.”

“There’s always more work to do. You’re my business at the moment.” Weichi Yan took a seat next to the prone girl and ran an index finger lightly across cheeks that were flushed with fever. “Look at you, don’t be shy. The road ahead for us is long.”

Her face must be red from shyness.

An explosion boomed in Qin Yining’s mind and she almost fainted from anger. She finally flung the emperor’s hand away, having reached the limits of her tolerance. “Your Majesty, please show some respect!”

Weichi Yan started, a look of bafflement meeting the girl’s almond-shaped, limpid eyes — even more watery than usual from the fever. He asked, aggrieved, “Yi’er, you’ll be my empress soon, why are you still…”

“You’re an educated man, Your Majesty, not some bandit carrying a woman off the road and making her his wife. I have no feelings for you whatsoever and feel only admiration for your knowledge. Why are you forcing something on me against my will?”

Weichi Yan froze.

Qin Yining rose and knelt in front of the bed, speaking solemnly, “Your Majesty, this subject respects your position and admires your depth of learning, but this subject bears no feelings for you.”

The four imperial physicians that’d rushed back with Lu-gonggong were scared witless when they heard this outside the hall. Screeching to a halt, they looked at each other, color draining from their faces. As a unified whole, they retreated wisely.

Please. The imperial majesty himself rejected by a little girl? If such a scene was witnessed by people who shouldn’t know about it such as they, they’d all lose their heads!

Weichi Yan lowered his head to look at Qin Yining, emotion roiling in his eyes. Shock gave way to understanding, then to fury. He bent down to grasp the girl’s chin, forcing her to look up at him and roared at her, “You don’t like me?! Then tell me, who do you like? Hmm? Pang?!”

The two were so close to each other that Qin Yining could smell the ambergris wafting from the man and see his orbs burning with anger. She knew that she couldn’t speak of relationships with an emperor. But if she didn’t play on this fact now, she would have even less of a right to reject him. If she didn’t make a big deal over emotions, then her refusal would be defiance an imperial decree.

“Your Majesty, no matter who I like, I have no feelings for you.”

Weichi Yan clenched his hand even more tightly. Her skin was smooth and tender beneath his fingertips; he wanted to devour her where they stood!

Whether out of anger or desire, a fire had been lit in Weichi Yan. He wanted to teach this ungrateful girl a good lesson!

All thoughts flew out of his mind and he stared at Qin Yining’s bloodless lips. His eyes darkening, he bent down to kiss her roughly.

Scared witless, the girl hastily shifted her head to avoid the kiss. Weichi Yan didn’t let up even when she fell down. He pounced on top of her and though his kiss didn’t land on her lips, they grazed her cheeks to connect with the nape of her neck.

The faint jasmine scent of the girl’s body intermixed with the slight tang of blood sent his blood boiling. He felt that her body fragrance was a tantalizing poison, one in which he wholeheartedly submitted to.

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