Chapter 156: A Rampaging Qin Yining (II)

Chapter 156: A Rampaging Qin Yining (II)

Qin Huining had never imagined that Qin Yining would dare do anything in front of Qin Huaiyuan! The foster girl was much weaker and already pinned down on the ground. Fists rained like iron mallets on her head and face. She fought back with pained and angry might, clawing wildly and cursing loudly.

“You barbarian! Stop!”

“How dare you act like this in front of father!”

“Stop! Stop hitting my face!”

“Ah!! Help me, someone!”

The wild shrieks slowly turned into ghastly screams, like a pig being slaughtered.

The stunned old dowager finally came back to her senses and quickly gave orders, “Hold her back, hurry!”

Qin-mama and the others rushed over to pull the two girls apart, but the silent Jiyun stepped forward at this time to block them. The mama paused uncertainly. She knew that this maid was a gift from the Faithful Prince of the First Rank and was apparently versed in martial arts.

The alarmed sixth miss was an ant on a hot pan. She summoned five strong granny servants from outside to have them rip off Qin Yining. Once again, Jiyun stretched out her arms to block them again. The granny servants naturally didn’t think much of a pretty, skinny maid. They wanted to put on a good show of effort in front of the sixth miss and the old dowager. The granny servants rolled up their sleeves and attempted to barge past, but they were the ones sitting on the floor after a few rounds, the turn around so quick they didn’t even have time to feel pain.

“You’ll have to get past me first if you want to harm the fourth miss.” Jiyun smiled sweetly.

Who wants to harm the fourth miss?!

It’s more like the fourth miss trying to kill someone!

The granny servants hesitated as well, not daring to come further forward.

Qin Yining’s left hand had a strong grasp on Qin Huining’s hair and a knee firmly lodged in the foster girl’s back, keeping her on the ground. The foster girl was finding it hard to breath and stuck her neck out for some air, scrabbling with her hands and body against her attacker. A bruised eye socket and mouth was on full display for everyone else to see.

Everyone else stood insensate off to the side after Jiyun had blocked the old dowager’s servants. The old dowager was even more maddened when she saw that Qin Huining was about to be beaten to death.

“Stop, you wild brat! Stop! Do you ignore even my words?” The matriarch pounded the bed frame again.

“Don’t forget about the snuff bottle, Old Dowager, and don’t forget how you bullied my mother! I’m just an ordinary girl. We can all go down together if you want to be this way!”

The old dowager promptly shut her mouth from fear after Qin Yining mentioned the snuff bottle and all her hairs stood on end when she met Qin Yining’s razor-sharp gaze. The matriarch pulled on Qin Huaiyuan’s arm. “Why aren’t you disciplining your daughter? Are you going to let her just kill someone??”

Qin Huaiyuan also felt that it’d be rather bad if his daughter killed someone, and then there was threatening the old dowager with the snuff bottle incident.

“Let’s stop, daughter Yi.”

“I naturally must listen to father’s words. Let me just say a few more.” Qin Yining yanked Qin Huining’s hair upwards, eliciting another painful scream and arcing her neck backwards. The foster girl was forced to meet Qin Yining’s chilling, murderous gaze. “Qin Huining, did you forget that I told you not to even think of harming my mother?”

“I, I…” Qin Huining’s voice shook from terror. She couldn’t finish the sentence. She knew that Qin Yining would absolutely, certainly kill her!

“What’s with the voodoo doll?”


“I can’t be bothered to listen. The fabric used for the doll, the stuffing inside it, the thread used, the ink used for and the content of the birth date, even the handwriting… All of that is clues to be investigated. I’m sure father and the old dowager will fully look into it! We’ll be able to find out who did it even if you don’t say anything.”

Qin Huining shuddered, her teeth chattering in reaction. Qin Yining drew close by her ear, “I’ll send you to where you should be if you still don’t treasure what you have. Aren’t you dissatisfied with how little you think you possess? I’ll return you to your birth parents so you have absolutely nothing!”

Qin Huining suddenly widened her eyes with horror.

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you,” Qin Yining sniffed disdainfully. “That would dirty my hands and the dignity of the Qins. That ending would also be too easy for you. I’m going to keep you around so you can thoroughly enjoy what’s coming.”

The fourth miss released Qin Huining’s hair and rose slowly. “Only idiots would be blind to the real reason for the voodoo doll. If anyone still thinks my mother made it, that it can only be that they’re purposefully targeting my mother and using this as an excuse.”

The old dowager was absolutely livid.

Qin Yining gently helped her mother up and transformed from her furiously violent self from moments ago. Her tone was so tender that it felt like the softest breeze. “Mother, are you feeling better?”

Née Sun had long since recovered and had been so touched by Qin Yining fiercely standing up for her that she was crying.

“I’m better, let’s go back.” Née Sun took Qin Yining’s hand and frowned with heartache when she saw that her daughter’s hand was bleeding in two places because of hairpins, and there were multiple scrapes and bruises on her knuckles. “Look at your hand!”

“This is nothing. When I ran into wolves in the mountains, they took off the skin on my arms and back. But here I am now, perfectly fine.” Qin Yining spoke lightheartedly, but her words caused Qin Huining to shiver even more violently. “Father, Old Dowager, my mother is tired. I’m taking her back to the Garden of Tranquility. The voodoo doll has to do with the old dowager, so a thorough investigation should be launched into finding out who actually made it. If we lightly let off the person who wishes you ill, then that would be the greatest disservice to you.”

The old dowager already had a migraine from her anger, and these words only worsened it.

“Additionally, the old dowager doesn’t need to harp on about a divorce all the time. You can ask my father for his opinion. Divorce my mother if you want, I can take care of her! She won’t die just because she leaves your protection!” Qin Yining turned back to help her mother out. “Let’s go, mother.”

Née Sun’s nose twinged when she heard this and immediately burst out into new tears. She swiped at her face and sniffled loudly as she followed her daughter out, looking like a bullied child who’d found her family.

The second and third madame had mutely observed all of the proceedings, looking on with great envy. Having been stopped in her tracks, the old dowager was speechless, and Qin Yining was steadfastly helping her mother away. Even though née Sun didn’t have a son, her daughter was more than enough.

Qin Huaiyuan hadn’t slept all night and felt quite resigned about his mother, after weathering this inner residence storm. He took the doll from Qin-mama and handed it over to his mother, tapping the birth date on the ugly doll.

“Servants, have Qitai come here.”

“Understood.” A maid in the covered hallway sprinted out of the inner door to fetch the body servant.

Terrified, Qin Huining lifted a bloody and bruised face to look at Qin Huaiyuan. She had a feeling that he was going to proclaim judgment on her!

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