Chapter 75 Sacrificial Altar

Chapter 75 Sacrificial Altar

Flame Pillar, Starfall, Light of Enticement.

Flame Pillar and Starfall were both high level magic spells. After level 25, players who came here to clear out monsters would mostly pick these two high level AoE magic spells to defeat the monsters. Ye Ci however, picked the third one - Light of Enticement.

She had her reasons for picking it.

Flame Pillar and Starfall were high level AoE magic spells, and she didn’t lack MP. But since it was an offensive skill of mage, any offensive skills that were related to mage classes would definitely involve one attribute - intelligence. Only players with high intelligence could dish out high damage with these kinds of magic spells. If agility-based classes that had relatively lower intelligence or melee classes used this type of magic spell, then its effectiveness would be halved.

Light of Enticement was a skill from the mage’s Necromancer Talent tree. This skill could summon different beings to make up for a mage’s lack in attack power. Although this skill depended on the Intelligence stats, it only affected the amount of time needed to entice monsters instead of the success rate.

So for Ye Ci, whose class had low intelligence, picking this skill was the most sensible choice. Looking for some fighters to serve her was the wisest thing to do.

After making her choice, Ye Ci saw an additional skill in her skill panel. There was also an explanation below the Light of Enticement skill: Can only be used within the Buren Monastery.

Ye Ci picked a skeleton mage that was closest to the door and then started to use the Light of Enticement on it. She only heard a buzzing noise from the electrical current that was coursing around the skeleton’s body. Its name had also temporarily turned yellow from red. If Ye Ci was able to successfully summon it, its name would turn green. If she didn’t succeed, then the skeleton mage would immediately shatter and Ye Ci wouldn’t gain any experience points either.

Casting the Light of Enticement was a test of patience. Although Ye Ci could brag that she was quite patient, to continuously maintain a pose to cast a magic on a monster could get a little tiring over a period of time. She couldn’t help but yawn. She was just thinking to herself that if she couldn’t succeed in summoning this Skeleton Mage, she might as well kill it instantly. Just then, she heard the system announcement. She had successfully summoned the Skeleton Mage.

Ye Ci cheered up. The Skeleton Mage’s name had already turned green and then it came walking towards her. Ye Ci felt so much more confident after her first success. In just a short while, she managed to “recruit” another three Skeleton Mages. Their names and levels were white in color. If Ye Ci kept roaming around the Buren Monastery without going offline, these skeletons would gradually level up. The highest they could reach was the grade 7 with a dark blue name.

Although there were only four white name levelled Skeleton Mages, they were all monsters above level 30. Their strength shouldn’t be underestimated. Skeletons were monsters with very low intelligence. As long as they were successfully enticed, they would very rarely become traitors. Therefore, they didn’t go easy at all on the other Skeleton Mages who were their companions just before.

With these four Skeleton Mages, Ye Ci could finally walk around the Buren Monastery without any worries. Regardless of whether it was the speed of killing monsters or moving, everything sped up by a lot. She passed through the corridor and arrived at the once Sacred Pond of the Buren Monastery.

There used to be pure and holy spring water flowing here. The pilgrims would pass through the Sacred Pond to cleanse the filth on their body. Now, the Sacred Pond had long been destroyed. Not only that, the spring water had also long since dried up.

The skeletons that roamed around the public square of the Sacred Pond were all melee skeletons. Compared to those skeletons in the corridors outside, they were not only holding a weapon but also wearing armor. Even so, they still didn’t stand a chance against the four mages. Ye Ci could pretty much pass through very quickly. Soon enough though, she stopped dead in her tracks because she saw a level 35 elite monster not far away - Skeletal Guardian

The Skeletal Guardian was a lot taller than normal skeletons. It was fully dressed in armor, complete with a helm on its head. There was a shield equipped in its left hand and an extremely sharp broadsword in its right hand. Sunlight shone on the blade, causing it to gleam coldly. Ye Ci didn’t notice it earlier because it had been sitting on a rock. Now that it stood up, she was able to notice its existence at a single glance.

She started to assess the situation in her heart. This guy was an elite monster. Its HP and defense were nearly twice as high as a normal skeleton. Not only that, it also moved very fast. If she dragged the four skeleton mages along with her to attack it, even though the odds of winning wasn’t high, it didn’t mean that there wasn’t any hope. Elite monsters would normally drop Blue grade equipment. However, this was a level 30 training area. The Blue graded equipments would all be above level 30. Even so, Ye Ci wouldn’t necessary be satisfied with them.

Since this was the case, she might as well entice this Skeletal Guardian into her fold. That would greatly increase her safety factor.

Thinking up to this point, she let the four Skeleton Mages start attacking the Skeletal Guardian while she started to entice it. The Health Points and Defense of this Skeletal Guardian were higher than normal skeletons, so if she wanted to raise the success rate of enticing it, she would need to bring its HP down to critical level before attempting to entice it.

Fortunately the spawn rate of skeletons around the Sacred Pond wasn’t very fast. Ye Ci went around the Skeletal Guardian while leading it towards the small lawn at the side of the Public Square. There wouldn’t be any monsters spawning there, so it was the best place to entice it.

Ye Ci stopped the Skeleton Mages’ attacks when the Skeletal Guardian ’s HP was lowered to about 15 points. She then started to continuously shine the Light of Enticement on it. Even though most of its HP had been depleted, it still wasn’t easy to entice it. She saw the skeletons around her spawning more and more. Ye Ci could only assign the Skeleton Mages around her so that they could surround her and the Skeletal Guardian for protection.

Her Light of Enticement must not be interrupted at all cost, otherwise all of her previous efforts would go down the drain.

As the old saying goes: What you fear is more likely to happen. While Ye Ci were seriously using her Light of Enticement, she saw another Skeletal Guardian slowly making its way towards her.

Why was there another one here? Wasn’t there normally only one elite monster in this kind of area? How could two of them spawn at the same time? Ye Ci was anxious as she watched the path of the Skeletal Guardian . She was just afraid that it would come over here. So when it had just walked into the attacking range of the Skeleton Mages, Ye Ci immediately activated them, letting them go attack the Skeletal Guardian .

When the Skeletal Guardian was attacked, it immediately raised the broadsword in its hand and rushed towards Ye Ci. It raised its gigantic sword against the four Skeleton Mages without any restraint. In just a flash, the last Skeleton Mage that she had enticed was smashed into pieces. The HP of the other Skeleton Mages were also starting to go down. Since one of the Skeleton Mages by her side was smashed, there was a gap that could allow the Skeletal Guardian to pass by. The Skeletal Guardian was obviously way more intelligent than the normal skeletons. It shifted its feet and slashed towards Ye Ci through that gap.

Damn.” Ye Ci felt a chill in her heart. Her efforts were all going down the drain.

“Successfully summoned the Skeletal Guardian .” Heaven never bars one’s way. Just when her heart was sinking, the system announcement rang out. The Skeletal Guardian who had just been successfully summoned dashed towards his own kind despite its critical HP.

Ye Ci didn’t dare to stay any longer either. She immediately leapt a few steps backwards to put a certain distance between them before she started to attack.

Although the Skeletal Guardian was tough, it was no match for Ye Ci’s posse. It became a pile of bone remains on the floor in a flash. Ye Ci exhaled. What a close call. The skeletal guardian was at its last drop of HP as well. The other three Skeleton Mages were also on the verge of dying. She went up looted the pile of bone remains and found a Blue grade equipment. It looked like a barbarian’s belt, but it was yet to be appraised.She didn’t mind and threw the belt into her bag, then led her posse towards her next bjective - the Sacrificial Altar.

She summoned another Skeleton Archer on their way. Ye Ci’s party couldn’t be said as inferior. The Skeletal Guardian acted as a meat shield at the front, while the other few small skeletons trailed behind it. They would take care of any skeleton that appeared in a flash.

While Ye Ci hurried on with her band of skeletons, another party of more than ten people also came to the Sacred Pond.

“Twilight why are there so few monsters here?”

“Someone was here.” The leader, Crimson Twilight, was a mage dressed in a dark red mage robe that seemed to have flames faintly flowing on it. This was a unique item from the Scorching Canyon dungeon located at the southern part of the Eastern Continent - the Scorching Mage Robe Set. Other than its exceptional attributes, it also had an additional Fire attribute. This was the best equipment for clearing skeleton monsters. This set of equipment was the only reason why this group of people dared to come grind at the Buren Monastery when they were only level 20.

All of them looked at the scattered bones remains on the floor as their heart sank. Their guild had went through all the trouble of getting three sets of Scorching Mage Robes before coming here to clear monsters. There was someone who actually managed to come here earlier than them? Could it be another guild?

Crimson Twilight was the guild’s vice president and also the organizer of this grind session. His heart sank a little when he saw the mess before his eyes. After contemplating for awhile, he called out towards a rogue from one side. “Mallow, follow the trail of bone remains and see what’s up ahead. Find out which guild has come. Stay safe.”

Mallow nodded and immediately switched to stealth mode, then started to follow the trail of bone remains and went in the direction of the Sacrificial Grounds.

Crimson Twilight immediately ordered all members to start clearing out monsters at the Sacred Pond’s public square while they waited for news from Mallow.

At this moment, Ye Ci wasn’t aware that a guild had also entered the Buren Monastery. She was just hurrying towards the Sacrificial Grounds along with her little juniors. The area here was gourd shaped. The entrance was very narrow, but very spacious in the abdomen area. The Sacrificial Altar leaned high up against the mountain. Standing on the Sacrificial Altar was a monster that could be mass killed for privilege points. This was heaven for mages to farm monsters in the future, but for now only Ye Ci knew of this place.

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