Chapter 465 Sunrise

Chapter 465 Sunrise 


They fired almost at the same moment. Their arrows flew towards their marks, drawing closer, and closer, until they collided midair with a spark. 


“So what happened next?” Liu Chang was gaping at Fruit Jelly, who was almost passing out on the other bed due to how tired she was. 


Who let out a yawn and blinked away her tears. I’m so tired. She rubbed her fatigued eyes, trying her best to keep her lead-heavy eyelids open, “How would I know? I had my own mission to accomplish as well.” 


“Come on! You were in the air as well! Why didn’t you keep an eye on them? It’s such a rare sight!” Liu Chang was consigned to the ground due to her lack of skills when it came to the handling of aerial steeds. 


There was no way in hell she would even have the slightest hope of having the chance of taking part in large aerial battles. Yet it did not stop her from daydreaming. She had tried exploring the skies with her own steed before, but was smart enough to flee when she ran into players from the Dark Side.  


Her only other realistic option was to pester Fruit Jelly who was part of the aerial corps for stories of her exploits. 


Tsk. Annoyance was starting to bubble within Fruit Jelly. She really needed the sleep, but Liu Chang would simply not stop pestering her for more, “I’m not the cameraman.” 


“Well I bet it ended in a draw anyways…” there was not even a hint of tiredness in Liu Chang’s eyes, a clear contrast to the weary look on Fruit Jelly’s face.  

 “Clingy Wolf, please, we’re supposed to be the bridesmaids tomorrow. It might not be our wedding, but it’s also not ours to ruin. Do you want to show up with two big bags under your eyes?” 


Liu Chang chuckled at Fruit Jelly’s barely concealed anger, “But isn’t it also our job to not take the spotlight from the bride? Aren’t I doing our girl Gongzi You a favor by showing up all ugly and stuff to highlight her beauty?” 


A pillow landed on Liu Chang’s face with a thud before Fruit Jelly could scream in frustration. They turned around and found Ye Ci staring at them, “Oh really?” 


“Hmm? You heard nothing.” Liu Chang let out a fake yawn and laid on her bed, “Ahh, I’m so tired. I think I should grab some sleep. Don’t want to show up with bags under my eyes do I?” 


Fruit Jelly glared at Liu Chang, who said to her, “Hey, if Four Seas sees you like that tomorrow, who knows… Maybe he’ll run away.” 


This was the last straw. A flurry of blows from a pillow landed on Liu Chang, who wasted no time in fighting back. The quiet room was immediately bustling with activity. It was just like a market. Ye Ci sighed and crawled into her gaming cabin, ignoring the raging pillow fight between her bridesmaids. 


What an unlucky bride. She was supposed to enjoy a good night’s sleep before her wedding, but the only thing she could do was to lock herself into the gaming cabin for some peace. She could still see her bridesmaids chasing each other around the room through the seam of the lid. With a sigh, she sealed herself in. 


How unreliable these bridesmaids are. She thought. But as the bride who has invited them, aren’t I worse? 


“Heh, your life suffering begins tomorrow.” said Silent Hymn as he snaked his arm around Fleeting Time’s shoulders, “Any last words?” 


Fleeting Time rolled his eyes at the vice guild leader, “You’re drunk.” 


“Hah! He’s just jealous.” Absalom was enjoying the beer, “He’ll be the only single man in our group of friends after today.” He was enjoying the respite from an alcohol and smoke ban in his household due to Sour Apple’s pregnancy, “Just leave him be.” 

 “Oh, so that’s why you organized the bachelor’s party.” Fleeting Time narrowed his eyes at Absalom, “Somebody needs to have his craving fixed.” 


Absalom sighed, “You’ll know how it feels when you get there.” 

 “What are you on about?” Silent Hymn raised his voice, “Mo Leng is still single as well, alright?” 

 Blood immediately left Absalom’s face. You bastard! What are you thinking! He stole a glance at Fleeting Time, who much to his relief, did not show even a hint of anger. Not even a frown. It was as if Mo Leng was a name that he had never heard before. 


“Hey, don’t mind him, he’s drunk…” 


He was cut off by a sigh from Fleeting Time, “Why are you acting like I’ll blow up or something?” he asked with a mischievous grin on his face. 


“She’s never a problem.” he continued, “Whatever she does has nothing to do with me. Even if she marries someone or remains single, why do I care? She’s just like our senior back in elementary school. Somebody told me that he passed away, but I don’t even remember how he looked like. I felt nothing.” 


Absalom opened his mouth to speak, but opted with a smile instead. 


“My wife told me that she left the country on the day you proposed to Ye Ci.” he patted his friend on the back, “She’s not heard from her since.” 


“Good for her. She gets to see the world from a different perspective.” The smile remained on Fleeting Time’s face. He seemed so sincere at that time, but Absalom knew he was just being polite. That guy has probably forgotten how she looks like. He mused, “Yes. Everyone deserves a choice. This is perhaps the best for her.” 


Fleeting Time glanced at the clock. It was almost 12. “I’m heading back.” he stood up and said to Absalom before leaving, “Lots to do tomorrow. Send him back home alright?” 

 Silent Hymn was still mumbling about something as he sat on a chair nearby. Absalom could feel a building headache. Oh crap, how am I supposed to explain this to my wife? 

 The cold midnight air caressed Fleeting Time’s face, piercing through the alcohol induced fog shrouding his mind. He pulled out his phone, and stroked Ye Ci’s face on his wallpaper with his thumb. 


But before he could call a certain very familiar number, his phone rang. It was a call from an unknown number. Who is it? Did they get the wrong number? Fleeting Time mood soured a little, perhaps due to the interruption. But he decided to pick up the call in the end. Tomorrow would be the happiest day of his life, and he wanted to share the happiness. Even if it was a mistaken call. 

 “Is that you, Yi Qingchen?” Fleeting Time frowned the moment he heard that voice. “Wait,” the voice said before he could hang up. “I just wanted to deliver my best wishes to you.” the gentleness in Mo Leng’s voice was no more. 


“Oh, thank you.” Fleeting Time had a strong urge to hang up, but he could not refuse the good intentions of a person even if the person in question was Mo Leng, 

 Mo Leng took in a breath and grimaced, “Congratulations Qinchen. I hope you’ll be happy for the rest of your life.” her voice was calm. She was sincerely, from the bottom of her heart, wishing for happiness for the only man who had ever set foot in her heart. 


But it was a feeling that was not shared by Fleeting Time, who nodded, “Thank you. I hope everything goes well for you.” and he continued after a slight pause, “It’s getting late over here. Goodbye.” 

 Mo Leng stared at her beeping phone and lowered her head. She opened the SIM slot of her phone, and pulled out the card within. This ends today


She took in a deep breath and headed into the toilet. With a flick of her wrist, she threw the SIM card into the toilet bowl and flushed. The card containing only Fleeting Time’s number quickly disappeared from her sight. 

 It’s finally over. 

 She closed her eyes and tried her best to fight back her tears. 


Fleeting Time tucked his phone back into his pockets after hanging up on Mo Leng. He took a few steps before stopping in his tracks and pulling out the phone again. 


This time, he was able to dial Ye Ci’s number uninterrupted, but the call went unanswered. 


He dialed a second time, and the call connected. It was not Ye Ci. “Ah, Fleeting Time.” said a gasping Liu Chang, “I didn’t hear her phone ringing just now. Hold on, let me go get Ye Ci for you.” 

After a flurry of footsteps and what appeared to be the sound of someone banging on the lid of a gaming cabin, he could finally hear Ye Ci’s voice. 




“Oh, it’s nothing. I just wanted to hear your voice.” 


“Isn’t this the last night before your wedding? What are you doing outside so late?” 


Fleeting Time gazed at the bright moon hanging in the sky and took in a deep breath, “Ye Ci, have I told you about Mo Leng? Or should I say… White Fairytale?” 


“I don’t think so.” she raised an eyebrow after a short moment of silence.


“If I tell you about her now, will you listen?” Fleeting Time asked timidly, as if Ye Ci’s rejection would cause him great pain. 


“Okay.” Ye Ci replied. She was curious but it was not something that she mind. But there were times when humans would give way to their curiosity. And this was that one time Ye Ci could not hold hers back. 


“Well, it all happened because of this face of mine…” 

 Ye Ci looked up at the moon as she listened to Fleeting Time. 


“Hey, can you see the moon?” 




“Would you like to see the sunrise with me? Every single one of them, starting from tomorrow?” 


“Yes. Everyday. I’ll be there with you everyday.” 


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