Chapter 77 A City Under Siege

Chapter 77 A City Under Siege

The devs are too lazy. This was literally a plot right out of a wuxia novel! Making sure that she was not hurt, Ye Ci stood up. The only remaining skeleton with her, the Skeleton Guardian, stood up as well.

The space was not big. There was a huge throne in front of Ye Ci, and on that throne sat a gigantic skeleton. It appeared dead; there were no signs of it coming to life. Ye Ci’s gaze roamed around the skeleton’s body, and stopped at a box sitting on its lap.

If her assumption was correct, it contained the Eral Gem shard that she was looking for.

Without a moment of hesitation, Ye Ci bounded for the box. As she opened it, she saw a multicolored gem. She scooped the gem out of the box, but before she could put it into her inventory, something had grabbed hold of her arm.

It was the hand of the giant skeleton. The giant skeleton’s eyes glistened with a red light as it stared at Ye Ci, and a name appeared on top of his head: Nameless Zealot. His stats and level were all represented by question marks.

It meant that the skeleton was at least 20 levels higher than Ye Ci.

The skeleton said in an eerie voice, “Elf, unhand the gem. If you let go of that gem with your sinful hand, I shall let you leave this place alive.” An undeniable pressure was exerted upon Ye Ci, nearly suffocating her.

It was the aura of a high-level BOSS. Players affected by the aura would feel a certain degree of pressure exerted upon their bodies. The pets or minions summoned by players would also be affected by a debuff that would make them shudder, reducing their movement speed and attack.

But, would Ye Ci let go of that shard? Ye Ci laughed and sneered at the Nameless Zealot. She would be an idiot to let go of that Eral Gem shard. She looked at the Skeleton Guardian. It was shuddering, affected by the aura of the gigantic skeleton as well. Ye Ci commanded the Skeleton Guardian to attack the Nameless Zealot.

Although the Skeleton Guardian was terrified, it had to act in the face of a command from its master. It charged at the Nameless Zealot, raised its sword with a trembling hand, and brought it down on the hand that was grabbing on to Ye Ci.

“Foolish ant, you attack me because of a lowly Elf?” The Nameless Zealot immediately let go of Ye Ci and shifted its attention to the Skeleton Guardian. Ye Ci took the opportunity to put the Eral Gem shard into her pocket and took out a City Recalling Stone.

“You’re not allowed to use the item in this place.” Ye Ci’s attempt to leave however, was met with the cold voice of a system notification.

If she couldn’t recall to a city, there were only 2 ways of leaving the place. Kill the big guy, or get killed by it. Truth to be told, Ye Ci did not wish to try either one of those options. As she directed the Skeleton Guardian to fight against the Nameless Zealot, Ye Ci studied her surroundings, looking for a way out.

Because of its sheer size, the Nameless Zealot was very slow. Despite having powerful attacks, they could be easily dodged.

The Nameless Zealot was thoroughly enraged when the Skeleton Guardian dodged its attacks under Ye Ci’s direction. It raised its hand and roared. The roar formed into a shockwave and dealt damage to Ye Ci. She immediately drank a Large Health Potion to prevent herself from being killed. The sound wave attack did not affect the Skeleton Guardian though, as it had absolutely no hearing. It resumed its attacks on the Nameless Zealot.

“I’ve held back, thinking that you’re my comrade. But you did not repent. You shall share the same fate with this shameless Elf.” The Nameless Zealot swung its hand at the Skeleton Guardian.

The Nameless Zealots hand was able to stretch and retract at will. With that mighty swing, it smashed the Skeleton Guardian into the wall. The ground began to tremble. Had Ye Ci not held onto a protruding rock, she would’ve lost her balance.

“Crack!” The stone wall ruptured and a ray of bright light shone into the hole. Ye Ci cast a glance at the source of the light, and saw that a huge opening was created in the wall of the hole by the Nameless Zealot. The Skeleton Guardian had already disappeared. It must’ve gotten thrown out by the force of that hit.

Since there was already a way out, Ye Ci immediately headed towards the opening.

“Shameless ant, you shall not escape!” The Nameless Zealot gained a sudden burst of speed and rushed towards Ye Ci. He was a BOSS, which meant that his intelligence was way higher than a normal skeleton. It was able to tell that Ye Ci was trying to escape through the opening, and it moved to intercept her.

Ye Ci did not even hesitate as she jumped onto the extended hand of the Nameless Zealot that was in her way. With the aid of the force of his swinging hand, Ye Ci leapt again and landed on his ribcage. Using the Nameless Zealot’s ribs as ladder, she was able to climb towards his shoulder.

The Nameless Zealot was enraged. It began to shake its body and attempted to swat Ye Ci away from his body. Ye Ci darted between the seams of his bones, avoiding his attacks. The few times his fingertip was able to scratch at Ye Ci, her health dropped rapidly.

Ye Ci continued her great escape while using bandage after bandage to sustain her hitpoints, not daring to stop. She headed straight for the opening.

Ye Ci leapt right as she climbed onto the Nameless Zealot’s shoulder. She stood at the opening, and realised that she was at a really high place.

Down below, she could see an an oasis and a prospering city. Ye Ci then remembered that the Boneyard was a upward rising slope, and the Buren Monastery was at the highest point of the hill. The map directly connected to the Boneyard was called the Green Ark. One of the top 3 prospering cities, the Oasis City, was situated in the Green Ark.

She was in a secret chamber underneath the Sacred Hall. And since the wall had already been broken by the Nameless Zealot, the opening naturally led to her current position.

“You shall not escape! Come and face your doom!” The Nameless Zealot laughed maniacally as he advanced towards Ye Ci. Rocks fell after being dislodged by his booming voice. The secret chamber was about to collapse.

Ye Ci smiled and said, “See ya later, Nameless Zealot.” She then activated Charge, and she dashed 20m into the air, and fell.

“Nooooo!” The Nameless Zealot roared, and the chamber’s walls shook even more violently.

As the speed of Ye Ci’s descent accelerated, the soft winds became sharp as blade, slicing at Ye Ci’s skin. She grimaced at the pain. As the ground was nearer and nearer, Ye Ci activated her Mysterious Ring’s additional skill, Featherfall. Her body instantly became light, and she landed on the ground with the speed of a feather floating downwards slowly.

She would definitely have died if not for the Mysterious Ring’s additional skill. She let out a deep breath, and summoned her steed.

Just as Ye Ci took off, the roar of the Nameless Zealot boomed behind her, “Stand still, you despicable vermin!”

Ye Ci was shocked. She glanced backwards and found out that the Nameless Zealot had landed not far away from her, snapping several trees in half. Ye Ci shivered out of fear, and immediately galloped towards Oasis City.

Oasis City was surrounded by lvl 20-lvl 25 monsters. It was a place where players gather to farm experience and level up. In her current situation, Ye Ci headed straight for the most populated area. She darted left and right in the forest, giving the expression that she was merely returning to the city for supplies.

Ye Ci was the only one who knew that she was running away. Running away for dear life.

Despite his height, the Nameless Zealot was hindered by the tall trees in the forest. He was slowed down considerably by the trees.

As Ye Ci left the forest, the players leveling up nearby the area finally spotted the Nameless Zealot.

The players immediately shouted, “It’s a BOSS! A Wild BOSS!”

The players in the vicinity immediately charged at the direction of the Nameless Zealot.

Ye Ci mumbled heartlessly under her breath, “You guys sure are good people. Thanks for delaying the monster for me. You’ve saved my life, such a trifling matter is not worth mentioning, am I right?”

The Nameless Zealot was at least lvl 80, and it was a BOSS. No matter how many players went after it, they only faced death. Before long, most of the players were already dead or dying. The Map Channel of the Green Ark instantly clamored in an uproar. There were players who ranted and cursed nonstop. It was very lively.

By that time, Ye Ci had already reached the Oasis City. She immediately rushed towards the Teleportation Master. Before she could leave, she noticed a message in the chat, “That giant skeleton thingy is headed for the city! Is it trying to attack the city?”

Ye Ci immediately gave up on leaving. She instead headed towards the City Hall.

Ye Ci was stopped by the sentry as she rushed into the city hall. “Sir Mayor, i’m a Second Rank Soldier of Red Lake City, I have something of utmost importance to report!” Shouted Ye Ci as she showed the mayor her badge.

“Oh, it’s a guest from Red Lake City? Ah, forgive our lack of manners. Let her pass.” the Administration Officer motioned at the sentries, signaling for them to let Ye Ci pass while smiling warmly at her.

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