Chapter 91 Duel

Chapter 91 Duel

“Hi, I’m Gongzi You.” Ye Ci stood in front of that person, a shallow smile on her face. She extended her hand naturally and without reserve.

The person she was talking to was a tall and robust elf with silver hair just like Ye Ci. However, his eyes were black. The obsidian-esque pupils were a rare combination chosen for the elf race.

He was rather surprised by Ye Ci’s actions. After a slight pause, he narrowed his eyes and stared at the Elven Huntress in front of him. His gaze was sharp as blade, stabbing at Ye Ci without restraint. A normal person would awkwardly retract his or her hand under such gaze.

Ye Ci, however, did not do so. She stood still, arm extended, not backing down from his provocative glare.

Finally, the person’s ears twitched slightly and his mouth formed into a ghost of a smile. He extended his hand and shook Ye Ci’s hand lightly, and said with a soothing voice, “Hello, I’m Fleeting TIme.”

Fleeting Time.

That’s right, it was Fleeting Time.

He was the Fleeting Time that was christened as the God of Hunters, the Fleeting Time that ruthlessly steamrolled over Ye Ci, and the Fleeting Time that Ye Ci could not find when she was ready for a rematch.

She never knew that he was a member of Genesis.

Ye Ci could not describe her emotions when she saw Fleeting time. She felt joy as well as excitement, and her blood boiled.

Having a rematch with this person was a dream that she had carried on from her past life. How could she let this chance slip by?

Ye Ci restrained the intensity of her gaze, and retracted her hand. She then attempted to send Fleeting Time a duel invitation. The usage of weapons and abilities were prohibited in the arena earlier on and it meant that they were unable to fight each other. But it might just be different this time.

“Gongzi You sends you a duel invitation.”

There were many style of PVP within Fate. If both parties involved were in the same alliance, they would be able to attack each other once they turn on the Massacre Mode. If they did not do so, the only way was to duel. If players were from different alliances, they would be able to attack each other directly.

The current situation however was quite unique. Although Ye Ci was in an opposing faction from Fleeting Time, all the players’ names were green (unable to attack) in the event arena. Under such circumstances, the only way they could fight each other was through a duel.

Fleeting Time narrowed his eyes at the sudden duel invitation. He knew the Huntress standing in front of him. She was very famous in the Eastern Continent, and her gameplay videos were highly sought after by Hunters from all 4 continents. Fleeting Time was different from her. He had always been a team player. Although his moves were not as elegant, it did not mean that he was not strong.

However, that was not the point. The point was that he was not the only Hunter in Genesis. Even if this Huntress wanted to show off her skills, she wouldn’t have picked him out of coincidence, would she? What was the reason?

“Why do you want to duel with me?” Fleeting Time did not accept nor reject the invitation. He stared at the Huntress. She was very young, and her face even betrayed a hint of childishness, but her eyes shone with determination and maturity. “There are a lot of Hunters in Genesis, so if you’re looking for an opponent, there are others who are better.”

“Because, they’re not Fleeting Time.” Ye Ci pursed her lips.

Fleeting Time creased his eyebrows. The answer was just… something undeniable.

Fleeting Time accepted the duel.

A flag bearing the symbol of dueling immediately landed from the sky in between the two, stirring up dust.

The jovial atmosphere immediately quieted down after the flag landed, and all the players shifted their attention towards the flag.

There was 5 seconds of preparation time before the match officially started from the time the flag landed. The moment Ye Ci and Fleeting Time saw the flag, they reacted just the same, as if they were a reflection of each other. They backed up 20 yards from each other and hid themselves into the crowd.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, begin.

Both released an arrow at each other at the same time, which were both Frost Arrows. Both of them moved in the same direction; both of them darted between the crowd. They were like a reflection of each other in a gigantic mirror. One of them would always do what their opponent did…

Ye Ci paused momentarily.

Fleeting Time did the same as well.

The overly similar opening moves caused both sides to lose the initiative. It was now a mimicking show between the two.

This situation must not continue.

Ye Ci slung her crossbow, bent slightly, rolled on the ground, and disappeared into the crowd. Fleeting Time slung his bow as he dashed towards Ye Ci’s position. He darted through the crowd with incredible speed, quick as the wind. He suddenly leapt up, nocked an arrow, and fired it into the crowd.

Although they knew that they would not receive damage from the combatants in a duel, the crowd became scared and dispersed immediately, exposing Ye Ci who was Stealthed in their midst.

She wouldn’t have been discovered under normal circumstances, but it was as if Fleeting Time could see his opponent who was in Stealth. His arrow flew right towards Ye Ci.

Ye Ci had not wanted to move. But as the arrow approached her, she was forced to dodge. Like her, Fleeting Time was using Frost Arrows during PvP, if she was hit by that arrow, her movement speed would be reduced by 50%.

In a duel between Hunters, speed was of the essence. Once her speed was reduced, Ye Ci would’ve already lost the battle. That was why Ye Ci shifted herself without hesitation, and dodged the arrow.

Thwack! An arrow covered with frost landed where Ye Ci just was. Paying no heed to the arrow, Ye Ci jumped backwards. Her form emerged from Stealth immediately. If she was Fleeting Time, she would definitely seize this opportunity to put down her opponent. If even she would do that, Fleeting Time, who was renowned for his ferocity and accuracy, would never let go of such a chance.

As expected, as Ye Ci leapt backwards, arrows chased her along her flight path. Fleeting Time’s movements were so fast and precise that Ye Ci even suspected that the guy had a built-in radar.

Fleeting Time had hidden his level from the Leveling Ranking Board as well. Although Ye Ci could not see his level, she determined that his level was quite close to hers by observing his speed, the strength of his attack and how agile he was.

In a situation where both of them were equals in a lot of places, the duel was particularly intense. Both of them had the same class, had the same level, and were using equipment of the same tier. Their skill level was equally matched, despite having different combat styles. The duel between the two was like a very marvelous documentary.

The crowd that originally surrounded both the combatants had already dispersed, leaving both of them a large empty space.

“Damn, this is what you call a Hunter educational video!” Flawless Reflection recorded the duel while observing it with a pair of binoculars.

“Flawless, he was able to have a draw with Gongzi You; just who is he?” Flutter ‘n Sway was also observing the duel with a pair of binoculars, “Are they that good?”

Flutter ‘n Sway was only half combat player. She was utterly useless in PvP and could barely survived in PvE. She was unable to grasp anything as she observed the duel between the two Hunters. In her heart, Ye Ci was the synonym of expert, as for the other guy…

“Awesome, he’s simply awesome.” Flawless Reflection clicked his tongue, “Goddamn, this is a duel between experts. They’re still low-leveled. Imagine if they fought each other when they were both lvl 100. I can’t even begin to imagine how thrilling it would be.”

“You’re a Hunter as well, is he better than you?” Flutter ‘n Sway’s eyebrows furrowed. She felt that PvP was meaningless. It was too stressful. It was way more fun to fight against monsters.

“They’re both on an entirely different level.” Flawless Reflection gave the highest of praise to both of the combatants. He lowered his binoculars and looked at Flutter ‘n Sway, “They’re way better than I am.” He then continued observing the two and said in a serious tone, “I must work harder. I want to be one of the best Hunters as well!”

The two were just reading each other too well, and both of them were unable to gain an advantage over their opponent.

After 4 minutes into the duel, both of them had half of their HP left. Neither side was able to gain the upper hand.

The time limit for a duel was 5 minutes. When there was no victor after the 5 minutes was up, the duel would end in a draw.

Fleeting Time was giving his all into this duel. He had actually been fighting seriously when the duel had reached the 1 minute marker. Watching somebody fight in a video was entirely different from fighting the same player in person. Fleeting Time had thought that the Huntress’ fighting style was overly glamourous. It was directly opposite of his fighting style that was meant to deal killing blows to his opponent, while being not at all flashy.

He had thought that Ye Ci’s flashy fighting style was utterly useless in combat and she would definitely be the first to get killed in a fight. But when he fought against her on this day, he had to admit that there was a reason that the Huntress was crowned as the role model for all the Hunters.

Her fighting style was flashy and elegant, but it was not just for show. Beneath that elegance lay a strong killing intent.

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