Chapter 446 It’s Lonely Up There

Chapter 446 It’s Lonely Up There


For the briefest of moments, Ye Ci found herself relating with Breeze. 


He told her that he had been driven by his ambitions. He was able to gain a lot as Golden Era grew, but he lost so much more in the process. He said that he was tired. And Ye Ci realized that she was also tired when she fell from Glory Corporation’s building. 


So I’m not the only one burdened by fame. A smile appeared on her face, “So what do you want me to say? Bon voyage? That’s not how I do things.” 


“Hmm… If it’s you… It’s probably something along the lines of…” Breeze imitated Ye Ci’s cold voice, “What a shame, I haven’t even had my fill of the fun yet.” 


Breeze was able to mimic her demeanor down to the slightest detail that it was as if he was the real Ye Ci. 


The two shared a smile. She and Breeze were the same sort of people. They both knew what they wanted the most, and would often take some of the most drastic measures to achieve their goals. This was how they ended as enemies. 


“Take my men in.” it was not a question, but a statement. 


Ye Ci crossed her arms in front of her chest and spoke up after a long time, “I do not mind. But I have to talk to Remote Depths about it.” and she continued after clicking her tongue, “If there’s still so many of you around, why not just make a new guild?” 


“Then what’s the point of disbanding Golden Era?” Breeze responded with a question of his own, “It will just become yet another burden that I have to shoulder. I’ll be carrying it with me for the rest of my life. I’m no longer the young man who was full of vigor. I’m not that foolish.” 


Ye Ci stared silently at Breeze for a long time before smiling at him, “This is not my decision to make. You’ll have to talk to Remote Depths about it.” 


“Ah, I thought you’d agree to it right away.” 


“Why would you say that?” 


“You’re a person with ambition, Gongzi You. And it does not only include you, but also Upwards Ho! as well. There’s no way you’d let go of such a chance.” 


“I think it’s better for us to remain as enemies, don’t you think so?” 


“Why? Because a mountain is not big enough for two tigers?” 


“No, but I still have a promise to keep with Death Blossom. How am I supposed to fulfill that if you leave?” Ye Ci shrugged. 


“Ah, it’s a shame then. I don’t think that duel will be happening anytime soon.” 


“Because you’re leaving?” 


“Death Blossom is pregnant.” snorted Breeze. The smile on his face was telling Ye Ci: Come on, give me your blessings! 


Ye Ci was caught off guard by his response, “Congratulations, you’ll be a father soon.” 


Breeze chuckled at her words. It was apparent that he was in a good mood. 


He stood up, and cast one last glance at Ye Ci, “Well, it’s a shame. I guess I’ll have to talk to Remote Depths then.” and he left after waving his hand at Ye Ci. 


Ye Ci smiled at Breeze as he left. She looked up at the azure skies. It seems that everyone has their own happiness. 


Cheers from the crowd drew Ye Ci’s attention back to the large screen. Fleeting Time was pressing his attack against Lamb With Fangs with his twin blades. His movements were so fast that the Ranger could only go on defence, and was rapidly pushed back. 


Ye Ci stood up and left the arena. 


The outcome of the battle had already been decided. 


She sat alone by the creek outside of Middle Continent’s Hero City, looking up at the silvery moon hanging in the sky. It was a secluded corner of the map that was usually quiet. Due to the lack of monster population, the map was usually not visited by players other than the ones looking for herbs. 


Ye Ci felt lonely in the quiet night.


She pulled out a bottle of wine from her inventory and took a swig. 


Golden Era’s departure meant that the game would grow mundane from now on. 


She did not know if it was because of Golden Era’s impending departure, but she had been in low spirits since her conversation with Breeze. Fleeting Time was someone she thought was her target. Did he feel the same way when he quit the game in my last life? 


Words that Bai Mo had said to her a long time ago came flooding back into her mind. Little Ci, it’s good to have an opponent that you have to surpass. You’ll be happier that way.


It’s lonely at the top. 


Indeed, being at the top alone was lonely. 


But Fleeting Time would always be there for her. 


“I spy with my eyes a gorgeous lady. What are you doing alone in a place like this? Isn’t it boring to enjoy the night view alone? Allow me to buy you a drink.” 


Ye Ci peeled the hands covering her eyes away and turned around to see a handsome face illuminated by the moonlight, “You’re trying to bribe a heavy drinker like me with just a drink? Aren’t you a little too petty?” 


“Oh…” he narrowed his eyes as a smile appeared on his lips, “If that’s the case, I guess just a single drink is not a sufficient enough investment.” 


“Of course!” 


“Alright then,” he thought for a long while with a troubled expression on his face. He then walked up to her and knelt in front of her, “What about a drink everyday until the day I die?” 


“Well, that’s a far future.” Ye Ci raised an eyebrow, “Doesn’t seem like it’s worth it.” 


The man broke into laughter, “Hey hey, I’ve even offered up the rest of my life. What else do you need?” 


“Your house, your bank account, and your income. What use will you have without those?” Ye Ci scrunched her nose in disdain.” 


“Alright, they’re all yours then.” Despite the smile on his lips, Ye Ci could see from his yes that he was earnest with his response. For reasons unknown, it made her feel guilty. 


She decided to redirect the conversation instead, “Congratulations.” 


“What for?” While Fleeting Time did not like the sudden change in the topic, he did not press the matter. There will be ample time for that later. 


“The tournament. You’re going to win it.” 


“It’s nothing. You don’t have to congratulate me for that.” 


“Oh? Then what is worthy of my congratulations then?” 


Fleeting Time gave her a meaningful look and changed the topic, “How are the quests on the Dark Side going?” 


“I’m still clearing the side quests. From how things are progressing, I haven’t gotten to the main quest yet.” replied Ye Ci after having a brief glance at her quests, “What about things on your side?” 


“I can finally get to the holy mountain,” and he leaned against Ye Ci before letting out a sigh, “Little Gongzi, it’s so lonely up there.” 



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