Chapter 452 Long Time No See

Chapter 452 Long Time No See


Fang Susu shrunk in a corner as Ye Ci glared at her, “Ye Ci, this is the first time I’m in a situation like this, can you please not make it worse for me?” she sobbed. 


Ye Ci gritted her teeth, but ultimately bit back her words when she saw the woeful state Fang Susu was in. 


It was a completely unexpected situation, at least to Ye Ci. Due to a recent arrest warrant out for a female murder suspect in the area, the authorities were at high alert, and this naturally meant that the two students would be brought n for questioning. 


But she did not get held up long by the authorities, as rescue was quick to arrive. 


The corner of Ye Ci’s lips twitched when she saw Wang Jiangnan smiling at the police officer after completing the necessary paperwork. The twitching grew more intense when Yi Qingchen appeared. 


The man smirked at Ye Ci as he stood before her, “Ye Ci, do you mind accepting an interview? I’d like to know how it feels to be jailed by the authorities.” 


Ye Ci’s expression was dark due to the mixture of anger she held for Fang Susu and the fear she felt as she was being detained. But she had a really strong urge to laugh when she heard Yi Qingchen’s words, “The accommodation’s not bad. But there’s no wi-fi here.” 


Yi Qingchen bursted into laughter and pulled her into a tight hug, burying her face in his chest. He then lowered his head and planted a kiss on the top of her head, “You’re an idiot. Spare me some worry, will you?” 


Ye Ci’s heart almost melted at his words, but she refused to yield, “Well it’s not like I told you to come. The organizers alone are enough to bail me out anyways. You won’t have any worries if you don’t tag along.” she snorted. 


Her words stung Yi Qingchen’s ears deeply. He swept his gaze across the room, and saw Wang Jiangnan who was making his way towards them. His lips formed themselves into a thin line when he noticed the man’s gaze on Ye Ci. 


“There’s nothing I can do. It’s my fate to always worry for you.” he narrowed his eyes and whispered into her ears, before dragging Ye Ci to retrieve her luggages. He offered a curt greeting to Wang Jiangnan and was about to leave. 


But he was stopped by Ye Ci who had not forgotten about the “child” who was Fang Susu that was in her care. This made Yi Qingchen even more irritated. He cast a sideway glance at Fang Susu, and she could immediately feel the temperature of the room dropping to sub zero levels.


The four of them ended up heading to the hotel in Wang Jiangnan’s car. Fang Susu who had originally thought of sitting at the back was intimidated into riding shotgun under Yi Qingchen’s intimidating stare. 


Wang Jiangnan was very focused on driving on their way back, while Fang Susu tried her best to minimize her presence due to her blunder. 


Ye Ci, on the other hand, was taking a light nap while Yi Qingchen narrowed his eyes and was deep in thought. A car ride that was supposedly joyful was turned into a very awkward one.


With Yi Qingchen already checked in, Ye Ci and Fang Susu were the only ones who had not received the keycards to their rooms. Wang Jiangnan completed the check in process and led them to their room after handing them their keycards, “Rest well. The event will start on the day after tomorrow. Let me know if you want to have a look around the city.” he said with a smile. 


“It’s alright.” Ye Ci shook her head with a smile, “I’ve been here the last time. There’s nothing much to look at. Go get ready for the event. I’m sure you guys are buzy.” 


Yi Qingchen’s ears twitched when he heard her words. The last time? He glanced at Ye Ci, then at Wang Jiangnan and Fang Susu. 


“Wah! Can we try out the new contents again this time?” Fang Susu exploded with excitement at the invitation. 


Wang Jiangnan nodded with a smile, “While we’re not planning to do that, an exception could be made for an old friend.” 


“Ahhhh… Let’s go tomorrow Little Ci…” and she immediately felt a pair of icy glares stabbing into her back before she could finish her sentence. She stole at glance at Yi Qingchen, and saw him smiling at her with his arms crossed in front of him. Her enthusiasm was immediately snuffed out, “We haven’t managed to visit a lot of places in F City the last time we came. I don’t mind having a look as well.” 


She let out a sigh of relief when she saw Yi Qingchen giving her a satisfied nod at the edge of her vision, and proceeded to continue minimizing her presence. 


When they were finally safely hidden away in their hotel room, Fang Susu finally came to a realization. Wait, why should I be afraid of him? It’s not like I owe him money or anything! Why was he glaring at me like a viper?


“Hey, Ye Ci, was that your boyfriend just now?” 




“He’s been glaring at me the entire time! But I’ve done nothing to wrong him! He’s not a good man! You must think long and hard about him.” 


“Yup. Qin Curuo is the kindest man in the world.” Fleeting Time’s actions did not go unnoticed by Ye Ci, but she could not resist the urge to tease her best friend. 


“Y-y-y-you.. Ye Ci you’ve become a bad person!” Fang Susu was angered, “No wonder you have eyes for somebody like him! Birds of a feather flock together!” 


But Ye Ci ignored her words. She dried her hair and prepared herself to go to bed. Just then, Fang Susu’s voice broke the silence, “Little Ci, is he Fleeting Time?” 




“Ye Ci, he’s not a kind person.” Fang Susu could still remember the daggers that Fleeting Time was staring at her, “But he’s very nice to you.” 


“Eh?” Ye Ci was baffled. Isn’t this the first time you meet him? “How can you tell?” 


“His eyes.” Fang Susu laughed, “They were gentle when he looked at you. He’s not like that when he’s looking at anybody else.” 


Warmth crept into Ye ci’s heart, but her expression did not betray her true emotions, “Fang Susu, you’ve read too many romance novels.” 


Fang Susu shot Ye Ci a glare, “Fine! Keep gloating at me! You’re lucky that you have someone pampering you like that.” 


“Oh, come on! What’s with the jealousy? Your man will be here tomorrow. Then you can elope with him.” Ye ci yawned. 


“Ye Ci, I really think that Fleeting Time is very nice to you. Don’t let this chance slip by.” said Fang Susu when the two turned off the lights in their room and were ready to sleep. But the only response she received was the sound of Ye Ci’s breathing. 


What she did not see in the dark, however, was the smile on Ye Ci’s lips. 


Ye Ci received a text message from Fleeting Time early in the morning on the next day, inviting her to breakfast with Fang Susu. But the girl immediately shook her head when she heard that the invitation was from Fleeting Time. She had no intention of playing third wheel. 


“I’ll go look for my own spring.” said the girl as she shoved Ye Ci out of their room. 


Yi Qingchen sat waiting at the lobby in casual attire. A smile appeared on his face when he saw Ye Ci approaching, “Heh, Little Gongzi. Long time no see.” 

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