Chapter 454 An Uninvited Guest

Chapter 454 An Uninvited Guest 


And with that, Wang Jiangnan left without even waiting for a response. 


Ye Ci, who was still stunned by his words, watched as he wobbled his way to the next table. She felt something at that moment. But it was just a weak feeling that was easily brushed off. 


She sat up straight as she looked at Wang Jiangnan, and her vision blurred. Her mind’s eye was filled with the images of a certain youth who was grinning at her. “I can do it!” he once said. And he did it. 


Ye Ci did not know what Wang Jiangnan had to do to achieve what he had accomplished, but she knew that he had sacrificed a lot. She was here on this day only because of the harsh lessons she was taught in her last life. Ahh… it feels good to receive a second chance. 


She was momentarily blinded by the dazzling light of the chandelier above her. But before she could raise her hand to shield her eyes, Ye Ci felt a warm sensation on her hand. It was Fleeting Time. he had returned to the seat beside hers, and his hand was resting on hers as he smiled at her, “Have you been drinking a lot?” he asked. 


Ye Ci blinked at the question. She realized that this was the first time she took his hand voluntarily. Fleeting Time noticed her gaze on Wang Jiangnan. He did not know what Ye Ci was thinking, but he was not angry. 


A smile appeared on his face as he glanced at the man, “He likes you.” 


“Huh?” The surprise was clear on Ye Ci’s face. 


“Little Gongzi, your expression pleases me.” Fleeting Time chuckled as he whispered into her ear. 


Ye Ci rolled her eyes at Fleeting Time in response, “Why should I please you?” 


“Well, I’ll be the one doing the pleasing then.” Fleeting Time nodded. He was highly tolerant of Ye Ci’s temper. 


“What do you mean by that?” She was confused. 


“I love you.” he whispered into her ears. His voice was soft, but his words were like the blow of a hammer on Ye Ci’s heart, “He likes you, but I love you.” 


A smile appeared on Ye Ci’s lips. She looked at Fleeting Time, and into his gorgeous pair of eyes, “Say that again.” 


“Nope.” Fleeting Time shook his head. 


“Didn’t you say that you wish to please me?” 


“I just did.” 




“We’ll save it for next time.” he smiled at her. 


The Glory Corporation then brought its guests to S City’s famous entertainment center, where they made full reservation of that place. 


Ye Ci was not a fan of karaoke, but due to the very special occasion, she could not say no to the invitation. The members of each major guild were then ushered into their own compartments. 


Fleeting Time who originally intended to head to Upwards Ho!’s compartment with Ye Ci was naturally dragged away by his guild members while Ye Ci was immediately surrounded by the members of her guild. “Patience is a virtue, Fleeting Time.” Fruit Jelly smirked at him as Ye Ci was dragged away by the officers of Upwards Ho!, “I’m sorry but you’ll have to endure the loneliness for a short while.” 


Fleeting Time could feel his eyes twitching when he heard her words, but he was dragged away by Silent Hymn before he could respond. 


He took a seat at a corner as several members took their turn singing at the front, but all of them were out of tune. Absalom sat beside his old friend and filled both their cups with beer. There was a mischievous grin on his face as he leaned forward to speak over the singing, “You seem to be in a good mood today.” 


Fleeting Time responded with a smile. He then raised a toast to his friend before gulping down the content of his cup. One could see that he was in a very fine mood. But before Absalom could even appreciate the rare behavior displayed by his old friend, he could feel his phone vibrating in his pocket. 


His expression immediately soured when saw the messages displayed on his screen. A sigh escaped his lips as he saw the smile that remained on Fleeting Time’s face. It seems that even the Heavens do not wish to see you happy, my friend. 


“What is it?” asked Fleeting Time when he noticed Absalom’s expression. 


With a sigh, Absalom handed his phone to Fleeting Time, “See for yourself.” 


It was a message from Sour Apple, and it was apparent that she was in a sour mood. “Honey, be on high alert.” said one of her messages, which was followed by the sentence that filled Absalom’s heart with dread, “Mo Leng went to the event by herself. Be careful.” 


Fleeting Time could feel his temples twitching when he read the message. Despite his multiple rejections and his attempts to distance himself from her, he had still underestimated her persistence. 


She was not able to locate him in-game, nor was she able to track him down in real-life. And that was why she decided to attend the event uninvited. 


“Can I think of this as her showing interest in the gathering instead of me?” 


“I don’t think you can, my friend.” Absalom shook his head. 


“F*ck.” even a saint would cuss out loud in a situation like this. 


Absalom was shocked. Fleeting Time was not a person who would cuss like that. He was someone who had always maintained a calm demeanor even in a hostile confrontation. He had never seen his friend cussing for the many years they knew each other. 


“If Mo Leng knows that she’s the only one to make you cuss, I think she’ll be very happy.” 


Fleeting Time rolled his eyes at his best friend, “F*ck that, it’s all your fault!” 


Absalom knew that he was in the wrong, “Alright, alright. I’ll do my best to keep her away from you.” he sighed and patted Fleeting Time on the shoulder. 


That was exactly what the man needed to hear, but it still left a thorn in his side. He poured himself another full cup. The golden liquid glimmered under the dim light as the cup was rapidly filled with beer. He then gulped down all the beer in one go. His mind was spinning. There must be a way to make her give up for good. But he was already at his wit’s end. 


Just then, a waiter pushed open the door for a person to enter. It was a beautiful lady in a long flowing dress. The attention on the entire room was immediately focused on the newcomer, “Hi everyone, I’m White Fairtytale. I hope I’m welcome here.” she greeted the members of Genesis. 


While there were many female players in the game, not many of them have reached a level at the current stage of the game, and such players were even rarer in Genesis. While Mo Leng did not receive an invitation from Fate officials to the event, it did not mean that her presence was shunned by the members who were present. 


Fleeting Time cast an icy glare at Mo Leng before averting his gaze. He pulled out his phone and began playing games as if nothing had happened. But this did not allow him to escape from Mo Leng’s attention. She brushed away the male players around her, and sat beside Fleeting time. 


White Fairtytale’s crush on Fleeting Time was no secret in Genesis, and that was why the players were not surprised when she took the spot beside him. One of them even cracked a joke at his luck with women. 


The player immediately received a harsh glare from Fleeting Time. This was the first time any of them saw such behavior from Fleeting Time after knowing him for many years.


 “Then why don’t we switch spots?” Fleeting Time spoke up as the Genesis members were still confused if the joke made at Mo Leng’s expense had offended the man. 

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