Chapter 451 All Shall Be Well (1)

Chapter 451 All Shall Be Well 


Ye Ci was finally able to relax herself. She leaned back against her chair and stared at Zuo Xiaolan. She could feel tears pooling in her eyes, “I know, mom.” 


“You idiot, we wouldn’t need to have this conversation today if you do.” Zuo Xiaolan huffed in another puff of smoke, “You’ve always been headstrong since you were still a child. I can still remember how you made up your mind to join a  homestay program for city kids in the village back then. Your father and I forbid you from going, but you went anyway by paying with your own pocket money. We only found out the day before you’re supposed to leave, but you insisted on going even after receiving a beating from your dad. We prepared a lot of things with you, but you did not take any of them with you, and instead took a lot of money. You were skinny and dark when you came back to us half a month later. I asked if everything was fine, and you said yes. But we’ve both heard your complaints when you called Liu Chang. You gave all the money you brought with you to the kids at the village too. You could’ve told us that you wanted to donate some money to them, and we would’ve agreed. You’re our daughter. I’m sure that if you give us the chance to spoil you even for just a tiny bit, your dad is willing to pluck the stars from the very sky above us for you.” 


Ye Ci could still remember doing something like this very vaguely, but she could not recall the full details of the incident. Ahh… How naive I was when I was younger. She chuckled. A memory of her past surfaced, and she could remember how she fell into a river and almost drowned when she was at the village. She was very afraid back then. But when asked by her parents, she told them that all was well. 


Ahh.. The good old days. 


“Little Ci, I know you’re strong, but it’s not good to be too headstrong. Both of you are being stubborn right now, and it’s not good for your relationship, especially in the long run.” Zuo Xiaolan held Ye Ci’s hands in her own, and spoke with a grave tone, “It might still be okay if it’s just a year or two. But what if it goes beyond that? Both of you will grow tired of it.” 


Ye Ci opened her mouth to speak, but found herself at a loss for words. She stared at Zuo Xiaolan, but she could not bring herself to tell her mother what she was thinking deep down.


Mom, I can’t do it. I can’t sacrifice everything for the person I love like Dong Yin did. I can’t be like Fang Susu who was kind and gentle to her lover. I’m Ye Ci, and this is who I am


“Alright, mom.” she was able to eventually respond with a half-smile. 


Zuo Xiaolan sighed when she saw the expression on Ye Ci’s face, “I know what you’re thinking, you’re not even listening, are you?” 


“I did.” Ye Ci smiled at her mother as innocently as a little girl. 


“Oh whatever, I’ve said what I must. If you don’t take it seriously, you’ll be at a loss later! For real…” Zuo Xiaolan knew her daughter very well. A slight anger was brewing in her heart when she received the response from Ye Ci, “Just remember alright, you must be gentle with whoever you end up with.” 


“I know, mom.” Ye Ci nodded at her mother. 


“For real?” Zuo Xiaolan was still unsure. 


“For real!” 


Zuo Xiaolan knew that there was nothing more she could do. She headed back into her bedroom after some small talk with her daughter. 


Ye ci let out a sigh as she sat alone at the balcony. She looked up at the moon and thought to herself. I know what you’re trying to say, mom. But I just can’t do it. 


Four years passed very quickly. It was a major event for Fate, and for Ye Ci as well. She was graduating soon. 


Despite her best efforts as a reincarnator, her studies were not going very well. There were even instances where she had almost failed in some of her subjects. It was a miracle for her to even be able to graduate. 


“Are you done with your thesis?” asked Fang Susu who was preparing for a presentation. 


“Yes, but…” Ye Ci sighed, “Who knows if I can actually graduate.” 


“Yes you can.” Fang Susu nodded at her. 


Ye Ci was touched by her friend’s show of confidence, as even she was unsure of her own capabilities. 


“I’m pretty sure the faculty will at least allow you to graduate after all the fees you paid.” 


Tears immediately streamed down Ye Ci’s cheeks. 


“Well our thesis presentation is on next month, so are you going to the Fate 4th Anniversary event?” 


“Why? You sound like you’ll be going.” 


“Well I wanted to go, but there’s not enough slots for our guild, and Qin Curuo wouldn’t bring me along.” Fang Susu pouted, “He must’ve been planning to have fun with the girls there!” 


Ye Ci broke into laughter as she patted her friend on the shoulder, “Well you can always go with me.” 


“Really? You’re going as well?” the pout on Fang Susu’s face was immediately replaced by a bright smile, “I knew you’d go as well! If you are not attending the event, nobody else is qualified to.” 


“But… You’ll be there as my servant. I’ll be counting on you to carry my bags.” Ye Ci snorted at her friend. 


“Die, Ye Ci!” Fang Susu pounced on Ye Ci and the girls giggled at one another. 


Fang Susu sighed when she was on the flight to S City, “Wow… As expected of a God-tier player! You get to ride in First Class! I heard from Qin Curuo that they’re in the Economy Class.” 


“If he has my Sin value, he’ll be in the First Class as well.” replied Ye Ci. 


Fang Susu knew that Ye Ci’s Sin value was twice the amount of the player ranked second on the leaderboard, “Just how many people have you killed, Ye Ci?” 


She immediately noticed the stares from the air stewardess nearby. 


“Miss Fang, can you please not speak in a way that will cause misunderstanding? I was only killing players in a game, okay?” Ye Ci sighed. 


Fang Susu looked at Ye Ci, and then at the two air stewardesses that were staring at them with looks of horror and stammered, “I… Did I say anything wrong.” 


“This is on you, Fang Susu.” grumbled Ye Ci as the two stewardess retreated towards their rest area. A phone connected to the cockpit was located in that room. 


Fang Susu blinked with confusion clearly written on her face, and blinked again. She finally realized her mistake. 


They spent the rest of the journey uninterrupted. And Fang Susu was relieved. To her, the danger had subsided. 


But it was just the calm before the storm. 


The two girls were immediately approached by a group of men right after the plane landed, and they were handed to the authorities. 


Ye Ci glared at Fang Susu as the two sat in a dimly lit room, “I hope you die, Fang Susu!” 

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