Chapter 76 Sacred Hall

Chapter 76 Sacred Hall

Ye Ci’s position was very strategic. In a place with such a geographical shape, it was very easy to enter the room, but near-impossible to leave it quickly. Ye Ci placed her 5 “henchmen” on the Sacrificial Altar that was at the side of the mountain, and began to draw in monsters from the narrow entrance. Due to the low movement speed of the skeletons, a class with high Agility like Ye Ci’s Huntress was very suitable for the job.

The monsters that were drawn in locked their aggro on Ye Ci’s skeletal henchmen on the Sacrificial Altar, drawing them deeper into the area.

Had the skeleton that swarmed into the place not been melee ones, Ye Ci’s skeletal henchmen would’ve been torn apart within moments.

With Ye Ci’s efforts, the Sacrificial Grounds was packed full of monsters. Ye Ci ran along the the side of the mountain with her high Balance, and was able to make it safely to the Sacrificial Altar. Her aggro value was very high, so the melee skeletons charged at her, waving their weapons as they went. Their bones ground together with a clacking sound. Players with trypophobia would definitely have their wits scared out of them. The narrow choke point was crammed full by hundreds of skeletons. Their ghastly white bones appeared eerie under the sunlight.

To be honest, Ye Ci was uncomfortable being stared at by so many skeletons. She did not dare to spend the time to appreciate her own “achievement”. She took a Scarlet Bomb out, pulled the pin, and lobbed it into the densest part of the skeletal horde. As if sensing the impending danger, the skeletons tried to escape, but it was impossible.

The skeletons at the front that had sensed danger tried to turn around and run, but the skeletons swarming in from behind could not see what was happening in front of them. They continued to charge at Ye Ci. With this, the skeletons became tightly clumped together. Ye Ci’s Scarlet Bomb landed right in the midst of a huge group of skeletons.

“BOOM!” a large explosion shook the area. Ye Ci could only see red numbers blotting out her screen, and her experience gauge was filled up rapidly.

There was only a crater left where the Scarlet Bomb exploded. The system would automatically fix any damage done to the terrain within a few hours, or Ye Ci would’ve been accused of destroying terrains in the game. The skeletons around the crater were pushed in by their comrades and they fell into the crater. Ye Ci did not hold back. With the help of her 3 Skeleton Mages and a Skeleton Archer, she began harvesting the lives of the trapped skeletons.

The wail let out by the dying skeletons sent shivers down Ye Ci’s spine.

It was a very efficient way to farm experience. Before long, Ye Ci had leveled up from lvl 21 to lvl 25 with 67% progress, and her experience points were still rising. She might even be able to reach lvl 27 by the time she was done with all the skeletons. She would have a higher level than the top player in the leveling rankings.

Mallow, who was hiding just outside the chokepoint, was utterly shocked. He couldn’t believe that this was something that could be done by a lone player. He immediately sent a message to Crimson Twilight and relayed the information.

Although not witnessing the scene first hand, Crimson Twilight shivered at the thought of it, “Are you sure she’s alone?”

“Yes, she is. She’s a…” Mallow stared at the tiny silhouette standing on the Sacrificial Altar, unsure, “I think she’s a Huntress.”

“You think?”

“She was surrounded by quite a number of skeleton minions, so I figured she could be a Necromancer. I’m not too sure.”

By the time Mallow had completed his report to Crimson Twilight, Ye Ci had cleared away all the monsters and was preparing to leave the Sacrificial Grounds.

Ye Ci was already lvl 27. With her level, her survivability as she looked for the Eral Gem shard was raised exponentially. As she approached the entrance of the Sacrificial Grounds, Ye Ci stopped dead in her tracks. She had felt the presence of a Rogue.

Mallow was anxious. He thought to himself: The Huntress won’t be able to detect me, right? When the Huntress stopped abruptly, Mallow’s anxiety increased. But she then continued walking forward.

There was only 2 possibilities that could explain the presence of a lvl 20 Rogue in the place. He could be part of a party, or he had been tailing Ye Ci for quite some times. Ye Ci did not feel the presence of the Rogue earlier, which meant that he was part of a party.

A party was here to farm higher level mobs… Ye Ci gave it a thought, and decided to not deal with the Rogue. She wanted to find out which party he belonged to.

Since Ye Ci’s farming method was already discovered, the place would soon be crawling with players. Ye Ci herself, who had already benefitted from it, did not have the need to continue it anymore.

Thinking that the Huntress had not detected him, Mallow let out a sigh of relief and continued tailing Ye Ci while in Stealth. He reported everything he observed to Crimson Twilight. Ye Ci was not in a rush. She used Hawkeye which was one of the skills in her Talent to survey the area, and was able to detect traces of a party nearby.

Confront them, or avoid them?

After a pause, Ye Ci decided to avoid the party. She didn’t want a confrontation, as her priority was to locate the Eral Gem shard. Ye Ci immediately headed to the Sacred Hall.

Ye Ci rounded a corner and stopped. A 12-player party let by a man in a Scorching Mage Robe was in front of her.

The man stopped as well after seeing Ye Ci. He studied Ye Ci carefully.

It was an Elven Huntress with a very bland appearance. If she were to appear in the crowd in a city, she would easily be overlooked. But... the skeletons surrounding her sent chills down his spine. The most notable of the 5 skeletons was an especially large armored one following closely behind Ye Ci. Its large frame, neat armor, and the sword and shield in its hands, as well as the blue flames lighting up its eye sockets, made the skeleton very intimidating.

The moment he laid eyes on Ye Ci, Crimson Twilight was able to tell that she was the Huntress that Mallow was talking about. He stared at Ye Ci and began assessing her strength. Her equipment appeared inferior to that of his party. Common sense dictated that a Huntress could not summon undead minions, but the Huntress in front of him had 5 of them. What scared him the most was that the skeletons were quite high-leveled, and the biggest among them gave off an intimidating vibe.

Then again, they had strength in numbers. They would not be at a disadvantage if they went into a confrontation with the Huntress. The flow of the battle would depend on how the Huntress reacted as well.

Ye Ci stared back at the party and began calculating her odds. She was contemplating if she should take the party on. They definitely outnumbered her, and 3 of them were equipped with the Scorching Mage Robe set. They could deal some damage. Ye Ci had the Skeleton Guardian on her side. She would not have trouble taking out the party, but she had no time to waste.

Just as she was still giving the topic a thought, a lvl 32 Skeleton Warrior appeared in her view. Ye Ci immediately thought of a way to solve this. She directed the 3 Skeleton Mages and the Skeleton Archer to attack the Skeleton Warrior. The lvl 32 Skeleton Warrior didn’t even last 2 seconds under the onslaught.

The scene shocked Crimson Twilight deeply. Their party would need at least 30 seconds to defeat a lvl 32 Skeletal Warrior, but the Huntress did it in 2… Immediately, he gave up on trying to take Ye Ci on. He smiled at her warmly and greeted her, “Greetings.”

Ye Ci nodded. She chose not to speak and instead walked past Crimson Twilight’s party with her “skeleton entourage” towards the Sacred hall.

By then, Mallow had already rejoined the group. He stared at Ye Ci who was already leaving and asked, “Boss, we’re not going deal with her?”

“We can’t.” Crimson Twilight shook his head. He knew that the skeletons following Ye Ci around were no ordinary skeletons. If they clashed, their party would be wiped out within seconds. However, Crimson Twilight was curious. If Huntress was here to farm experience point, wouldn’t the monsters at the outer area of the map be sufficient for only 1 person?

Unable to suppress his curiosity, Crimson Twilight led his party and followed Ye Ci towards the Sacred Hall.

Ye Ci had reached the Sacred Hall after walking through a corridor.

The entrance of the Sacred Hall was filled with lvl 35 Elite Monsters. Ye Ci walked quickly. Noticing that Crimson Twilight was tailing her, she did not clear away all the monsters she encountered. She instead left a few of them here and there to slow them down. Although the entrance was crowded with Elite Monsters, the Sacred Hall itself was empty. As long as Ye Ci was able to enter the Sacred Hall, she would be able to complete her objective.

Unfortunately, the Ye Ci’s skeletal henchmen would have to act as bait to draw the monsters away. She would no longer be able to keep them around.

She commanded her Skeletal Mages to run circles around the Sacred Hall, baiting the Elite Skeletons away from the entrance. Ye Ci then entered the empty Sacred Hall safely.

The interior of the Sacred Hall was dark. The once glorious candles that used to light up the hall had long ago been extinguished.

As an Elf, Ye Ci had perfect night vision. She could still see the interior of the Sacred Hall. It was a mess. Literally nothing was left intact, save for a statue of the God of Light. It was definitely something fishy.

Ye Ci walked up to the statue and grabbed hold of the staff that the statue was holding. A glaring light lit up the place all of a sudden, and the ground underneath Ye Ci disappeared. She fell.

Ye Ci’s head was spinning. By the time it stopped, she was already at the bottom of a very deep hole.

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