Chapter 226 Inner City operation

Chapter 226 Inner City operation

"You managed to get hold of the Holy Elixir?" Black Hammer was suddenly back in full spirit.

"Holy Elixir?" Theo retracted his smile and sneered instead, "There is no need to take the Church’s drug, there are others medicines that can also cure patients of the demonic plague." Saying this he removed two small bags from his waist and placed them on the table, "Putting the blame on the witches is just the usually trick used to get some benefits, after all, a dead person cannot talk back."

Puzzled Black Hammer picked up one of the bags, and placed it near his ear and shook it, only then did he untie the rope and smell what was inside, "No odour?"

"Just take them to Silver Ring and Pots, afterward you will know that this is the real medicine," Theo said. "They should be somewhere in the tavern.”

"Since we discovered their infection, I made them hide in the basement, and I didn't allow them to come out. Nowadays whenever people see someone with black spots, it’s quite likely that they will go out of their way to attack the sick, and because of this, the den of the skeleton fingers won’t open its door to let them in." Black Hammer picked up the second bag and announced, "Sir, I'll go now and give it a try."

When he got up and left, Hill was still staring at the table, not saying a word, which made Theo secretly shake his head.

An ordinary person who lives under the constant threat of the demonic plague can never keep so calm when he hears that he can get the medicine to cure the disease. Even if you do not want to seem too excited, at least take a look at it and ask a few words. With his performance, Hill has proven that he doesn't hold the qualification to become a spy.

"Can this medicine really cure the demonic plague?" Little Finger shouted suddenly. "Sir, where did you get this from?”

Even the little girl is better at it than him, Theo thought while taking a sip of his wine, "Without a doubt, after all, it was given to me by my Lord in the Royal Palace, other than him, who else would dare to go against the Church?"

In no time, Black Hammer came back and brought Silver Ring and Pots along, "Oh, my God, this medicine is incredible! Just moments after they drank it, the black spot on their bodies had already began to disappear.”

Seeing Theo, both men immediately went to their knees even though their wounds were still bleeding, and in unison they said, "Sir, Thanks a lot for your medicine, you've saved our lives!"

"First go and bandage your wounds," Theo waved at their injuries. Although the purified water was able to heal the disease, it still could not heal their wounds. Such serious injuries would have to recover like any other injury, and needed at least a week, "Rather than thanking me, you should thank my employer. If you can fulfill this current mission, it is even possible that you can get rid of your identity as street rats.”

"Maj... No, I mean, does your employer really want us to sell this medicine?" Black Hammer asked excitedly. Apparently, he had already realized how much revenue they could make by selling these potions.

"That’s right; the Church is currently using the medicine to deceive the people, which has made my employer furious with them. If he allows this group of so called fortune tellers who lack any scruple keep going, I'm afraid the whole King’s City will have changed into a cathedral soon, rather than Wimbledon’s home territory." Theo lowered his voice, "Also, he is unwilling to see such a huge city only be left with only a few citizens, therefore, this medicine absolutely cannot be sold at a price so expensive that it would lead to it becoming unaffordable for most people." He took another two leather bags from his waist and threw them on the table, “These kind of bags, will be sold for at most for ten silver royals.”

"T-ten silver royals?" Black Hammer exclaimed, his eyes shot wide open.

"Yes, six belong to my employer, the rest will belong to you," he extended his palm, "And this medicine should be enough to use 5000-6000 people. Therefore you can obtain at least several hundred royals, even after splitting it up, it is still not a small amount. It should be sufficient for you to spend it for the rest of your life in comfort.

The other side seemed as if they wanted to speak but were unable to find the words. The whole time they stared a the water backs on the table, seemingly thinking about how to obtain even greater benefits.

Within his heart, Theo clearly knew what was going through these street rats' minds.

The potion itself had no processing cost, even if they gave it away for free, it wouldn’t have been a problem. However, without a profit to be shared, he could only rely on himself, which would substantially lower the efficiency and would also be much more eye-catching. So, by letting the rats sell the medicine, he could reduce the risk, and ten silver royals was also a price that the majority of the urban citizens would be able to pay. Of course, to be honest, he couldn't trust that they would sell it so cheaply, whether they stole a part of it to sell in the inner city, or transferred it to the black market, they would always make huge profits.

Ultimately, the amount of potion sold to the citizen for a low price would perhaps be less than half of it, but this wasn’t the focus of Theo’s concern. His task was to undermine the conspiracy of the Church as much as possible so that everyone could understand that the Holy Elixir was not the only antidote able to dispel the evil spirits nor was it such a rare or expensive thing. The result would be that the propaganda of the Church would become publicity questioned, especially by those believers who had gone to great extends to buy such costly medicine, beginning to question themselves about whether god’s spokesperson had cheated them or not.

"I know exactly what you're thinking," Theo opened his mouth and began to speak, "You want to hide some of the medicine and secretly sell it for a higher prices by selling it to the upper ranks, I can act as if I haven’t seen it... but I won’t forget," his tone became cold, "My employer really isn’t a good-natured person, if you do not want to drown into the moat, it would be the best to show a bit of restraint, after all, only alive can you feel the pleasures of living."

"But what should we do if someone else resells the medicine?" Silver Ring asked.

"That’s very easy to be solved; everyone can only buy only one bag and they have to drink it on the spot." After he finished giving his advice, he looked at Black Hammer and asked, “How is it, are you interested in this business?”

"But the Covert Trumpeter may not be able to handle so much medicine, I think ..."

Theo interrupted him immediately. "It's your business to arrange for the people who will sell the medicine and it is also your decision where you will sell it. I'm just the substitute my employer has sent to keep an eye on you.”

Black Hammer gnashed his teeth, look at his four subordinates, and when he saw that none of them were raising any objection, he smashed his fist on the table and proclaimed, "This business, I will take it!”

"Well," Theo nodded, "On sunset, the day after tomorrow, a carriage carrying the medicine will come to the pub's entryway, so you have time until then to arrange your workforce and also spread the news about the drug release. Do a good job of it; my employer doesn’t want to see any failure."

The day after tomorrow is the last day of the First Army’s stay. After they leave the city, no matter what the city turns into, it won’t cause a threat for His Royal Highness, Theo thought.


After leaving the tavern, it didn’t take long until Hill had caught up to him.

"Won’t you meet up with my companions? They are all eager to take revenge against Timothy."

"For the time being I’m trusting you because you passed the test," Theo shook his head and continued. "If you had not been caught today, what would have been your next steps?"

"I would have gone back and told everyone the news, and listened to their opinions about it. I'm not sure if I should continue to keep watch for a while or if I should immediately go to His Highness Roland," Fawkes replied.

"Oh?" Theo’s interest was piqued, so he asked, "What's your opinion about it?"

For a moment Hill hesitated, then stated what was on his mind, "I do not think that His Royal Highness is the same as most of the other nobles. Very few of them wouldn’t spare any effort to save the fugitives, and... he also treats the witches equally favorable as everyone else. Supposing the case that Timothy would be the same, it would be unlikely that my wife would've…" He became silent for a while, "So I would prefer to serve His Highness directly.”

"If that is the case you should go back and say nothing, act as if you have never been to the pier."

"Why..." Hill lifted his head in astonishment.

"An outstanding spy should make a habit of concealing their secrets inside of their heart, rather than sharing everything with others, especially at such a critical moment as this." Theo stated one reason after another, "If you want to work for His Highness, there are still many things you will need to learn."

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