Chapter 55 Remote Depths

Chapter 55 Remote Depths

Bai Mo shamelessly pretended that he hadn’t heard any of Ye Ci’s grumbling. He went downstairs, preparing to move more of his stuff.

A large box was carried into Bai Mo’s room. Ye Ci stared at the box, stunned. Wasn’t that a Fate gaming cabin? She had never known that Bai Mo played the game, even in her last life.

Ye Ci and Bai Mo were the only ones left when the movers finished. Ye Ci asked while unpacking the gaming cabin, “Since when did you start gaming?”

“I’ve been gaming for years now,but it’s a secret. I haven’t told anybody else, not even my parents.” Bai Mo cleaned the surface of the gaming cabin carefully with a piece of cloth

“Gaming is almost like an everyday thing now. Why don’t you tell them?”

“They expected me to become a scientific researcher, but I want to be a professional gamer. I know that that they’d be pissed if I told them.” Bai Mo tossed the cloth and leaned on the gaming cabin. He smiled, revealing his shining white teeth.

Ye Ci blinked as she suddenly realized something. She pursed her lips and said, “You’re so enthusiastic about studying here. Now I know why. You’re just here so that you can game in peace…”

“Ayy, you’re not cute at all. How can you say such things?” He hugged Ye Ci from behind and messed up her hair.

Their difference between their strengths was too great. It took all of her strength to get free from the bear hug. She panted, gasping for air, “So you’re lying about coming here to study?”

“Oh, that’s for real though. I wanted to tell them after I’ve gained success in-game. With that, they’ll not object to me being becoming a professional a gamer.” Bai Mo observed Ye Ci’s already messy hair and ruffled it again.

Ye Ci slapped his hand away and was satisfied when he let out a yelp, “So what’s your name in Fate?”

“Remote Depths.”

Bai Mo immediately gave Ye Ci his in-game name. She was deeply shocked and stood still as if she was hit by lightning.

Bai Mo was Remote Depths!

Remote Depths was one of the top 20 MT in Fate in Ye Ci’s last life. He was a member of Tang Dynasty. His position as a tank in the guild was only second to Wandering Cloud. His skill was far superior to Wandering Cloud’s, but Wandering Cloud’s equipment was on an entirely different level.

Wandering Cloud was a narrow-minded person. He attempted again and again to sabotage Remote Depths. Left with only the worst of members of the guild in his party, Remote Depths was still able to become famous due to his top-notch skills and good character.

Remote Depths suddenly disappeared from the game one day. Even Ye Ci felt that it was odd back then. She now knew that Remote Depths was her very own cousin, Bai Mo.

Ye Ci had received calls from Bai Mo when she dated Wandering Clouds. He had been advising her discreetly and indirectly to open her eyes and beware of Wandering Cloud. Of course, Ye Ci had chosen to not listen to him.

Bai Mo had called her several times in real life, while Remote Depths was one of the few people who still supported Ye Ci in-game. She thought that he was someone who wanted to take advantage of her but…

“What, is my name too cool?” Bai Mo noticed that Ye Ci had spaced out and waved his hand in front of her face.

Ye Ci slapped his hand away and smiled, “Which guild are you in right now?”

“I just joined Tang Dynasty a few days ago.”

“How’s the treatment over there?”

“I’m just doing my part, I don’t mind.” Bai Mo smiled mischievously, “I know you’re playing Fate too.” Ye Ci raised her eyebrows as Bai Mo continued, “Uncle told me. So, do you need help leveling up?”

Ye Ci’s eyebrows were even higher now. A creepy smile slowly formed on her lips.

Bai Mo could feel the hair on the back of his neck rise after looking as Ye Ci’s smile, “Hey hey hey, don’t look at me like that. Say, what’s your in-game name?”

“You’re a warrior right?” Ye Ci asked despite knowing the answer.


“Hurry, clean up and go online, I have something for you.” Ye Ci cut off whatever Bai Mo had to say and walked out of the room.

“Hey, you said you were gonna to give me a hand.”

“The thing that I’m giving you may or may not be some good stuff. If you don’t want it, I can help you tidy up your things up.” Ye Ci’s threat was obvious.

“Fine, fine. Take your time. I’ll finish tidying up on my own.” Bai Mo was initially lazing around but after being tempted by the ‘thing’ that Ye Ci had mentioned, he relented and tidied his room up in a flash.

“I’m in Red Lake City.” said Ye Ci, while heading back to her own room.

An entire day had passed since Ye Ci had soloed the Armored Giant Tortoise, and the players had calmed down. There were no longer crazed cheers when Ye Ci went online. She still received a lot of pigeons, most of them from friends writing to congratulate her. She replied to their messages one by one, thanking them.

Liu Chang was one of the people who congratulated her. Ye Ci’s heart sank as she received a letter from Dong Yin. She was asking about the loot dropped by the Armored Giant Tortoise.

Ye Ci was 100% sure that it was Thousand Sunsets who was asking her about the loot through Dong Yin. She began to loathe Thousand Sunsets. After all, he was in her friend list. Why couldn’t he ask her directly?

Ye Ci replied to Liu Chang’s letter and purposely left Dong Yin’s letter untouched.

After replying to the letters, Ye Ci loitered around the gate of Red Lake City, patiently waiting for Bai Mo.

A Warrior in mediocre-looking armor appeared half an hour later; he didn’t hide his character’s info and Ye Ci was able to click it open.

ID: Remote Depths

Race: Human

Class: Warrior

Level: 17 (Progress: 12%)

It was Bai Mo.

Remote Depths grumbled as he ran towards Red Lake City, “That damned girl is ordering me around again. I’m supposed to be the older brother.”

He was still grumbling as he walked pass Ye Ci. She held back a laugh and called out to him, “Yo, that guy over there, are you interested in doing a quest for me?”

Remote Depths immediately turned towards the source of the voice and saw a female Elf leaning on the Red Lake City gate. Could that be a random NPC giving out a Hidden Quest?

Random NPCs were something unique to Fate. The system would randomly generate nameless NPCs and randomly select players for some random quest. These NPCs were rare and the quests they usually gave out were nothing short of bizarre. But there was something all these quests had in common: the rewards they offered were enormous! These NPCs were like the God of Wealth to an average player.

Remote Depths couldn’t bring himself to believe that the female Elf was talking to him. He looked around, and then pointed at himself, “Are you talking to me?”

Ye Ci held back a laugh, “Would you rather that I talk to somebody else?”

“No no no, here I come. Don’t call out to someone else, I’m here.” Remote Depths immediately dashed to Ye Ci’s side, afraid that she would look for someone else to hand the quest to.

Ye Ci immediately sent him a trade request.

Remote Depths immediately lost his wits after noticing the name of the player who was trading with him. It was Gongzi You.

This person wasn’t an NPC?

This person was Gongzi You?

The Gongzi You that was so popular in the forums?

The Gongzi You who had gotten so many First Bloods?

He sucked in a deep breath. He had never expected himself to be able to meet such a top-tier godlike player.


He stared at the female Elf. Her skin was fair and her silvery hair was tied into a ponytail. Her pointed ears twitched occasionally and her amber-like eyes were all so captivating. There was fire in her eyes, giving her an air of dominance. He was already impressed by Gongzi You after watching videos of the Huntress in action, but to see her for real…

Remote Depths began to stutter, “G-gongzi Y-yo-you, I-I am a f-fan of yours. C-can you t-take a selfie w-with me…?”

Ye Ci was puzzled. She had never seen Remote Depths idolizing anybody before. To think that his first idol was a virtual character… Mischievous thoughts floated into her mind. What if Bai Mo learned that she was Gongzi You? What would his expression be?

Looking at Bai Mo’s blushing face, she decided to further stir up his emotion. It would be better if he fainted right then and there. It would be a very good clickbait in the forums.

The title: The First Player to Faint After Meeting Gongzi You…

That was of course, merely Ye Ci’s imagination. She placed the Swordback Hold into the trade column and confirmed the trade.

Swordback Hold was the shield that Wandering Cloud sought. Ye Ci had never expected that she would be able to obtain that shield on her first try. She intended to sell it right after real-world currency conversion was introduced into the game. But when she learned that Bai Mo was Remote Depths, she decided to give the shield to him instead.

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