Chapter 59 The Mystifying Battle Commander

Chapter 59 The Mystifying Battle Commander

Ye Ci’s daily tasks in the guild were quite simple. In the current stage of the game, eight 5-man dungeons had already been explored. The were 10 daily entries for normal difficulty dungeons, while there was 5 entries for the hard difficulty. Ye Ci did not have to use all of her entries. What her task was, was to help clear the hard difficulty version of in each of the 8 dungeons once per day.

The feeling of working for someone else was totally different from the feeling of working hard only for oneself. Even Liu Chang felt that heading into the dungeon was a chore after fully upgrading her equipment. She would’ve given up on clearing the dungeons if not for the sake of improving her skill.

After four days of leading parties into the dungeon, Ye Ci discovered that she had mysteriously received an administrator position, the Battle Commander. The guild warehouse that was only open to the guild leader and vice leader was also made available to Ye Ci.

If assigning her to help clear dungeon’s was Steel-Blooded Battle Spear’s way of restricting Ye Ci, then their action this time was a very obvious attempt at buying her loyalty.

What is a guild’s Battle Commander? It could be considered as the very soul of that guild, a figure that could lead the guild forward. A Battle Commander of a guild was always somebody who was a very experienced commander or a very skillful player. In a fight, the Battle Commander would always be the focus of attention.

As for the rights to freely use the guild warehouse, it’s the highest benefit a guild member could receive.

The wealth of the guild was stored in the guild warehouse. Top-tier equipment, materials and skill books… Everything in the guild warehouse was high quality.

Even a small 100-person guild viewed their guild warehouse as something very important. In normal circumstances, only their leader and vice leader of a guild have the authority to freely use the guild warehouse. The normal guild members could only watch from the sidelines and dream about it.

For Thousand Sunsets and Zero Arsenic to grant such a great authority to Ye Ci that even Peacock Blue did not have, their intention of buying her loyalty was very obvious.

“Oh, Gongzi, you came online?” (Jimmi: no shit Sherlock.) Ye Ci’s curiosity was aroused when Thousand Sunsets contacted her on his own accord, as it was very rare for him to do so.


“I’ve heard from Zero Arsenic that you’re learning Life Skills. It must be hard. I’ve given you access to the guild warehouse. Take anything you need.” Said Thousand Sunsets.

“It’s inappropriate for me to do so. After all, they’re the blood and sweat of the other guild members.” Ye Ci understood the saying “after dinner comes the reckoning” as well as the idiom “carrot after stick”. She knew that Steel-Blooded Battle Spear was giving her the “carrot,” but she had no attention of accepting that “carrot.”

“Oh, it’s okay. You’re one of us after all.” Thousand Sunsets let out a hearty laugh. Ye Ci thought to herself, if he wasn’t so driven by benefit, it would be easy to befriend someone like this. Unfortunately, there was a huge gap between them that could not be crossed.

“You can take any equipment and potions you want as well.”

Ye Ci did not want to argue with Thousand Sunsets on this matter. It was their choice to grant her the authority, but to use it or not was up to her. She got straight to the point and addressed the matter that bothered her the most, “Thousand Sunsets, I think you should appoint someone else as the Battle Commander, as I’m not the one for the job. I’m not a veteran, nor have I contributed much to the guild. It is inappropriate for me to be appointed as the Battle Commander.”

“Who said that you have no contribution? Who else can achieve 3 First Bloods and 2 First Fives for the guild?”

“It was teamwork. Fate is all about teamwork. Everybody did their part, there was no heroism. Maybe I’ve performed outstandingly, but I was merely doing my part. I believe that the guild will still be able to have such achievements even without me. If you appoint me as Battle Commander just like that, it’s inappropriate.” Ye Ci spoke gently. She was being courteous, but her intention of rejecting her position as Battle Commander was clear.

Thousand Sunsets, of course, would never let the matter go so easily, and the two were unable to reach a common ground regarding this matter.

“Thousand Sunsets, shit just hit the fan!” Thousand Sunset’s conversation was interrupted by Zero Arsenic.

“What happened?”

“Our boys went to hunt for the Sandstorm Scorpion, but they ran into Tang Dynasty’s players. A fight broke out.” Zero Arsenic continued with a pause, “Little Dan and Crimson Millions were slightly dissatisfied with the whole Battle Commander thing, and they vented their frustrations on Tang Dynasty.”

Thousand Sunsets cursed under his breath and said, “Get them to pull back. We’re still no match for Tang Dynasty. We still need to explore the Frosty Wasteland in 3 days, so we must cut our losses to the minimum!”

“I’ve already ordered them to pull back, but they won’t listen!”

Thousand Sunset’s anger rose. He decided to take a look himself, and led the guild’s elites along with Zero Arsenic to the Sandy Plains.

When Ye Ci found out the fight between Steel-Blooded Battle Spear and Tang Dynasty, the battle was already at its climax.

Tang Dynasty lived up to its name as the rank 2 guild in the Eastern Continent. Although it had no First Bloods, the guild very well organized and has a strong sustainability. As soon as the command was given by their Battle Commander, hordes of Tang Dynasty players swarmed into the Sandy Plains.

Despite being a dark horse, Steel-Blooded Battle Spear was a new guild that was held together with money. They were able to stand their ground in the beginning of the fight, but as Tang Dynasty’s main force arrived, they were slowly pushed back. At that point, Thousand Sunsets no longer cared about conserving their strength. He immediately called for reinforcements in the guild channel, promising rewards in terms of DKP for those who were willing to join the battle, and managed to hold the line.

Victory will increase Steel-Blooded Battle Spear’s ranking, but defeat will greatly humiliate the guild.

In that situation, Thousand Sunsets had to try and win.

“Say, our guilds are at each other’s throats right now. My guild is already giving out benefits so that our players will join the fight, isn’t your guild going to do anything?” Remote Depths ran into Ye Ci who was on her way to complete her daily quest.

Ye Ci was momentarily stunned.

Steel-Blooded Battle Spear had a confrontation against Tang Dynasty? When did that start? Thousand Sunsets was still having an idle chat with her one and a half hours ago, and he did not mention anything about the fight. What the hell happened?

Ye Ci did not realize that since she had muted the guild channel, she would not know about it even if the channel is in chaos, unless somebody sent her a private message.

“How long ago was that?”

“Around an hour I think,” Remote Depths thought for a short moment before asking, “Why? You’re not joining the fight?”

It was a question that Ye Ci did not have an answer to. She instead threw the question back at Remote Depths, “Why don’t you go?”

Remote Depths shook his head, “I finally have enough Strength to equip the Swordback Hold, I ain’t going to that hellhole. There’s no skill involved in such battles, it’s a fight of sheer numbers. What if I died and the shield dropped?”

“It’s not like I receive a salary from the guild. I’m not going as well.” Ye Ci answered. It was something that she had thought deeply of. She had no sense of belonging at all to this guild. There was no need for her to join the chaotic melee going on in Sandy Plains.

Besides, Wandering Cloud might still be holding a grudge against Ye Ci after her PK incident with that person. He was still wary of Ye Ci because she knew about his arrangement in Floral Apartment. What if he took the opportunity to take her out if she showed up?

That was why Ye Ci decided to not join in the fight.

A fight between guilds in the same continent was meaningless. They did it for honor, but it would bring more harm than good to the guild. Despite being a big guild, there were still investors behind the scenes. Would any investors waste their money in fighting such meaningless battles? The situation was the same for Steel-Blooded Battle Spear.

At the beginning of the guild battle, both sides poured in considerable efforts in an attempt to gain the upper hand. But when their core members began suffering casualties, they began to slowly pull their elites off the frontlines and sent in the auxiliaries instead.

Such large scale battles do not require skills. All the participants needed to do was to charge in the general direction of wherever everybody was charging. But even then, the auxiliaries were not idiots, especially those who died and lost some of their equipments, and the battle slowly died down.

By the time Ye Ci got wind of the situation, the only battles that were fought between both guilds were in the global chat.

Sending a message in global chat cost 100 gold coins. Before the Game Coins to Real Word Cash conversion system was introduced, 100 gold coins was considered a large sum. Even if both sides were rich, the fight that got carried into the world chat finally died down.

Even after suffering massive losses, Steel-Blooded Battle Spear managed to fight Tang Dynasty into a standstill. As news of the battle was posted in the forum, Steel-Blooded Battle Spear’s popularity soared. Of course, Tang Dynasty would not take it quietly. Once again a battle between the two guilds was ignited, but it was fought in the forums instead.

Even after the battle against an external enemy had ended, an internal struggle was still taking place.

The leaders of the first and second squadron were extremely dissatisfied that Ye Ci did not show up in the battle despite being the Battle Commander. They argued with Thousand Sunsets in the guild conference room for hours. Even Zero Arsenic’s attempt to defuse the situation failed, and they had no choice but to remove Ye Ci from the position of Battle Commander.

When Ye Ci received the system notification, she was on her way to meet Clear Moon. She received no explanations. Ye Ci mysteriously lost her position as the Battle Commander, just like how she mysteriously gained it.

Ye Ci however, did not mind. She had never once done her duties as a Battle Commander anyways. After a few moments, she was contacted by Zero Arsenic, “Gongzi, we’re going to explore the Frosty Wasteland the day after tomorrow. You’ll be the third in command. We’ll let Little Dan and Crimson Millions try their best. If they can’t make it, you’ll be taking their place.”

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