Chapter 70 Morrow Canyon

Chapter 70 Morrow Canyon

All of them gave answers of their own, but all of them were directed at Remote Depths.

Ye Ci found it odd, and she immediately sought out Remote Depths for an answer, “How did you find them? You actually know them?”

Remote Depths chuckled, “You’re wise as a rule, but this time a fool. How would I know any of your friends other than Liu Chang?”

Ye Ci found it even more odd, if he did not know them, how did they join the guild? “Did they request to join our guild?”

“Of course not.” Remote Depths chuckled, “It was quite simple actually. I sent a message to the world channel, looking for those who are in Gongzi You’s friend list to add me as a friend.”

“And then they added you?”

“Ahh, quite a lot of players added me, but not many of them actually know you. I asked them a few questions, and I was able to confirm if they really knew you.” Remote Depths rubbed his hands, “Sis, your relations with people are so wide, you even know Let Go Of That Girl who is the number one of the leveling ranking list.”

Ye Ci was dumbfounded. With her ways of doing things, she would never even consider trying what Remote Depths did in her entire life. She looked at Remote Depths and let out a long sigh, “Are you not afraid of trouble?”

Remoted Depths smiled at Ye Ci’s words. He patted her hair out of habit and said, “Why are you always worrying? Little Ci, this game is your stage to shine. Don’t think too much. Be Happy. Play the game. Make some noise. Don’t think too much about it.”

“It’s not that I’m not happy, it’s just that…” Ye Ci could not describe her feelings with words, but she felt that what Bai Mo did was not exactly right.

Remote Depths shook his head, “Problems exist to be solved. Why are you worrying about them? I’ll be there for you, not matter what happens.”

Ye Ci stared at Remote Depths, and broke into laughter. Yes, this was the Bai Mo she knew, this was the Remote Depths she knew.

Sociable, knowledgeable, and overly optimistic. He was the direct opposite of Ye Ci. There was confidence in his heart, and there was nothing that he couldn’t do. To be with such person, even the world would appear brighter.

“I’ll go farm some monsters. Let Go, please show us the best leveling spot, we’ll form a party and head there.” Bai Mo grinned, and his jolly mood was infectious.

With the exception of Ye Ci, the entire guild, although only around 10 players, went out to the leveling spot. Ye Ci objected to their action of “discriminating” against her, but was met with disdain. The group then headed for a lvl 18 leveling area, leaving Ye Ci behind in an empty guild encampment, or to call it in a glorified way, to “watch the fort”.

Ye Ci glanced at all the player classes in the guild and suddenly thought of a person. She pulled up her friend list and the person was online. She then sent them a message.

“You there?”

Ye Ci’s counterpart immediately replied, “Yeah.”

“Do you have a guild now?”

Fruit Jelly was saddened after hearing the question. At the earlier stages of the game, she was unable to learn Novice Healing as her level was too low. That was why parties rejected her and in dejection, she decided to level up on her own. She was already lvl 18, but she hadn’t learned any basic healing skills. She had totally given up on joining any guilds.


“Huh?” Ye Ci was astonished at the answer she received. Fruit Jelly was an excellent Cleric. The players who partied with her would definitely be impressed. Especially with her Revival, how could she not have a guild?

Fruit Jelly was also dumbfounded by Ye Ci’s astonishment. She sighed, “Nobody wanted to party with me earlier on, so I have always been alone, and I got used to it.”

“You… Don’t tell me you’ve never entered a dungeon before.”


Ye Ci sobbed internally. The life of Fruit Jelly before she became an expert was tough.

“Do you wanna join our guild? They’re partying up and are headed for the leveling zone.” Ye Ci immediately sent her a guild invitation.

Fruit Jelly didn’t even think as she accepted the invitation. There was no other reason. Gongzi You was the one who gave her the Revival skill book. Besides, she knew that it was almost impossible to go solo in Fate. It was a pity that she was always a quiet person, and she was too shy to join a guild on her own accord. How could she reject an invitation from Gongzi You?

After inviting Fruit Jelly into the guild, Ye Ci immediately instructed Remoted Depths to help direct her to his location. Fruit Jelly immediately shook her head, “It’s alright, I’ll go look for them myself.” This was the first game that Fruit Jelly had ever played, and it was her first time partying up with others in her 4 months of gaming. She was very nervous.

Remote Depths laughed, “Nah it’s okay, we’re family after all. Stay put, I’ll go get you.” Once Fruit Jelly was in the party, Ye Ci sent Remote Depths a private message and explained Fruit Jelly’s situation to him, and told him to watch her skills in healing carefully.

Remote Depths, of course, agreed to it.

As Ye Ci was going to continue doing her daily quest in Red Lake city, a system notification suddenly chimed.

“There is a strange change to your equipment, please take note.”

Ye Ci immediately thought of the Mysterious Ring on her finger, and immediately pulled out the ring’s stats.

Mysterious Ring

Gray Equipment

Strength +2

Required level: 0

Able to grow

It was no different from before, but there was a small row of hints underneath the stats: There seems to be some strange changes happening to this ordinary ring. Perhaps the Dwarven scholar La’ Pito at Morrow Canyon knows what is going on.

Ye Ci had been wearing the ring ever since she’d gotten it from the mysterious dungeon. She had thought of looking for hints about the ring in the game, but she had never been able to come across one until the system notification rang out.

This got Ye Ci excited. According to the NPC called Frodo, the ring was related to the Dark Lord Naga, and it seemed that it could unlock Naga’s treasure trove.

Even if it might not be real, the sheer possibility of it was alluring enough.

Without thinking too much about it, Ye Ci completed her daily quests with haste and immediately headed for the Morrow Canyon. Before she left, she instructed Remote Depths to lead the guild members who do not have good enough equipment into the dungeon to loot some equipment.

The Morrow Canyon was situated at the northernmost part of the Eastern Continent.

It would take Ye Ci 5 whole in-game days to reach the canyon from Red Lake City. Not only that, the road to Morrow Canyon was filled with lvl 40 to lvl 60 leveling zones. Ye Ci had to be very careful as she passed through the area.

Even though Ye Ci wanted to reach her destination as soon as possible, her safety was still her top priority. She cast Feigned Death multiple times along the way to avoid death. By the time she reached Morrow Canyon, it took her 7 in-game days.

Although the leveling ranking did not experience many changes during the 7 in-game days, their leveling experience progress was raised by a lot.

Although Ye Ci felt that it was very embarrassing for her to be quite behind in terms of leveling as someone who had reincarnated, she made the decision to place priority on the ring.

The Morrow Canyon was a very picturesque place. It was covered by lush green plants that bore countless unknown wild fruits. Sunshine shone on the entire map, blanketing the place in a brilliant gold. But, if one assumed that the place was safe just because of the scenery, then he or she was horribly wrong.

It was said that a Master Rogue resided in the canyon. The place was littered with traps and mines, along with monsters that were lvl 65 to lvl 75. There was also a high concentration of Elite monsters and even Field BOSSes. The map was a very dangerous place.

The only reason Ye Ci had dared to set foot in this place was because of her Feigned Death skill. She wouldn’t dare to venture into that map otherwise.

She had even maxed out her Advanced Concealment and Empowered Stealth trait in the Survival category to increase her level of security and movement speed when she activated Stealth.

She could walk safely past a monster with the same level or 5 levels higher than her within a 5 yards distance. If the monster was more than 5 levels higher than her, then the safety distance would be increased to 10 yards. If a monster was 10 levels higher than her, she would need to be at least 15 yards away from the monster to avoid detection. This meant that with Ye Ci’s level, she would be detected by monsters as soon as she was within a 15 yards range of a monster even during Stealth.

Fortunately for Ye Ci, she knew the approximate location of La’ Pito, and she was able to reach the deepest part of the Morrow Canyon safely after avoiding countless monsters.

It was a completely different world.

The deepest part of Morrow Canyon was a direct contrast to its outer part. The ground was covered by red soil, and the scent of machine oil filled the air.

Ye Ci was impressed by herself. She was able to remember the place that she had stumbled upon while avoiding several large guilds’ manhunts.

She sniffed the air and walked deeper into the canyon. The smell of machine oil was becoming stronger and stronger. A small cave then appeared in Ye Ci’s view.

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