Chapter 79 Hero!

Chapter 79 Hero!

How extravagant, Ye Ci received an invulnerable status straight away. With this, she was, of course, not afraid of dying. She bowed to Van der Loof, “Your Grace, I’ll try my best to aid you.” Just as she was about to leave, Ye Ci remembered something else, and continued “negotiating” with Van der Loof, “Your Grace, I have something of importance to ask.”

“Dearest friend, what is it?”

“If I am to fall on the battlefield, what about my stuff?” Ye Ci gestured at her equipment, while looking at Van der Loof, hinting at him.

“Don’t worry, we’ll definitely retrieve your memento.” Said Van der Loof with a smile that says “I gotchu fam!” Ye Ci almost gagged, what do you mean by memento…

But since Van der Loof had indicated that he would take care of her items should they drop, Ye Ci had no more worries. In the worst case scenario, her level would only drop by 1. She took the shard of the Holy Light Gem and charged at the Nameless Zealot.

The countdown of effect of the Holy Light Buff would begin the moment Ye Ci was 20 yards away from Van der Loof. She was still quite far away from the Nameless Zealot. She summoned her little red horse and galloped at top speed. The people who knew her spotted her and in an instant, the chime of incoming private messages filled her ears. Ye Ci however, had no time to reply them. Her attention was on the Nameless Zealot.

“Oi! Damn brat, where you going? Remote Depths’ voice rang out. Ye Ci turned her head around, and saw Remote Depths and the members of Upwards Ho! Standing at one side of the road, throwing skill after skill at the Nameless Zealot. Apparently they were here for drops.

Ye Ci couldn’t spare the time to explain the situation to him, so she simply waved and continued galloping onwards at full speed through the crowd of players.

The players were not stupid. The moment they realised that a magical barrier was deployed around the city, they immediately retreated into the safety of the barrier and let the NPCs do their jobs, while they waited for the moment the Nameless Zealot fell and the loot dropped.

When Ye Ci arrived at the city gate, it was already opened by 2 soldiers. She galloped straight and fast, zipping out of the city gate. It was closed again the moment she left the vicinity of the city, as if it had never been opened.

The Nameless Zealot was a skeleton, which was among the lowest tier, being among the undead race. Although he had evolved and his level had increased from lvl 80 to lvl 130, his intelligence level did not increase. At least, he did not recognise Ye Ci as the person who had stolen the Eral Gem shard.

“You’re here to die, little ant?” The Nameless Zealot laughed, his bare lower jaw trembled, letting out the sound of bones grinding together which sent chills down Ye Ci’s spine. “Come, your strength shall be mine!”

Ye Ci eyed her invulnerability timer. 3 minutes left. It was enough for her to climb up to his chest.

The players who had already retreated to the safety of the magical barrier quickly noticed that the person galloping out towards the Nameless Zealot was Gongzi You. Discussions among the crowd soon began.

Some said that Ye Ci had a death wish, some said that she was just trying to be the hero; the vast majority of them climbed onto the city wall, wanting to have a front row seat of how the legendary Huntress would defeat the Nameless Zealot, or how she would be defeated.

The Nameless Zealot’s speed had increased considerably. He swung his hands at Ye Ci again and again, forcing her to focus her full attention on dodging the incoming attacks. Although Ye Ci had the invulnerable BUFF, she weaved left and right, sometimes jumping and even rolling to the ground to avoid hits out of instinct. Her maneuvers were like a high quality tutorial for the players gathered on the city wall.

A lot of them had even started recording Ye Ci’s maneuvers.

“.... it’s been awhile since we’ve partied with her. She’s improved.” Said Little Icy Cold Hands as she observed Ye Ci.

“This is the first time I’ve seen her live in action…” Fruit Jelly mumbled. She was also recording Ye Ci’s movement, “I want to be able to do the same.”

“Don’t even think about it. She’s a Huntress, you’re a Cleric. Your movement speed is slow, you’ll never be able to achieve that.” Pickled Pepper Phoenix Claw immediately rained on Fruit Jelly’s parade.

Fruit Jelly glared at him, “Just you wait!”


The members of Upwards Ho! were worried for Ye Ci despite their cheerful appearance. She was just too reckless.

When the Nameless Zealot slammed his hand down on the ground again, Ye Ci was prepared. She held onto one of his fingers and was lifted into the air when he raised his hand. It was a risky move, but since the Nameless Zealot’s speed was too fast, Ye Ci needed a change in strategy.

The Nameless Zealot was baffled when he could not see Ye Ci when he lifted his hand. He looked around, and noticed Ye Ci clinging onto his finger. He was enraged. Feeling that he had been insulted, the Nameless Zealot waved his hand around, causing Ye Ci to become dizzy. She hung on, not daring to lose consciousness. She paid close attention to her altitude, waiting for the perfect timing.

Some of the crowd cried out in alarm as they saw Ye Ci on the hand of the flailing Nameless Zealot. It was like watching a 3D movie.

When the Nameless Zealot raised his hand higher than his head, Ye Ci saw the opportunity and let go. She dropped down towards the shoulder of the Nameless Zealot at high speed.

“Ahhhhh!” Some of the more timid players among the crowd shouted out.

With her invulnerable state, Ye Ci did not receive any damage when she fell onto the giant’s shoulder, but the audience witnessing the entire process could feel their hearts in their mouths. As Ye Ci regained her balance, a huge palm was already slamming down on her. She did not hesitate to slip down through the small chink between the collarbone and the shoulder blade, landing on one of the Nameless Zealot’s ribs.

The Nameless Zealot became even more enraged after noticing that Ye Ci was inside his body. He could not swat Ye Ci away with his hands, so he opted to jump up and down frantically, trying to throw Ye Ci out.

Although Ye Ci would not fall as long as she clung tightly to the rib, it did not mean that she was in a good spot either. She was beginning to feel nauseous, and she still couldn’t reach the heart that was dangling right in front of her.

33 seconds of invulnerability left.

If she did not find the chance to reach the heart, Ye Ci would definitely be jolted to death. Staring at the dangling heart, Ye Ci realised that she was aligned with the heart in a straight line. She took a deep breath. There was only one way.

The moment the Nameless Zealot landed, Ye Ci had only 21 seconds of invulnerability left. She let go, and activated the Charge ability. Her body surged forward, no longer affected by the skeletons movement. In the blink of an eye, she bumped into the heart.

18 seconds of invulnerability left.

Ye Ci clung onto the beating heart tightly. She no longer cared if it felt gross. She stabbed the gem shard into the heart.

A system notification began to chime, “The Holy Light is purging the Darkness. Please do not let go of the Holy Light Gem shard. 14 seconds remaining until the purge is complete.”

It was not what Ye Ci had planned. She had originally thought that she would be able to jump away and land on the ground right after stabbing the gem shard into the heart. She did not expect that she could not leave instantly. There were only 17 seconds of invulnerability left. She gritted her teeth. She could not let her efforts go to waste. Even if she died, she would drag this big guy along with her.

15 seconds was considered short by most, but at that moment, it was like Ye Ci was counting down to the last moment of her life. She could no longer hear anything but her own heartbeat.

Ba thump, ba thump. One beat sounded at a time, strong but steady.

“Lord Naga, return to me my faith!” The Nameless Zealot raised his hand and bellowed when the countdown was completed. He was enveloped by the Holy Light, and then he exploded into pieces.

Ye Ci could only feel herself falling and falling amidst the bright Holy Light. The explosion happened just when she had 2 seconds of invulnerability left. The BUFF protected her from the damage. Ye Ci’s mind suddenly cleared, if she fell to her death after surviving that explosion, it would be daft.


She activated the skill just in time, right before she hit the ground. As she was too close to the ground, nobody noticed that she had cast Featherfall. Ye Ci’s body fell lightly onto the grass.

“Congratulations to the player Gongzi You for aiding in the defence of Oasis City. You have defeated a formidable foe, and with your life and wits you protected the city. You have won the respect of all the citizens of Oasis City.”

“Congratulations to the player Gongzi You for reaching the prestige of ‘Respected’ in Oasis City. Reward: 5 Talent Points.”

If it was said that Ye Ci’s previous achievements were low-profile, her achievement on this day was completed in front of countless players.

Instant fame.

The city gate opened, and General Bruce led his soldiers out of his city. The soldiers stood at both sides of the road, while Bruce dismounted, walked up to Ye Ci, and knelt. He then announced in a loud voice, “Honorable hero, you’re Oasis City’s eternal friend. You are an unprecedented legend.”

To have a high level Elite BOSS such as General Bruce kneeling in front of her, Ye Ci was still shocked even when she had lived her life twice.

“Hero, the city lord is waiting for you.” Bruce stood up. He treated Ye Ci in a very respectful manner…

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