Chapter 73 Melodious Flute

Chapter 73 Melodious Flute

The Rogue laid on the ground, refusing to revive. He shouted at Ye Ci, “You goddamn jinx! Why do I always have bad luck when I run into you?”

Ye Ci was puzzled. Why was he so immature? He was the one who made the mistake. She gave up on the thought of leaving and walked over to the Rogue’s corpse. She snorted, “You can’t blame me for your own stupidity. Haven’t you looked around before trying to ambush me? You’re literally surrounded by lvl 70 Elite NPCs. You’re the one who had a death wish.”

The Rogue was also puzzled, “Who said that I was going to ambush you?”

“Then why are you tailing me while Stealthed?”

“If I don’t go into Stealth in such a high-leveled map, aren’t I asking to be killed? I’m not tailing you, I just wanted to borrow something from you.”

“Can’t you just ask me?”

“I don’t know your name! Besides, I can’t send you a message because we’re not from the same faction!” The Rogue felt bitter. He had merely wanted to borrow something from Ye Ci and then return to his own continent. His level! His experience points! The Rogue had a sudden urge to cry.

Ye Ci’s face did not show any expression. Years of experience told her that she must be merciless when dealing with her enemy, especially one who had just attempted to ambush her. She would never consider trusting the words of her enemies, but…

“What do you want?” She narrowed her eyes.

“Can you buy a Flying Shard for me?”

The Rogue sighed, he would’ve died countless more times if he were to return to his own continent without the help of the Flying Shard.

According to the legends, Flying Shards were pieces of a Flying Gem forged by a great Mage of the Dalayar Continent a long time ago. The gem could transport an individual to any and all locations. It was then broken into countless pieces during a great war. The Teleportation Crystals in the main cities of each continent were made from the larger pieces of the broken Flying Gem. Some Mages had then created tiny pieces of crystals based on the remaining magic of the Flying Gem. They share the same magical property, and they allow players to fly between cities.


Even though a Flying Shard can allow player to travel to the main cities in different continents, there were still some limitations. If a player was at the Eastern Continent, the player could only fly around with a Flying Shard bought from the Eastern Continent. But if the player flew to the West Continent using an Eastern Continent Flying Shard, he or she could only return to the Eastern Continent by purchasing a Flying Shard in the Western Continent.

In Fate, players from opposing factions were not prohibited from traveling on each other’s continents. But, if one travelled to an opposing faction’s continent, one must also have a means to return from said continent. In the earlier stages of the game, players were not able to talk to NPCs from an opposing faction through conventional means. It was not easy for a player to return to a friendly continent from a hostile one.

But when players reached lvl 60, the La’Shur City in the Middle Continent would be made available to them. When their prestige level in La’Shur City reached “Intimate”, they would be able to purchase Flying Shards from all the continents, which would allow them to travel freely between continents.

But at this stage of the game…

Ye Ci was not really a kind hearted person. She knelt down beside the corpse and asked, “I can buy it for you, but you have to tell me something.”

“What is it?”

“If you did not have the shard, how would you get back?”

The Rogue remained silent, not willing to reveal his secret to Ye Ci.

Ye Ci stood up, and walked towards to Teleportation Master. She knew that the Rogue would reveal his secret. It must’ve been quite a dangerous way of travelling. Ye Ci’s theory was supported by the fact that the Rogue had chosen to try and borrow a Flying Shard from her rather than to use that secret method of travelling.

Seeing that Ye Ci was about to leave, the Rogue sighed and called out to her, “I’ll tell you if you buy a shard for me.”

Ye Ci raised her eyebrows. She wasn’t afraid that the Rogue would lie to her. After all, she was the one having the upper hand. Ye Ci nodded, “No problem.” Then she headed to the camp’s merchant NPC.

The merchant in the Expeditionary Forces Camp would also randomly sell certain items. Players who had reached lvl 60 would usually loiter around the merchant and waited for the items sold by the merchant to be refreshed, and if they were lucky they might be able to find some rare items.

Ye Ci’s luck was good. She saw quite a few rare items when she opened the store page, such as the recipe of High-tier Paralysis Potion, Morrow Soup recipe, Silvery Moon Robe recipe and a lot of Scarlet Bombs.

The Scarlet Bombs were sold at 100 gold each, and there were only 20 of them. Ye Ci did not even hesitate as she bought all of the Scarlet Bombs. With these 20 Scarlet Bombs, a bold thought formed in Ye Ci’s mind.

She bought all the high-tier recipes along with the Scarlet Bombs and also a Flying Shard. She walked up to the corpse and showed the Flying Shard to the Rogue, “See, it’s here. Now spill.”

“You can find an NPC named ‘Filthy Dick’ at the border between 2 continents. He will teleport you into a special tunnel. If you’re lucky, you might be able to reach the neighbouring continent. But…” The Rogue continued with a slight pause, “It’s too dangerous.”

Filthy Dick? Ye Ci had never heard of that name before. It seemed that she did not know the game as well as she thought.

“Where’s the NPC? Do you have his coordinates?”

“No, he’ll keep moving along the border continents. You’ll run into him if you walk around that area.”

Ye Ci stood up after she got what she wanted. She threw the Flying Shard on the ground and said, “Good luck.” She then turned around towards the Teleportation Master.

The Rogue cried out to her, “Hey! Don’t throw it here! At least place it outside the camp! You want me to die?”

Ye Ci waved her hand without looking back, “Have a safe and happy journey~” Then she disappeared into a white flash of light.

Ye Ci immediately headed for the House of Thieves and spent 100 gold coins to find out the name of the Rogue that she kept running into. She did the same thing last time, but was too busy clearing dungeons at that time. By the time she had time to collect the information, it had already expired.

But this time, she would not miss the chance.

With enough money, even the Devil Himself would work for someone.

As long as you pay, the House of Thieves could get almost any piece of information you want within the shortest amount of time. But there’s a bottom line. They will not give you everything you want. If a player was to buy information regarding BUGs, the NPCs in the House of Thieves would report the player to the system.

“Heh, Elf, the person you’re looking for, I have info on him.” Said a black clothed Dwarven Thief as he walked up to Ye Ci’s table. He pour her a glass of water, and after making sure that nobody was eavesdropping, said in a low voice, “He’s a Rogue from the Northern Continent.” He then coughed, and with a greedy expression rubbed his thumb and his index finger together..

Ye Ci gave him another 50 gold.

A Thief asking for tips was something designed into the game, and hence Ye Ci thought nothing about it. If one haggles for the price during their first time in the House of Thieves, they might even get rejected by the NPC.

“His name is Melodious Flute.” Was the only thing that the NPC would tell Ye Ci.

Melodious Flute! Ye Ci was shocked. It was Melodious Flute!

Melodious Flute was a renowned Rogue in Ye Ci’s past life. He was a very skillful player, and a cordial person. He was also a Great Engineer, and the damage he could deal out was crazy. There was a saying, “As long as Melodious Flute has a cannon shell left, he might be able to slay an Epic BOSS.”

As one can imagine, this guy was a formidable opponent.

It was no wonder that Melodious Flute ranked third in the top 10 Rogues of Fate.

Ye Ci had never came into contact with him in her last life, but she had ran into him twice in her current one. It was a shame that such a skillful player was in the opposing faction. He might even cause her trouble in the future.

Ye Ci immediately left the House of Thieves after getting the information she wanted. She no longer doubted that Melodious Flute was lying about the secret tunnel. After all, he was someone that could be trusted in her past life.

The trip to the Morrow Canyon meant that Ye Ci had lost 10 days of time to level up. Quite a lot of players had already reached lvl 21. As a reincarnator, if her level was lower than the average players, it would be an embarrassment.

She would be sorry for herself if she did not go out and farm some experience, especially after the 20 Scarlet Bombs that she had bought. She decided to head to the Boneyard.

In Fate, maps that were below lvl 30 were filled with animals-type mobs. Humanoids and Undead type monsters began to surface in the lvl 30 and above maps.

The Boneyard was a lvl 30 map. The edge of the map was filled with wolves and sabertooths. As one traveled deeper into the map, there were more and more skeletons, the trademark monsters of the Boneyard (obviously!). At the very heart of the Boneyard was a deserted monastery, which was Ye Ci’s destination: Buren Monastery.


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