Chapter 94 Anthony the Hunter

Chapter 94 Anthony the Hunter

If memory served, there was a Mysterious Egg in Ye Ci’s storage. She could still remember her joy as she received the egg from Wang Jiangnan. However, she was unable to get the egg to hatch.

When she tried to crack it open, the system hinted that it was a “treasure” that needed to be handled with care. When she was trying to appraise the egg with the help of an appraisal NPC, the NPC merely snorted and claimed that their job was to appraise objects, not living creatures. After a few days of trying in vain to search for answers, the precious egg was stored away in Ye Ci’s personal storage.

Ye Ci had never thought that after looking for the answer far and wide without results, she was able to find it so easily. The way to hatch the egg surfaced right under her nose.

Without thinking about it too much, Ye Ci rushed towards the storage warehouse and retrieved the egg that was as sleek as a bowling ball. She put it into her bag and rushed straight towards the incubator NPC. She was quick to spot the shop after taking a turn into the alley.

The shop, which was situated between some shabby houses, was not eye-catching at all. Ye Ci would’ve missed the shop entirely if not for the shaky signboard in front of the shop. She spotted an Undead with messy hair brewing a greenish concoction in a corner as she entered the shop. The racks at the side was line with several flasks whose contents were unknown to Ye CI.

The Undead went to and fro in the shop, as if he did not see Ye Ci at all. He threw ingredient after unknown ingredient into the pot, as if he was a witch who was brewing some hideous poison. Of course, the Undead must be a female to fit that criteria.

After observing the Undead for some times, Ye Ci cleared her throat, drawing his attention. She then stated her purpose of visiting the shop, and handed the Mysterious Egg to the NPC.

The NPC took the egg from Ye Ci and chuckled, “This is quite an egg.” With that, he took out a magnifying glass and began studying the egg, ignoring Ye Ci’s expression. After a short while, he nodded and casually dumped the egg into a glass container, spilling the blue liquid within the container. A sizzling sound could be heard as the liquid dripped onto the floor.

“You need some Magical Crystal to incubate the egg. If you happen to come across some, bring them to me. The more crystals you get, the faster the egg will hatch. Do as you see fit.” The NPC’s yellow eyes in his already withered sockets were unlively.

Ye Ci was rather worried for the egg. Although she did not really care about what was inside, she had no intention at all to waste it just like that after handing it to the NPC. Ye Ci called up the status window for the egg.

Mysterious Egg

Owner: Gongzi You

Status: Incubating

Seeing that the egg was doing fine, Ye Ci did not stay for long. She turned around and left the place. She took in deep breaths after leaving the place. The smell was just too pungent. She then headed to the Teleportation Master, her destination: Damp Tropical Rain Forest.

As the name implied, Damp Tropical Rain Forest was a map with a tropical rain forest. Unlike the other forests however, the map was hot and stuffy, and would rain constantly as well. One would need to be constantly vigilant when traversing through the map, as there would be venomous bugs lurking around. These tiny creatures were not well-known, but if players did not pay attention to them, they might get poisoned and even receive damage over time. Unless they were protected by players that were tanky and had high survivability, mage players would usually stay away from the map.

Damp Tropical Rain Forest was a lvl 35-lvl 40 map filled with monsters ranging from lvl 30 to lvl 45. The majority of the monsters that appeared in the map were beasts, with occasional humanoid monsters. A nest of Tyrannosaurus Rex resided in the northwest part of the map, with quite a number of Elite T-Rex lurking around the area. They were perfect pets for Hunters.

Ye Ci’s intended destination was the T-Rex’s lair. But before that, she went to Camp Hamor at the center of the Damp Tropical Rain Forest to activate her waypoint, as it would be a waste of time to have to enter the map from the edge every time she visited the place.

Ye Ci was able to make her way safely to Camp Hamor. There were a lot of quests offered in the camp, but most NPCs refused to hand them to Ye Ci as her level was too low. In Fate, even if one could not receive a quest, one would still receive a hint about an available quest. The NPCs would be able to tell a player’s level. If the difference between a player’s and an NPC’s level was not more than 4, the player would be able to accept a quest from the NPC. The lowest level quest offered in the area was lvl 34, and Ye Ci was one level away from the minimum requirement.

Not a single NPC in the camp was willing to hand quests to Ye Ci after she had activated the waypoint. She appeared to have been looked down upon. Ye Ci eventually gave up, as she was not there for quests in the first place. Before she could leave however, an Orc who had been roasting meat suddenly raised his head and called out to her, “Heh, Elf, are you free?”

It seemed to be a quest. And since Ye Ci was already there, she was okay with accepting the quest if it wasn’t hard. “Sure, what can I help you with?”

“In the camp…” Ye Ci immediately skipped the Orc’s dialogue as soon as he began to speak. She then read the quest description, “Help the orc Bobo to deliver some roasted deer meat to the Hunter Anthony at Refuge No.17.”

An errand quest.

Ye Ci called up the map for the Damp Tropical Rain Forest and located the position of Refuge No.17. It was close to the T-Rex Lair. Since Ye Ci was on her way there anyways, she accepted the quest.

The quest however, wasn’t as easy as it seemed.

Refuge No.17 was located on a very steep mountain with a very eye-catching stone tower at the top that served as a landmark for travellers. Ye Ci could see Anthony at the top, but how could she get up there?

She had not learned Climbing yet, but she could still jump her way up to the top of some of the lower hills. She was unable to climb a tall and steep mountain. After observing her surroundings, Ye Ci spotted vines hanging from the side of the mountain.

It was one of the good things about a tropical rain forest. There were a lot of vines around. This quest would be hard had it been a desert area. Ye Ci began to climb up along the vines. Her speed was slow and her effort tiring, as she had not learnt the skill “Climbing.”

After much struggle, she had finally reached Refuge No.17.

The first thing she saw was the dispirited Anthony sitting beside a flickering bonfire. She handed in the quest and received a few silver coins from Anthony as a reward.

“Elf, are you a Huntress?” Anthony stared at Ye Ci and asked.


Anthony nodded and let out a long sigh.

“What is it? Is there anything that I can help you with?” Asked Ye Ci. NPC behaviors such as sighing, smiling or hesitation while speaking were signs of a quest.

“I’m the camp’s Hunter…” Anthony began to tell Ye Ci his story while eating the roasted deer meat. He did not appear sad at all.

It turned out that the Hunter was not quite skillful in his job and was looked down upon by the residents in the camp. He had boasted that he would be able to kill a T-rex in a drunken stupor. He headed to the T-rex’s lair, but before he could even begin his hunt, he lost his bow. He asked for Ye Ci’s help to retrieve his tool, and bring back to him a piece of T-rex meat as well.

The reward for completing the quest was a casing with unknown purposes.

After accepting the quest, Ye Ci descended carefully down the mountain. She tread carefully in the forest and soon reached the T-rex lair. It was a huge grass nest with a few unhatched eggs. A few green-skinned T-rex were lurking around the area. There was a shiny object on the ground not far away, which appeared to be Anthony’s belonging.

Ye Ci observed the T-rex, and noticed that they were all lvl 35 Elite Beasts. Although they were tough, they acted alone. Ye Ci had no problem taking them on one at a time, but their rate of respawning was a problem.

She summoned Ol’ Three, laid down some traps, activated some BUFFs and cast Empowered Hunter’s Mark, then began attacking the first T-rex. It was quite an easy task for Ye Ci. Her abundant Talent Points and superior equipment meant that her strength was that of a lvl 35 player, and she was able to slay a T-rex without much difficulty.

The lvl 35 Elite T-rex gave her quite a few experience points. She was rewarded bonus experience points for each kill due to the level difference. Before long, the T-rex in the area had turned into experience points that flowed into her experience gauge. She harvested the dinosaur meat from their carcasses and then retrieved Anthony’s tool. Ye Ci then looked at the eggs in the nest. Could they be hatched into pets? Ye Ci pondered.

She couldn’t hold herself back from touching the eggs in the nest. Just when she was about to reach them, a growl emanated from her back.

Ye Ci immediately tumbled to a side and turned around towards the source of the sound. What she saw was a pair of cold, malicious eyes staring at her…

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