Chapter 228 Faceless person

Chapter 228 Faceless person

The grannie retrieved her dagger, and let him fall to the ground. She then picked up the medicine bottle, rubbed it on her body to clean it and handed it back to the priest.

"Well done," Ferry nodded, "Now drag him out and dispose his corpse."

"Yes," she answered with a husky voice, dragging the corpse without any effort, much unlike an old woman.

"Your Reverence, do you believe that he was telling the truth?" After the manager had left, Priest Shattrath asked, "That the caravan and the witches are working together, and if I remember correctly wasn’t it the 4th Prince, Roland Wimbledon who got assigned to Border Town?

"Whether it is true or not we will only know after we send someone to examine it," Ferry said with a serious expression. "But I think the possibility that he lied to us isn’t likely. As long as we send some eyes on top of the city walls to take a look, we should be able to notice the situation of the refugees. So if he wanted to fabricate a lie in exchange for the Holy Elixir, at least he would have taken one which would have been harder to verify.”

"I'll send someone to review the situation right away," the priest bowed.

"Go ahead and investigate the information, promptly come back afterwards and report to me."

Ferry slowly walked to the table, sat down, and started playing with the Elixir in his hands. These refugees had already been in the bag. After all, to control their movements and prevent them from fleeing from the demonic plague by themselves, he had dispatched the street rats from the Dreamland organization, and made them mix in with the refugees. There they should spread the news that the Church would soon come to save them. As long as they could endure for a few more days not only would they receive God’s redemption, there was also the possibility that they would be accepted by the Church, and become a citizen of King’s City. As for those rats, they were mostly already infected themselves, and because of this, they wouldn’t spare any effort to exchange for the Holy Elixir.

In case the information given by the rat was correct, it meant that this group of people had at least started transport the refugees away since yesterday. Moreover, according to their posture, it doesn’t like they would abandon the transportation, which was equivalent to severely hindering his own plans. Even more grave, it appeared that they were working together with a witch since Ferry was convinced that only a witch would be capable of curing the demonic plague.

"Your Reverence, the body has been taken care of." The old woman walked back into the secret room and cautiously closed the door without making any noise, "Also, have some fallen really shown themselves?"

"Most likely,” Ferry lowered his voice, “and there are maybe more than one.” For a moment he paused, “Furthermore, since no stranger is here, there is no need for you to pretend to be ugly, There is no stranger here, seeing you like this is detestable.”


She bent down into a crab stance, followed by her whole body began to issue a crackling and rattling sound as if all the bones in her body began to rub in general. Followed by a rapid grows of her stature, in the blink of an eye her gray hair turned black, and her skin that was full of wrinkles and loose gradually began to tightening again. Becoming stretched taut but flexible once again, as if her body’s time had flowed backward. When she finally straighten her body, she had turned into a beautiful and enchanting woman.

"That’s much better," Ferry smiled with satisfaction, "If I remember correctly, this fellow... had been hanged at the gate, right?"

"Yes, my Lord," she nodded, "Of the four she is the one you spent the most time with."

"You really... know how to please me," the priest smacked his lips, "But I expect that Shattrath will be back soon, there isn’t enough time." He suppressed his desire, "Furthermore, you still have to deal with the fallen ones."

"Give them to me, my Lord," she vowed while bowing. "I won’t let any of the fallen go."

A quarter of an hour later, Shattrath returned to the secret room. He first looked at the witch, and then turned to the Ferry to report: "Your Reverence, outside of the western city many shadow are indeed missing. But within the dark I was unable to see it clearly, so I sent some subordinates carrying torches out to circle the area, only to discover that many tents were absolutely empty. However, there was no trace of flames to see from the dock area, so I cannot tell if the caravan is still stationed there, as for the witch... "

"No need to investigate," Ferry interrupted him, "Since the other side dares to transport the fugitives away, the intelligence provided by the rat shouldn’t be wrong. This way, we know that their group has at least two witches with them, one that can fly and one who can eliminate the epidemic. Especially the latter, is a great threat to my plan, so we certainly must stop them. For now, they are still only treating the people outside the city, but if that witch were to come into the city and openly treat those who are infected, our own propaganda, claiming the Holy Elixir as their only solution will have become a joke!”

"What should we do?" the other priest asked, "Should we send out the Army of Judges to arrest the witch?"

Ferry shook his head, "This is King’s City and not the Holy City at Hermes. The Church has only around 20 Judges stationed here, but if we sent them out, who will keep the order tomorrow during the medicine distribution ceremony? Furthermore, their number is just too small, besides punishing them as a warning to others what would we really achieve? Even if they were able to defeat those mercenaries, the witches would most likely have already escaped.” Since we are in King’s City, the Army of Judges which is responsible for maintaining order is merely at the size of dozen of people, otherwise, if it was at the scale of several hundreds of people, I am afraid the King couldn’t sleep at night unless he subjugated us.

"Then... should we inform the Holy City, and ask the Bishop to send reinforcements?"

"By the time the Judges will have arrived, I am afraid the fugitives will already be long gone." Ferry sneered, "Furthermore, for a group of mercenaries we won't need the elite army of the Church to deal with them, we will just give this matter to Dreamland to deal with."

"To the rats?" Shattrath got started.

"At least they are numerous; allowing them to surround the dock in advance and then attack in a swarm all at once. What do you think, without wearing an armor and only being armed with wooden spears, how many rats can they handle?" He asked.

"About two or three people."

"Therefore they will only be able to deal with around 200 people at maximum, while Dreamland can easily gather a mob of around 1000 people or more. Of course, these brave and aggressive dregs will never be able to attack in formation like the Army of Judges, but for just killing the group of mercenaries, they should be more than sufficient.” Ferry stood up, "Inform Fierce Teeth Tanis, that he has one day to gather his forces, the more, the better, tomorrow night we will attack. Don’t tell him that there are other ways to cure the disease and also do not say that they will have to deal with witches, just tell him to make sure that no one escapes. His payment will be a box of the Holy Elixir, if he wants to shirk away or he senses a lie, tell him, in case he doesn't help. he won’t any longer get the poppy or sleep fern from me.

"But the witches... what should we do against them? Especially the one who can fly in the sky."

"She won’t be flying all the time, and the rats won’t be able to end the fight in a short time, with other words... their only role is to attract the attention of the other side," Ferry said, while walking to the witch, stretching out his hand to gently caress her face. "As long as Faceless sees an opportunity, she will sneak into their camp, completely beyond their notice."

She only has to touch them once, and she will be able to completely disguise herself or someone else as the previously contacted person. But it is not only their appearance, but it is also even their stature and voice that she can perfectly imitate. And since the God’s Stone of Retaliation cannot remove her ability, she will become an excellent assassin. It was for this reason that she became one of the few remaining and specially trained witches of the Church.”

"When the other party realizes that there is no way left for them to win, the camp is bound to turn into chaos, and at that time, Faceless will make sure that no witch will be able to survive." The Priest began to laugh.

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