Chapter 65 Upwards Ho!

Chapter 65 Upwards Ho!

Peacock Blue pursed her lips and then cleared her throat. She said in a clear and slow voice, “Those who are inactive in taking part in guild activities or those who choose to not take part in guild activities without reason will have 50% of their current DKP deducted.”

Such rule were part of every guild, but the punishments could vary. It was usually just for show and rarely applied. But at this time, Thousand Sunsets decided to use that particular rule to pressure Ye Ci.

The punishment was quite heavy, which was the reason why attendance in Steel-Blooded Battle Spear was high. It was all for the money.

“Thousand,” Zero Arsenic tried to stop Thousand Sunsets. He then smiled at Ye Ci. But it was a smile filled with awkwardness, “Gongzi, do you have problems in real life tomorrow?”

“You don’t have to stop me, Zero.” Thousand Sunsets ignored Zero Arsenic’s effort to salvage the situation. Ye Ci’s refusal to reveal info about the Armored Giant Tortoise was already like a thorn in his hide. He was even more irritated when Ye Ci went missing during the fight between their guild and Tang Dynasty. Her announcement of her absence for the next day was the last straw.

He wanted to teach this insufferably arrogant Huntress to know that even if a small pot looked puny, it could not be crushed easily.

He wanted to show her that one does not simply disrespect Steel-Blooded Battle Spear, and one does not simply walk away from Thousand Sunsets.

“This is a guild activity. Why are you not taking part? Just because you’re not appointed as the commander? Gongzi You, this is a guild, not your home. This is not a place for you to throw tantrums. You’re famous, yes. But don’t forget, you must also have a good character.” As a former drill instructor, Thousand Sunsets was very good when it came to giving out life lessons.

“Many in the guild have had enough with your attitude. If it wasn’t for me, do you think you’d still be able to stay in this guild?”

“Thousand, enough.” Zero Arsenic was unsettled by Ye Ci’s calm expression. He tried to stop Thousand Sunsets from continuing his rant. He then smiled at Ye Ci, “Gongzi, if you have something urgent, you can go offline first.”

“Zero, don’t be a pussy. You’ve always said that she was a great player. From what I see, she’s just slightly better when it comes to PVE. So what? Can she be so famous without the backing of a guild?” Thousand Sunsets was not as tactful as Zero Arsenic. But his thoughts were not wrong. In Fate, one must always need a the help of a team. One could not achieve anything alone.

But, Ye Ci was no ordinary person.

Ye Ci stared at Thousand Sunsets and offered him a cold smile.

As expected, people who can’t see eye to eye must walk separate ways.

“Since you’ve already put it that way, then farewell.” Ye Ci left the guild without hesitation. She could not be bothered to talk back to Thousand Sunsets. His character would get him nowhere in Fate.

Narrow minded, short sighted, and pretentious.

Ye Ci was someone who would repay someone who did her wrong. She smile as she took a glance at Thousand Sunsets. Had he mistaken her for a pushover just because she remained silent?

“Gongzi,” Zero Arsenic’s facial expression, along with the rest of the guild members’ expressions had changed the moment she left the guild; What the hell had happened?

Zero Arsenic desperately tried to stop Ye Ci from leaving, “Gongzi, Thousand has always been frank and outspoken. Perhaps it’s just a misunderstanding. Don’t think too much about it, please.”

Thousand Sunsets’ anger was at its peak the moment Ye Ci left the guild. Zero Arsenic’s action made it worse. He roared at Zero Arsenic, “Zero, she’s just a Huntress. What do I care if she leaves?”

System: Gongzi You has left the guild Steel-Blooded Battle Spear.

A system message appeared every time a guild member joined or left the guild. There were countless guild membership related messages in the world channel every day. However, none of them were as shocking as the one that had just appeared. The world channel immediately erupted into chaos. People started to guess the reason behind Ye Ci’s sudden decision to leave Steel-Blooded Battle Spear.

Players began to gossip and several different theories surfaced. There were even some who claimed that they have insider’s information.

Ye Ci’s private message channel rang nonstop. Some of them were from her friends who were curious about the situation, while most of them were guild invitations. The system notification never stopped ringing in her ears.

System: GoodOl’Days has invited you to join the guild Blank Space.

System: Flawless Reflection has invited you to join the guild World Conqueror.

System: CorruptingDaLiving has invited you to join the guild Street Assistance.

System: Dain has invited you to join the guild Blade Of Abyss.

System: NightAndDay has invited you to join the guild Tang Dynasty.

System: Sir Ditty has invited you to join the guild Wolf Pack.


What were they doing? Even Tang Dynasty joined in the fun. Even a guild from overseas sent her a guild invitation. There was even an invitation from the Eastern Continent’s number 1 guild, Wolf Pack? Why didn’t she herself know that she was so popular?

Ye Ci’s chat channels were not the only one bustling with activity. The World Channel was flooded with messages from guilds from the entire Eastern Continent. They were trying to recruit Ye Ci into their guild. Those who were capable offered lots of benefits, while those who were not were trying to entice her with the “power of friendship”.

Thousand Sunsets had also noticed the world channel. His expression soured.

Zero Arsenic was still trying his best to persuade Ye Ci into staying, but she merely laughed, “I hope that Steel-Blooded Battle Spear will grow stronger .” And then she left the dungeon.

If you don’t, I won’t have as much satisfaction when I destroy you guys later.

As she left, she declined all the guild invitations, and sent a private message to Flawless Reflection. Before he could speak up, Ye Ci had already spoken, “Frosty Wastelands, tomorrow at 1300 hours, I’ll have dibs on all the Hunter items. 30,000 gold coins. I’m not responsible for clearing the common mobs.”

It was not an enquiry, but a statement.

Flawless Reflection paused momentarily and immediately gave up on persuading Ye Ci into joining his guild. He laughed. What arrogance... But it was an arrogance that he admired. Only people who were capable had the right to be arrogant. Only a true expert had what it takes to be arrogant.

“You’re helping us to get First Blood?”

“Of course.”

“As far as I know, Wolf Pack and Tang Dynasty have solved the difficult part of the dungeon right before the First BOSS. They’ll be challenging the First BOSS tomorrow. Are you sure you can do it?”

“It depends on the standards of your party as well. If they’re all noobs, even I can’t do anything.”

World Conqueror was the 12th guild in the entire nation. It had quite a long history, and its elites were all expert players. Flawless Reflection was not angry at Ye Ci’s words. Instead, he laughed.

“What if we can’t get the First Blood?”

“I’ll pay you 50,000 gold coins.”

How bold. Flawless Reflection was deeply impressed. Even though the Game Coin and Real World Cash conversion system was already in place, Glory Corporation was controlling the flow of gold coins in the game strictly, in fear that the game’s financial system would be destroyed.

Even a guild like World Conqueror had only a circulating fund of 100,000 gold coins, and Ye Ci was willing to pay 50,000 gold coins in an event where she failed.

“Do you want to sign a contract?”

“Come to Red Lake City.”

Half an hour later, Flawless Reflection and Ye Ci left the Red Lake City administration hall with an added electronic contract in their inventory.

“What do you need us to prepare?” Flawless Reflection grinned at Ye Ci.

He had been trying to woo Gongzi You into joining World Conqueror. But when he had a chance, Ye Ci declined his invitation. He promised himself that he would try his best to get Gongzi You to join World Conqueror.

“Each party member must have at least 8 Cold Resistance Potions and Freeze Resistance Potions, 5 Dungeon Random Teleport Scroll and 3 Fragrant Seafood.” Ye Ci continued after a pause, “All your tanks must have more than 300 Defence, and the magical damage of your mage class players must be higher than 180 while the other ranged players must have at least 200 physical damage. You must bring along at least one Rogue that has more than 5 movement speed and a Druid with more than 3 movement speed. Said Druid must also have already learned Enraged Bear Form.”

Flawless Reflection clicked his tongue at Ye Ci’s request, “That’s a rather high requirement to meet.”

“Why? You can’t make it?” Ye Ci quirked her lips.

“Nope, it’s not a problem.” Despite Ye Ci’s high requirement, World Conqueror was quite capable, “I’ll see you at the entrance of the dungeon tomorrow then.”


Without any more words, the two parted ways.

Ye Ci was shocked the moment she opened the lid of her gaming cabin. Bai Mo was squatting right beside her, staring at her, his dull expression an indication that he was daydreaming. Ye Ci’s could almost feel her heart in her mouth. She took in a deep breath and roared, “Bai Mo, what the f*ck are you doing?”

Bai Mo ignored her, and scooped her out of the gaming cabin, “You left your guild?”

“Yes.” replied Ye Ci with a yawn.


“I’m not happy with it.”

Bai Mo stared at Ye Ci for a brief moment without saying a word. He then messed up her hair and said, “I’ve bought supper. If you’re not afraid of getting fat, it’s yours.” And then he left.

Ye Ci smiled at Bai Mo. She the ate the supper and went to bed.

Ye Ci immediately logged into the game after coming home and taking a shower, having finishing lunch at school.

Flawless Reflection immediately sent Ye Ci a party invitation. The moment she joined the party, he transferred the party’s leadership to Ye Ci.

“I’ll be there shortly.” Ye Ci immediately headed to Frosty Wasteland.

Before she even left Red Lake City, she received a guild invitation.

System: Remote Depths has invited you to join the guild Upward Ho!.

Upward Ho!? What kind of guild was that? But since it was an invitation from Bai Mo, she was curious.

“This is my very own guild. Join up, I, your brother, am the guild leader. With the protection of the guild leader, you can do anything you want!” Remote Depths laughed.

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