Chapter 57 Bane of the Automatons

Chapter 57 Bane of the Automatons

After clearing the daily quest in Red Lake City, Ye Ci saw a figure walking into the municipal building. It was Remote Depths.

“I thought you had some quests to attend to? Why are you still loitering around?” Ye Ci laughed at Remote Depths. This future top tier MT was still a poverty-stricken Warrior.

“I’m here to bind my City-Recalling Crystal.” Remote Depths chuckled.

“What was your original home city?”

“Champion City.”

Champion City was the largest city in the Eastern Continent. It was one of the top 5 most flourishing cities. It was not as quiet as Red Lake City and was very developed. The city was packed full of people and of course, offered more quests than Red Lake City. The majority of the players would naturally choose Champion City as their home city.

“Are you sick? Just stay there. Why would you come to such a backwater place like Red Lake City?” Ye Ci was astonished. An official nearby creased his eyebrows when he overheard that Ye Ci had described the city as ‘backwater’.

“Tsk tsk, yeah right. I refuse to believe that the famous Gongzi You would bind her City-Recalling Crystal to such a ‘backwater’ place!” Remoted Depths snorted, “Sis, you tryna trick me? You’re still too young!”

Although the official was offended, he still kept his calm and did his job, approving Remote Depths’s request to bind his City-Recalling Stone. The official then prepared the necessary documents so that he could become a citizen of the city.

“Don’t forget to accept the Repeatable Quest.” Ye Ci reminded Remote Depths before leaving.

Ye Ci received a private message after clearing her daily quest. It was from Four Seas, “Are you free tomorrow? I need your help to clear the Automaton Formation.”

Four Seas was a very skillful Cleric. There weren’t many things that could trouble him, especially to the point where he had to ask for help. This was his first time doing so. “You’ll have to pay me,” said Ye Ci jokingly.

“Heck I was afraid that you wouldn’t say that.” Four Seas laughed. He was not joking. “I’ll pay you 5,000 gold if you can finish them off with six shots. If you can do it with three, I’ll pay you 10,000 gold. I’ll pay you 20,000 gold if you can clear the automatons with two shots, and if you can finish them all with only one shot…” Four Seas continued after a short pause, “If you kill them all with one shot, I’ll pay you 30,000 gold. But… Uhh… You won’t seriously be able to clear the wave away with only one shot right?”

“Are you for real?”

“Yes. My guild’s progress has been hindered. Three of the First Five were taken by Steel-Blooded Battle Spear, while World Conqueror has the other two spots. They refused to share the info with us. We’ve been trying to clear it for a week. But we can’t afford to keep trying anymore, or we’ll be left way behind.” Four Seas sighed. It seemed that he really was in trouble this time. Even if he was tough, an excellent team is what mattered in Fate. “I wouldn’t have called for outside help if the situation was not dire. Can you help me out?”

Ye Ci knew that it wasn’t in Four Seas’ nature to call out for help. She also knew that Steel-Blooded Battle Spear would not allow her to help another guild.

But, she was Gongzi You. And Gongzi You wasn’t a property of Steel-Blooded Battle Spear. Ye Ci would be an idiot to reject an offer that would let her help a friend out while allowing her to earn some money.

“Sure, I have class tomorrow morning. Gather your players after lunchtime tomorrow.” said Ye Ci.

Four Seas agreed to Ye Ci’s proposal. He then said, “We’ll take care of the mobs. All you need to do is to blast that Automaton Formation away with the cannons.”

“Sure, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

After agreeing upon a time, Ye Ci went offline.

She immediately went online after lunch the next day. Four Seas immediately sent her a party invitation which she accepted without hesitation.

There were two other players in the party who Ye Ci was familiar with other than Four Seas. The moment she saw the names Good Ol’ Days and Lukewarm Water, she knew that Four Seas was from the Blank Space guild.

Although Good Ol’ Days wasn’t one of the top players in Ye Ci’s past life, he was still someone who could get things done. He was steadfast and romantic. He was the one who had led Blank Space to new heights. Blank Space was widely known as a neutral guild which didn’t take part in a lot of PVP battles. The guild was popular with Life Players and players who were good in PVE.

Ye Ci was even more familiar with Lukewarm Water. He was the first person she met in Fate that had a poor sense of direction.

Four Seas greeted Ye Ci warmly immediately after she joined the party. Lukewarm Water greeted her as well, “Little Youyou, We’ve finally met again! I couldn’t sleep last night knowing that we’ll meet again~~”

Ye Ci laughed and said, “Did you lose your way today?”

The party immediately made fun of Lukewarm Water. Ye Ci felt a sense of belonging even when she was surrounded by strangers. They soon arrived at the dungeon. The mobs were already cleared away.

When Ye Ci arrived at the spot near the Automaton Formation, there was already a crowd at the place. They ate and drank in groups, some of them were even dancing. It was as if they weren’t there to clear the dungeon, but for a picnic instead.

Good Ol’ Days stood up when he saw Ye Ci. He greeted her immediately and sent her a friend request, “Hi, the name’s Good Ol’ Days. I’ve heard a lot about you Gongzi You.”

Good Ol’ Days was someone who would rarely take the initiative to send out friend requests. He wasn’t like Thousand Sunsets who preferred to befriend any and every person he met. Instead, he chose his friends well.

Ye Ci approved his friend request and nodded. The Elven Sorcerer had a good looking face and a warm smile. He gave off an air of familiarity.

The crowd immediately surrounded Ye Ci when they saw her. Some were curious about her, some were there to idolize her, and there were even two Hunters who insisted on becoming her apprentice. It was a very joyful atmosphere.

Ye Ci was able to relax. She wasn’t very good when it comes to interacting with people. Such a situation was perfect for her.

Without offering many words, Ye Ci walked towards the cannon emplacement that awaited her.

To Ye Ci, it wasn’t something special. Every single player in the dungeon was tense as she skillfully took aim. Would they succeed this time?

They held their breaths as the Huntress fired an arrow at the automatons.

The arrow flew straight and true, hitting an automaton at the far left.

“Intruder… Intruder…”

The automatons began to activate themselves and swarmed towards Ye Ci.

The group of players behind Ye Ci panicked upon seeing the horde of automatons coming their way. Even if Gongzi You was very famous, they still had some doubts.

At that moment, Ye Ci chuckled, “Four Seas, how much did you said you’ll pay me if I can take them all out in one shot?”

All of Four Seas’ attention were on the automaton. He didn’t expect the sudden question from Ye Ci, the person who was holding his life in her hands. He simply answered subconsciously, “30,000 gold…”

He then recovered from his daze and shouted, “Gongzi, here they come!”

“It seems that… You’ll have to pay me that 30,000 gold.” as if she hadn’t heard Four Seas’s words, Ye Ci jumped down from the emplacement and walked towards the players gathered behind her.

Just as they were about to run for their lives, a loud “BOOM!” resounded, followed by the sound of metal bits hitting the ground.

System messages began to flood the screen.

Every member of the party had received the achievement [Bane of the Automatons].

Silence settled over the dungeon. At that moment, it was as if everything had disappeared. For the 24 party members, the only thing left in their vision was the Huntress who was still calm and indifferent. She walked towards the group. There was no bragging.

It was as if the entire ordeal was nothing out of the ordinary.

Although Good Ol’ Days was able to remain calm and collected, he was deeply impressed by Ye Ci. He let up a breath as Ye Ci walked up to him, “Gongzi You, you sure live up to your reputation.”

Without delay, he immediately traded 30,000 gold to Ye Ci.

Ye Ci politely accepted the gold. A deal was a deal.

“Okay, now that the most difficult part of this dungeon is cleared, I’ll be on my way,” with the 30,000 gold in her pocket, Ye Ci was happy. She then left the party, “I wish you guys good luck.”

“Gongzi, how about joining our guild?” Lukewarm Water sent a guild invitation to Ye Ci who had left the party.

Ye Ci smiled but didn’t offer an answer.

“You no longer belong to the party in this dungeon. You’ll be kicked out of the dungeon in 29 seconds.” the system notification chimed in and a timer appeared. Ye Ci shook her head and said, “We’ll meet again.”

Lukewarm Water was about to say something when he was cut off by Good Ol’ Days who smiled at Ye Ci, “Gongzi You, don’t hesitate to seek our help in the future. Blank Space will always be your friend.”

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