Chapter 66 Nightmare Difficulty

Chapter 66 Nightmare Difficulty

Ye Ci was momentarily stunned.

She would’ve stood there for a long time if not for Remote Depths pulling her back to reality. She laughed along with Bai Mo and accepted the guild invitation.

A system notification immediately declared to the world that she had joined a guild.

System: Gongzi You has joined the guild Upward Ho!.

The entire world channel went crazy once again. The memory of the big and powerful guilds of the Eastern Continent trying to recruit Gongzi You was still vivid in everybody’s minds. There were even bets going on in the Eastern Continent forums about what guild she would join. It was a shocker to everyone.

What kind of guild is Upward Ho!? Who the hell were they? Why would Gongzi You join them?

Gossip immediately surfaced in the world channel.

Ye Ci had the foresight of muting all her chat channels before calling up the guild interface.

It was a very “clean” guild.

There were only 2 names in the member list.

Leader: Remote Depths.

Member: Gongzi You.

Remote Depths promoted Ye Ci to the vice leader and laughed at her, “You’re now the vice leader, you can now bully the common people.”

Ye Ci was puzzled as she stared at the blank member’s list, “Bullying the common people? Are you referring to yourself?”

This of course, faced strong objections from Remote Depths, and greatly improved Ye Ci’s mood. She turned off the guild interface and headed for the Frosty Wasteland.

The elites of World Conqueror had already gathered at the entrance of Frosty Wasteland. Flawless Reflection immediately stood up upon seeing Ye Ci, and introduced her to the rest of the party. He then asked with a smile, “What kind of guild is Upward Ho!? What drove you to join that guild?”

Ye Ci chuckled, “My cousin created it.”

Flawless Reflection had not given up yet, “Then you can all just join my guild. The benefits are negotiable.”

“Sorry, my aspiration is not in the guild.” Ye Ci shook her head, clearly declining his offer. Flawless Reflection was a sensible person. He immediately kept quiet and steered the topic to another direction.

After each of the party members were introduced to her, Ye Ci nodded and asked,”What is the highest defence value of your tanks?”

“382.” The MT, Dragonwitch reported his defence value.

As expected of a tank from one of the best guilds in the nation.

“How high is your block chance?”


Before the existence of something as overpowered as the Swordback Hold, a 21% chance of blocking was already decent for a lvl 20 tank, even if it was not as high as what Ye Ci had expected. Even the 4th tank had a defence value of 345 and a block rate of 19.7%.

“I’m going to activate the dungeon.” Ye Ci said to the rest of the party.

There were 5 dungeon difficulties in Fate: Normal, Hard, Expert, Inferno and Nightmare.

A regular 5-man dungeon had only 3 difficulties: Normal, Hard and Expert, while Inferno and Nightmare difficulties were only available to 25-man or larger dungeons.

The difficulty system of a 5-man dungeon was very different from a 25-man man dungeon. One must complete all the difficulties in ascending order while clearing a 5-man dungeon, while in a large dungeon, the choice of difficulty was not limited.

“Gongzi You, are you sure you want to activate the 25-man dungeon, Frosty Wasteland?”


“Please select the difficulty for your party.”

Without the slightest hesitation, Ye Ci selected the hardest difficulty, which was Nightmare.

She was never a quiet person. Her veins were pumped full of adventurous spirit. It’s either go big or go home. To her, merely clearing the dungeon at the normal difficulty was no challenge at all.

A notification chimed in the party’s channel, “World Conqueror has activated the 25-man dungeon Frosty Wasteland, difficulty: Nightmare. This is the beginning of a new nightmare. The dangers within the dungeon are beyond your imagination. Come forth, heroes, write a new epic in the history of the Dalayar Continent.”

The notification was exclusive to the Inferno and Nightmare difficulties. It also came with a BUFF that lasted for the entire duration when players were in the dungeon.

A reddish-gold glow emanated from the bodies of the party members and the received a BUFF named Blessing of Dalayar: Increases all stats by 15 points.

Despite having such a good BUFF, challenging the Nightmare difficulty dungeon was still a terrifying experience.

Good lord, she selected the Nightmare difficulty. They’d not even passed the first BOSS of the Normal difficulty yet. To challenge Nightmare difficulty…

Flawless Reflection was shocked. He walked up to Ye Ci’s side and asked worriedly, “Gongzi, did you choose the wrong difficulty? This is the Nightmare difficulty…”

“Nope.” Ye Ci turned around and grinned at Flawless Reflection, “Why? Do the members of World Conqueror not believe in themselves?”

“This is not a matter of confidence…” Flawless Reflection sighed, “Do you want to try the Normal difficulty first instead?”

Ye Ci shook her head, “I’ll only do Nightmare and nothing else. If you think that we can’t make it, consider our contract voided.” Her voice was not loud, but the other party members heard her clearly. The party was silent. They stared at the Huntress. She was calm, and she was serious. Her calmness impressed even the veterans of the guild.

Although they did not have full confidence in Ye Ci, the members of the party had reached the same conclusion in their hearts.

“Let’s do this! Flawless, we’re the World Conqueror! We must trust in our strength!” Shouted a Rogue. His cry was echoed by countless others, and the morale of the party soared.

Flawless Reflection was also infected by their eagerness. He nodded his head at Ye Ci and smiled, “Okay then. I’ll leave this to you. Commander, our lives are in your hands.”

Ye Ci kept quiet and turned towards the dungeon entrance. She then waved her hands, “Let’s move out.”

The Nightmare difficulty was on an entirely different level from the Normal difficulty dungeon. Even the mobs at the beginning of the dungeon were very tough. But they were nothing in the face of World Conqueror’s firepower. They were able to reach the difficult spot in no time, and Ye Ci began to explain the strategy of clearing the hidden monster.

“The moment I start engaging the monster, you guys must make sure that you’re at least 15 yards away from me. When the Wasteland Lurker appears, reposition yourselves on my command and focus your attacks on the monster. You don’t have to worry about OT, just hit it with all you got. We must kill it within the shortest time possible. Remember, we must deal at least 20% of its health within a minute or we’ll get annihilated. So I want all the ranged players to time your attacks properly, and take note of your mana consumption.”

It was not a simple request. It called for excellent timing and tempo of releasing skills. The players must make sure that their attacks were continuous while simultaneously controlling their mana consumption. It could not be achieved by normal players. But, the players present were all the best of the best, the elites of World Conqueror.

“What about the melee classes?” Asked Flawless Reflection.

“All they need to do is to move around like the rest of the ranged players and make sure that they don’t die. By the way… Clerics are not required to heal, all you guys need to do is to attack the monster like the rest of the ranged players.”

The players looked at each other in confusion. They had never heard of a dungeon where healing was not required.

But since Flawless Reflection had passed the command on to Ye Ci, they followed her orders without voicing out their suspicions.

When the battle started, Ye Ci was able to deploy the Fragrant Seafood and returned to the party safely. Her speed and the height of her leap deeply impressed the players present. Flawless Reflection was especially in awe. He was a Hunter himself, and he paid extra attention to Ye Ci’s actions.

After all, almost all experts went through the process of imitation, learning, and finally surpassing their predecessor.

The moment the Wasteland Lurker let out a mighty roar, Ye Ci stared intently at the slanting clock tower. The moment its only clock hand moved, Ye Ci immediately shouted out, “Move to the 7 o’clock position!”

The members of the party were in the state of constant alertness(feels like my wording is cancerous). The moment Ye Ci shouted out to them, the party moved as one towards the 7 o’clock direction.

“Stop. Start attacking.”

The 25 members of the party were able to act as one, meeting Ye Ci’s expectation of the elites from a top guild. Flawless Reflection noticed that Ye Ci had not lifted a finger in the entire process, even when the situation is in dire need of every ounce of damage output.

It was not because Ye Ci was lazy. She wanted to determine the firepower of the ranged players of the party when they concentrated their attacks on the same target.

The result satisfied Ye Ci. Despite not receiving aid from Ye Ci, the ranged players of World Conqueror were able to defeat the Wasteland Lurker within the given time.

A hint rang out in the dungeon the moment the Wasteland Lurker fell.

“The road forward is no longer cold.”

“Go, loot the corpse.” Ye Ci smiled at Flawless Reflection.

“Uhh?” Flawless Reflection could not believe his eyes. They’d managed to defeat the Wasteland Lurker just like that?

It was the reality.

They were able to conquer something that had taken countless lives. And it was at Nightmare difficulty.

Cheers erupted from the World Conqueror players after a few seconds of pause. They were deeply impressed by Ye Ci. Flawless Reflection was able to obtain a lvl 18 Warlock equipment from the loot.

They pressed on forward, and ran into a group of elementals. There were at least 18 of them, and each of them had 20,000 hitpoints. In a 5-man dungeon of the same level, that was equal to the hitpoints of a small BOSS.

“Have any of your Hunters learned Feigned Death?”

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