Chapter 89 Genesis

Chapter 89 Genesis

Ye Ci remembered that she had previously read a novel named < 0 Degrees Ultimate Fantasy>. Within the novel, there was a quote that left a profound impression on her.

“At times, luck is also a type of ability.”

Therefore, she had always claimed that she had no such ability. Even if she did, she reckoned that her luck would only backfire and cause her harm. However, fate would make fun of you at times, letting you suddenly have real luck.

The fourth round of the Dragon Dance competition was, frankly, a contest of this type of ability. The fourth round of the competition was the easiest round of the competition. It didn’t even require a dragon. It only required competitors to hold the dragon as they headed to the sides of the pool in the middle of the arena, and then they just needed to open the colored pearls. The colored pearls would produce different items, with the obtained items belonging to the one who opened the pearl. The points for every item were also different.

For example, a skill book was worth 100 points, blue colored equipment was worth 80 points, green colored equipment was worth 50 points, a BUFF potion was worth 10 points, the red and blue ones were both worth 5 points, materials were worth 5 points, gold was worth 3 points. The guild who accumulated the highest points from the items they obtained when the competition ended would obtain the final victory.

The stipulated duration for the fourth round was ten minutes, but this time would only start counting down when every member of the participating teams entered the arena. The time spent opening pearls by competitors who entered the arena earlier was not counted within the ten minutes given. Hence, the earlier a team entered the arena, the more points they could accumulate.

However, what did this round test?

The fourth round of the competition was a round which tested luck. Such luck based competitions were usually more unpredictable.

Take opening chests for example, some people might open ten thousand chests without even finding a gem, while others might found one with the first chest they open. This was called luck, which was also called deception.

The team from Upwards Ho! were the first to be cast into the fourth round’s arena. As all of them understood the rules of each round before the competition started, there was no hesitation as they raised the dragon and dashed toward the edges of the pool in the middle of the arena.

Bai Mo shouted as they charged forward, “Those that have black hands, please wash your hands and ensure that it’s clean.”

Everyone replied in unison, “Understood!”

Bai Mo then detestably pointed out, “Friend Gongzi You, you especially, it’s best if you washed your hands a few more times.”

All those who had partied with Ye Ci before understood the extent of Ye Ci’s ‘black hand.’ Thus when they heard Bai Mo’s statement, they were in agreement and all nodded toward Ye Ci, saying, “That’s right.”

Ye Ci rolled her eyes as she replied, “It’s not like I wished for it…”

“guild leader, you shouldn’t pull down our team’s overall luck because of your own.” Pea Cake, who was standing beside Ye Ci, had a regretful expression as she patted Ye Ci’s shoulder, making the latter wish that she could directly kick her into the pool.

The pool was actually very large. The entire team from Upwards Ho! only occupied a fifth of the circumference of the poolside. It was obvious that everyone was even more driven than when they were clearing dungeons.

There were often people shouting, “I found materials here, Leader Bai, please deposit in in the guild storage.”

“Who obtained gold again, why are you so unlucky as to obtain gold? You should at least get BUFF potions!”

“Wawawa, I’ve got a skill book!”


Within the group showing off their gains, Ye Ci silently sat in a corner with a dark expression as she opened the colored pearls. Whenever someone obtained gold, all of them would look toward her in concert, their looks causing her heart to bleed. Sure, although the majority of the gold was obtained by her, but that didn’t mean that she didn’t have the intention of obtaining a skill book.

“guild leader, did you obtain gold again…?” The usually silent Dragon Battling Heavens had long since silently turned his head to look at Ye Ci when prompted by the system. Of course, countless pitiful sighs accompanied his words.

Ye Ci bit her lips, fiercely grabbing another colored pearl. These group of beasts, how could they bully others like this?

Just when Ye Ci was facing unbounded disdain from the other members in Upwards Ho!, the hateful voice of Customer Service No. 094 once again sounded. “Congratulations to party from the Western Continent, Genesis, for being the second team to advance to the fourth round. All the players of Genesis please stand still, you’ll be transported to the arena for the fourth round. There is one last spot for the remaining teams, who will obtain that spot?”


Ye Ci was surprised. They were the second-ranked guild in the world. In her previous life, their strength could be said to be heaven defying. They, along with the world’s top ranked guild, which was also China’s top guild, Storm Totem were embroiled in a closely-fought contest that lasted nearly ten years in the scramble for ranking within Fate. In the Western Continent, they were the strongest guild. Essentially, the First Blood for all the large-scale areas and wild BOSSes in the Western Continent were obtained by them. Not only that, there were many extremists within their guild

This was a team that was extremely strong in terms of both the guild and members. Just their elite members already numbered 500. It could be said that any one or two randomly picked members from their elite group could defeat a hundred others by themselves.

In the previous rounds, Ye Ci was focused on gaining points for her guild’s rise in rank and didn’t have the time to check which other guilds had advanced. Now that they had reached the fourth round and only needed to open coloured pearls, she finally had the time to take note of information about the other guilds.

Within a minute, Ye Ci could see a silver dragon with red patterns already rushing to the side of the pool. Setting their dragon aside, a hundred or more people appeared. They sat together and began opening coloured pearls.

“Quickly open the pearls, there’s no need for communication this round. The person who opens the most pearls will be rewarded with 20 DKP.” When Bai Mo saw the opponent had 100 members, he immediately announced a reward in the guild chat. Suddenly, the group buried themselves in opening colored pearls.

Ye Ci also continued opening pearls, but her gaze was sweeping over every person of the opposing guild Genesis. In her previous life, she didn’t have any grudges with Genesis. However, in the Grand PvP competition, she had fought with quite a few of them; She just didn’t know if these people had come today.

The equipment of the current members of Genesis wasn’t that great. Even though their guild was very strong, equipment was scarce, especially for a large guild with so many members. Therefore, Ye Ci could occasionally see members that only had the lousier green equipment.

These faces were familiar yet foreign. As she looked over them once more, she was surprised that there wasn’t a single person that she could remember. Could it be that none of the players that she previously dueled had come?

Suddenly, her gaze faltered . Soon after, the colored pearl in her hand fell into the water…

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