Chapter 69 Good Things Come in Pairs

Chapter 69 Good Things Come in Pairs

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It was finally over. Ye Ci felt nothing but exhaustion.

When Ye Ci thought about it, the reason her near-empty health bar was filled was probably thanks to the lifesteal effect on Liepi’s Hasty Crossbow. She had to admit that she had gained a lot from this dungeon. The crossbow alone was worth the trip. It was a shame that she had socketed the Tetra Plating onto her Icy Short Bow.

She could at least still keep it around in case somebody she knew played as a Hunter.

In contrast with Ye Ci, the “corpses” of World Conqueror filled the party channel with with cries of joy as soon as their guild achieved First Blood. The revived themselves and rushed towards Ye Ci who was climbing out of the nest. They surrounded her and showered her with applause.

Despite being someone who had reincarnated, Ye Ci was also infected by the party’s joy. She broke out in laughter along with them.

Dragonwitch was the one who looted the corpse, and Disrupting Shot was of course among the loot along with a few Blue Equipment. Although none of them were suitable for Ye Ci, she was content with just the skill book. Flawless Reflection stared silently at Ye Ci, his eyes filled with suspicion. He then sent her a private message, “Gongzi, we’re still in the pioneering stage of this dungeon, but how do you know of the strategy to clear this it? Were you part of the closed beta test? Or…” He continued with a pause, “Or, are you a Glory Corporation Employee?”

Ye Ci pursed her lips. As expected, the question was asked. This was why she was unwilling to help others to clear dungeons. Not only were her personal benefits affected, she would eventually expose the fact that she had prior knowledge of the game.

She knew that her actions would arouse the suspicions of people like Flawless Reflection.

Who said that reincarnated people would definitely be able to live their lives effortlessly? They had their own hardships to face. For example: Hiding the fact that they’ve been reincarnated.

But Ye Ci had already thought of an answer to such questions. She looked at Flawless Reflection and answered with a half truth, “I’ve watched videos of the Fate closed beta.”

Was there really a closed beta test for Fate? Only God knew.

But Ye Ci who was reincarnated knew for a fact that there was indeed a closed beta test for Fate. The famous players during the later stages of the game were beta testers. They’d signed a contract to keep it a secret, and once they breached the contract, they would need to pay a large amount of fees.

Despite that, there was a rumor circulating among players. It was said that there was an ultra-secretive website hosting footage of Fate’s closed beta. However, not many could find their way to the website. Even Ye Ci didn’t know if it really existed, but most players believed in its existence anyways.

Flawless Reflection was one of those who believed. When he heard Ye Ci’s words, he assumed that she was a beta tester. He was smart enough not to ask any further. He knew that he would get nothing more from Ye Ci.

He nodded, satisfied with her answer to his suspicions.

It was already really late when the group left the dungeon. The party members were so hyped that they decided to go have fun at the largest tavern in Black Rock City instead of going offline. But at that time, Ye Ci who was already very tired and hungry had to decline. Knowing that she was indeed exhausted, the group did not make things difficult for her. After all, they were all deeply impressed by her. A lot of them even sent her friend requests. After receiving 30,000 gold coins from Flawless Reflection, Ye Ci immediately went offline for dinner.

The night’s meal was very satisfying.

After learning that Ye Ci had led World Conqueror into achieving a First Blood, Bai Mo was overjoyed, as if he himself had gotten the First Blood as well. He immediately went offline and waited for Ye Ci in her room. As soon as she climbed out of her gaming cabin, he dragged her to the nearest restaurant and treated her to a meal.

After the dishes were served, Bai Mo kept placing food into Ye Ci’s plate, piling up a miniature mountain.

Ye Ci could not possibly finish them all, and she immediately objected to Bai Mo’s action. He merely cast a silly grin at Ye Ci and said, “Sis, the next time you’re on an adventure, bring me along yo. See how good I’m treating you~” He even winked at Ye Ci.

“Can’t you just say it properly?” Ye Ci rolled her eyes, exposing Bai Mo’s pretentious act. The two began bickering while having their meal.


A loud crashing sound resounded in Steel-Blooded Battle Axe’s conference room.

The European-style conference table in the middle of the room was split in half by Thousand Sunsets’ sword. Splinters showered everybody who was in the room. Peacock Blue screamed out in fear and hid behind Zero Arsenic.

The rest of the guild members present were gray-faced. They remained silent, not daring to speak up.

Thousand Sunsets was panting while he paced back and forth angrily. He then swung his sword with fury again, slashing and hacking at the other furniture in the conference room. Even the chairs that were not occupied was kicked away by Thousand Sunsets.

Zero Arsenic immediately stood up and shouted at the other guild officers, “What are you guys still waiting for? Stop him!”

The guild officers sprang into action. They jumped at Thousand Sunsets and managed to hold him down after much struggling. Thousand Sunsets panted like a bull, and finally calmed down after a long moment. He then said in a hoarse voice, “Let go of me.”

The guild’s officers held on to dear life, fearing that Thousand Sunsets would resume his rage. They then looked at Zero Arsenic.

“What? Am I not your guild leader? You don’t have to listen to me anymore?” Thousand Sunsets’ anger began to resurface.

Zero Arsenic signaled the officers. They immediately let go of Thousand Sunsets, and immediately backed off into a corner of the conference room to avoid being the cannon fodder in the face of Thousand Sunsets’ anger.

“Thousand…” Even Zero Arsenic had no idea how to calm him down.

Thousand Sunsets rose and straightened out his clothes. He then cut Zero Arsenic off and roared at Little Dan and Crimson Millions who had their heads lowered this whole while, “This is all your fault! I wanted to appoint her as the Battle Commander because she’s capable! You guys are jealous that she contributed more to the guild than both of you and objected to the idea! You objected! Now see what happened! Tell me!”

Little Dan and Crimson Millions could not muster the courage to even speak up to defend themselves, and it made Thousand Sunsets even angrier, “You think you’re so great, hogging the commander’s position. Especially you, Little Dan! I told you to let her be the commander and what did you tell me? See what happened? We haven’t even gotten past the first BOSS and she had already cleared the Nightmare difficulty for World Conqueror!”

Little Dan lowered his head even more.

As if his tongue lashing was not enough, Thousand Sunsets walked up to the two and grabbed Little Dan by his collar and said with a face full of sarcasm, “Gongzi You was still one of us yesterday, and today she helped somebody else get First Blood. On the Nightmare Difficulty, no less! I thought you said that she’s useless? Isn’t she ‘inexperienced’? Didn’t you say she’s heartless and selfish? Are you trying to make me look stupid?”

Little Dan felt hurt after being on the receiving end of Thousand Sunsets’ wrath for such a long period. He gulped and mumbled, “We didn’t say anything, it was your idea…”

“What did you say? What did you say!? It’s my fault now!? I trusted you guys! You were like my brothers! I removed her from the Battle Commander’s position because you asked me to! I did not place her in command at your request! So now that’s an issue for you!?” Thousand Sunsets roared, unable to restrain his anger.

Not a single living soul dared to speak up. Even when Thousand Sunsets was obviously shirking his responsibility in the matter, no one was willing to risk triggering his anger.

The person in charge of human resources entered the conference room a few moments later and delivered a report saying that a lot of members had left the guild after Gongzi You left. The level 3 guild that they tried so hard to achieve would be downgraded if the situation continued.

The report was like adding oil to an already raging flame. It was one disaster on top of another.

Thousand Sunsets’ eyes reddened. He glared at the human resource officer and suddenly roared, “Out! Get the f*ck out!”

The human resource officer who was simply collateral damage in the face of Thousand Sunsets’ anger immediately retreated out of the conference room.

Thousand Sunsets then pointed at the rest of the guild officers, “Out! All of you! Out! Get the f*ck out!” the officers immediately rushed to the entrance as if they’d been granted amnesty. Before they could leave, Thousand Sunsets’ voice rang out again, “Little Dan, Crimson, I don’t care how you do it, but I want the Frosty Wasteland cleared by the end of this week!”

The two mumbled their answers and left.

Zero Arsenic was the only one left other than Thousand Sunsets. He sighed, “Thousand, forget about it, this…”

Thousand Sunsets raised his hand, “Zero, I need time to calm down alone.”

Zero Arsenic nodded and left the room. He left the conference room that had became a mess, with Thousand Sunsets in it. Thousand Sunsets leaned on his chair with a distant stare on his face, and a sinister coldness slowly crept into his eyes.

When Ye Ci woke up after a good night’s sleep, it was already time for lunch. Bai Mo was already logged into the game, so Ye Ci could only prepare a small meal for herself and then logged into the game as well. The moment she was online, she noticed that the guild was suddenly bustling with activity. There were quite a lot of members in the guild.

Liu Chang, the Little Hands couple, Timely Rain, Pickled Pepper Phoenix Claw, Let Go Of That Girl, Ideal Height 1.7m, Clear Moon… She saw a lot of familiar and unfamiliar names. They greeted her immediately after noticing that she was online.

Ye Ci was surprised and curious at the same time, “Why are you guys here?” As far as she knew, most of them did not like the idea of joining a guild.

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