Chapter 247 Graduation Ceremony

Chapter 247 Graduation Ceremony

"Look, it’s Lady Scroll," Piper used his elbow to secretly poke Jilly, "I heard that she is the Head of the Ministry of Education.”

"Ministry of Education... The Minister?" The latter wondered, "What is that?"

"That’s the person who manages the teachers. Teachers like your most liked Teacher Ferlin and your most hated loudmouth teacher, Teacher Harben." Piper explained, "No matter if it is Ferlin or Harben, all of them are supervised by Lady Scroll."

"Where did you hear that?" Jilly blinked amazed, "Does it come from that important person you had mentioned?"

"Hrumph, of course," he smiled proudly, "And that isn’t even everything, I know more. Today, it won’t be only the City Hall’s officials who will come to the Graduation, even the Lord, His Royal Highness himself is going to come to the college!”

"Really?" The little girl’s eyes light up, "His Royal Highness is coming to talk to us?"

"Er... this, I don’t know," Piper touched the back of his head, "Probably."

After all, he had heard all of this from his big brother, Van’er, who could now be considered as an important person. Originally, he had only been a common gravel worker in the neighborhood, but after joining the militia, he had immediately become a platoon leader, and started leading several soldiers. Nowadays, he was even the artillery officer of the First Army, with a monthly salary of 25 silver royals and the possibility to shake the Prince’s hand and talk to him!

Even though he spent the majority of his time in the barracks, but whenever he came back to visit, he would always bring back interesting new stories and information. And like always, Piper had once more come to his door to pester him for it, asking from the east to the west of everything. As big brother Van’er’s former neighbor and admirer, Piper had often heard news in advance of time from Van’er’s mouth.

For example, Van’er had already told him the news that His Highness himself would personally attend the graduation ceremony one week ago. Because of this the First Army had received a protection and alert order and had also held an exercise near the college.

And really, after waiting for a short moment, a team of soldiers, that were brimming with energy, wearing military uniforms all came over, escorting His Highness and the Chief Knight in between them.

As they saw them arrive, the crowd immediately began stirring.

After the soldiers surrounded the entrance of the college, Roland walked into the hall and waved to the rows of students, "My people, how are you? I am the Lord of Border Town, the man in charge of the Western Territory, Roland Wimbledon. Congratulation on being Border Town’s first batch of graduates to complete the whole content of primary education."

The crowd had suddenly turned silent, not because of indifference, but simply because most people were so excited that they didn’t know how to respond.

Jilly continuously grabbed Piper’s arm and exclaimed, "His Highness is talking to us!”

Piper felt an equally inspired, this way, he and big brother Van’er both had close contact with His Highness.

"The reason why you were able to rapidly go through the assessment and reached graduation is because most of you were former students of Karl van Bate, from the beginning you had a lead when compared to the other students. Therefore, you shouldn’t become arrogant and complacent, there is still a lot of knowledge in the world only waiting for you to be explored." After a short moment, Roland continued, "Of course, this day is still worth celebrating, and from today on you will have embarked on a path that is very different from others. No matter what kind of work you involve yourself in, you will always be able to receive rich rewards. Today, I am here to express my congratulations to you!”

"His Highness... long live!" Piper didn’t know who had shouted first, but afterward, everyone began to shout, "Long live His Highness! I am willing to serve His Highness!”

After waiting for the cheers to abate, Roland said cheerfully: "Next, I will release the diploma to you, as honorary proof for the completion of studies." He opened a booklet, "Piper.”

Piper only felt how his whole body began to tremble, he looked towards the Prince, opened his mouth, but he didn’t know what the proper words were to say.

Seeing him freeze Teacher Ferlin Eltek turned towards him and waved, "Do not be afraid, come to His Highness."

Rigidly moving his limbs Piper slowly walked out of the ranks, his heart already jumping so loud that he could hear it himself. He then suddenly remembered Van’er frequently mentioning a military salute that was simpler than the knight ritual of the nobility but still could express one’s loyalty and devotion, and had been made by His Highness himself. Although he wasn’t clear about the specific posture, but he still mustered all his courage and according to his memory placed his hand flat in front of his forehead.

Seeing his movement the Prince began to laugh, nodded and handed the booklet to Piper. "In the future, if you want to show it once more, move the hand a little, so that it is in line with your ear, this way it will be more to the standard... Congratulation on your graduation.”

"T-thank you," Piper took the booklet and circled stiff as a log bag to the ranks. Only when His Highness began to give out the diploma to the other people was he finally able to recover.

"Show me what’s written on it." Jilly curiously turned her head.

"You will get your own ah, why are you so anxious," Piper muttered in a low voice and opened the booklet cover with trembling hands, only to see a parchment with fine stitches on it. In the upper left corner was a painting of his head, in the middle was the royal emblem with the tower and pike, but there were also a few written lines of text on it. If it was but six months ago, he could only have gone to Teacher Karl and asked him for the meaning of the characters. However, today Piper had already accomplished the basics of reading and writing, so he quietly read it in his mind.

College of Border Town, first course of study graduate: Piper

Dean: Scroll

Issuer: Lord of Border Town, Roland Wimbledon


After Roland had handed out all diplomas he clapped his hands and once more attracted the attention of the crowd. "From now on, you can undertake some qualified works ordinary people can’t, and all of these jobs offer you a generous pay, with at least ten silver royals a month. In the following, Miss Scroll will inform you about the details of the work you can get from City Hall." He raised his hand to stop everyone's discussion, "You do not have to make a choice immediately, you can go back home and discuss it with your families. After making your decision take your ID and graduation certificate and come to the City Hall for your application.”

Taking advantage of the time during which Lady Scroll introduced the several tasks, Jilly stepped close to Piper and asked, "Do you already have any idea what you want to do? I want to go to the bike factory, its payment is higher than that of my father and I will also get the chance to get a new bike free of charge!"

"It is indeed great," Piper replied casually. Recently on the town square, four wide pieces of wood had been erected, on whose tops were paintings of the portraits of His Highness and several ministers, everyone holding or sitting on a strange iron mounts which had become the hot topic of many enthusiastic conversations. And with a salary of 15 silver royals a month, in case it wasn’t necessary to have completed the general education, Piper was afraid that the factory would already have been crowded to the point of bursting.

But he had thought that there was another better place to go to.

Since his visit of the Honor and Award Ceremony, Piper couldn’t suppress the image of himself standing in the same spot as his former classmate Nana. One day, receiving the glory, to get a reward out of His Highness hand, on top of a stage on the town’s square in front of thousands of people.

According to His Royal Highness, he must become an outstanding contributor to the town in order to be honored. In case he took a job to work in the bike factory, he feared that he would never get this opportunity even during his entire lifetime. But neither could he be like Iron Axe and lead the charge during in a war, nor did he have any similarly incredible ability as a witch did, so the only example he could follow was that of Head Alchemist Sichi.

Previously he had heard more than once, if he could grab the principal of refining an alchemical product, he would immediately bring immense wealth and prestige to the territory, and would also have achieved something that was worthy of the title of a sage. For that he needed to be neither brave nor have any powerful background, the only thing he needed was a bit of luck... making it to the most suitable way for him.

Thinking until here, Piper had made up his mind.

"I want to go and sign up for a job in the chemical laboratory," he said, putting emphasis on every single word.

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