Chapter 54 Bai Mo

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Chapter 54 Bai Mo

After leaving Winter Hotsprings, Ye Ci headed straight to Red Lake City.

The wind caressed her long hair, reminding her of the past.

She wasn’t exactly a kind person. If she was kind, she wouldn’t have threatened Wandering Cloud.

Ye Ci had learned about the scandal a little too late. The guild leader of Tang Dynasty, NightAndDay treated Wandering Cloud like a brother. There was nothing unusual, but then shit happened.

Wandering Cloud and NightAndDay fell in love with the same girl but Wandering Cloud chose to let it go. The girl then became a couple with NightAndDay. From that day onwards, Wandering Cloud had never talked to that girl. The story would’ve ended there. But when the Fate servers opened, the girl joined the game as well.

Sometimes, things happened not because of right or wrong but because of the timing.

What Wandering Cloud and the girl lacked was the so-called ‘timing’. But in Fate, their time finally came. In the end… one of them betrayed a lover, and the other betrayed a brother. This was the beginning of a shocking scandal, but also a testimony of their ‘love’.

After that incident, Wandering Cloud used Ye Ci as a tool to increase his influence. He was able to replace NightAndDay as the guild leader of Tang Dynasty and also replaced NightAndDay as well as the husband of his wife.

All these things were learned by Ye Ci after she left Wandering Cloud. At that time, Wandering Cloud’s relationship with the girl was exposed, and it became one of the top 10 scandals in Fate. Ye Ci was quite pitiful. She was merely cannon fodder in a larger scandal.

However, looking back on it as a reborned person, the entire incident was like a joke.

She wasn’t unfamiliar with the fire deep within Wandering Cloud’s eyes. It was exactly the fire she saw in her past life when he found his resolve to take down NightAndDay. He was a man who would go to extreme lengths to achieve his ambitions. Despite not being afraid of him, Ye Ci didn’t want trouble. After all, she want nothing to do with Wandering Cloud anymore.

She took a look at the time. It was right after the time when Wandering Cloud had an affair with the girl in Floral Appartment, room 612. It was a widely-known fact in Ye Ci’s last life. But in her current life, it was still a secret.

Wandering Cloud thought that his secret was safe. But how could he maintain his composure when his supposed secret was known by Ye Ci?

His expression… was rather funny.

Recalling Wandering Cloud’s reaction earlier on, Ye Ci flipped her hair, throwing everything to the back of her mind. She galloped at full speed back to Red Lake City.

The moment she stepped through the city gate, she received N numbers of messenger pigeon. All of them asking were asking about the same incident: The First Blood.

Ye Ci’s head hurt with the sudden influx of messages. She had originally wanted to give herself a chance to face her past. But she had never thought that it would bring her so much… ‘troubles’.

Helpless, Ye Ci decided to go offline to hide herself.

This was probably the longest period of time that Ye Ci had spent online. She was totally exhausted when she went finally offline. She didn’t even care about eating and headed straight to sleep.

Even Ye Ci herself did not know how long she had slept. She was woken up by the the ringing of her phone. Ye Ci curled underneath her blanket as she made up her mind to ignore the phone call. But her caller was even more persistent. The phone rang and rang and finally Ye Ci relented.

“Hello?” Ye Ci didn’t even open her eyes, her voice full of sleepiness.

“Ye Ci, look at the time, get your ass down here!” a magnetic male voice entered her ears.

That voice sounded so familiar… Ye Ci was still in a daze. Suddenly, a realization struck her. She immediately sat upright. With trembling lips, she asked cautiously, “Bai Mo?”

“Of course it’s me! Is there another man who would patiently call you on the phone while you doze on like the lazy pig you are?”

Ye Ci felt something flowing out from her eyes, clouding her vision. She clutched her phone tightly and pressed it closely to her ear, listening intently to Bai Mo’s voice. She didn’t even dare to let out even a tiny breath.

What’s wrong with her eyes, dammit.

She rubbed her eyes and discovered that her hand was wet.

She tried her best to suppress her emotion, worried that Bai Mo would notice something peculiar from her voice. Despite that, tears were already flowing freely down her cheeks.

He’s alive, Bai Mo is alive.

Bai Mo was one of Ye Ci’s cousins. He was one year older than her. The two had a close relationship when they were young, they were just like siblings. When Ye Ci broke up with Wandering Cloud in her last life, Bai Mo was deeply concerned about her. He brought her out for a ride but Ye Ci had insisted on taking the wheel. Because of her insistence, Bai Mo had allowed her to drive.

Ye Ci had sped on the highway. Bai Mo had told her that she was driving too fast but she wouldn’t listen. She accelerated the vehicle. In the end, shit happened. She could only remember a loud bang, and the warmth when Bai Mo clutched her in his embrace.

She would always remember the last words Bai Mo had said to her: “Little Ci, be happy.”

If her parents were her regrets in her last life, then Bai Mo’s death was like a debt that she would never be able to repay. His death was caused by her own hads.

But right now, Bai Mo was still alive.

Ye Ci couldn’t even being to describe her feelings with words. She wasnt even sure herself if the onslaught of emotions were tremendous joy or extreme shock. The words in her entire vocabulary were not enough to describe her current feelings.

“Say something, don’t tell me you went back to sleep.” After receiving no answer from Ye Ci, Bai Mo scratched his head and said, “Is my voice so hypnotic that it became a lullaby?”

“Nope, where are you right now?” Ye Ci recovered from her raging emotions and asked with a smile.

“I’ve almost reached your home, but I’ve heard that you’ve moved out…”

Ye Ci jumped down from her bed before Bai Mo could finish his sentence, “I’ll be back right away. You better wait for me.” She immediately hung her phone and basically flew into her bathroom to clean herself up.

Bai Mo was puzzled and mumbled to himself, “What’s with her today? Why is she sudden acting so friendly…”

When Ye Ci reached her home, Bai Mo was already there. The first thing that Ye Ci saw after opening the door was Bai Mo’s handsome face. Her hands trembled. Even Ye Ci herself didn’t expect that she would embrace Bai Mo in a tight hug, feeling his warmth and energy.

Bai Mo was extremely confused by Ye Ci’s sudden actions. Despite his close relationship with Ye Ci, they never had such intimate contact ever since they were seven or eight years old due to Ye Ci’s cold nature. He didn’t even know how to react to her sudden intimacy.

It really was Bai Mo, he was alive.

Ye Ci burried her face into his chest, holding back the tears that were very close to flowing out. She raised her voice, putting on an air of being carefree, “Long time no see Bai Mo!”

Zuo Xiaolan was momentarily stunned to see Ye Ci dragging Bai Mo along, she smiled and called out to them, “Why are you still standing there? Come, wash your hands and eat!”

Ye Ci felt as if she was in a dream. Although she was able to calm herself down, Bai Mo’s presence still felt surreal.

Bai Mo was the son of her mother’s sister, who lived in another city. He moved to Ye Ci’s city as a transfer student.

Ye Ci raised her eyebrows, “You transferred here? This is the first time I’ve heard of somebody doing that. Aren’t you a postgraduate already?”

Bai Mo did very well in his studies when he was young. He had even skipped a few grades. This was why he was already a postgraduate by the time that Ye Ci had enrolled into the university.

“Professor Xia in your campus is the mentor to my professor and my professor suggested that I should enroll in your university and thus, here I am.” said Bai Mo with a mouthful of rice, “I thought that I’d need to rent a room near the campus. But since you’ve already rented one, let’s share!”

Ye Ci replied with a hint of disdain, “Then what am I going to do if you bring your girlfriend home at night?”

Bai Mo immediately blushed. He glanced at Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan, “Hush, I don’t have a girlfriend.”

Ye Ci once again showed her disdain.

Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan were happily watching the two bicker. It had been quite awhile since the atmospherein their house had been so lively.

In the end, Ye Ci compromised and allowed Bai Mo to move into her rented unit. The two said goodbye to Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan and returned to their own place.

Ye Ci could see a truck parked near her dormitory the moment they arrived. Bai Mo immediately rushed towards the truck and began to talk to the workers. He then shouted to Ye Ci, “Dammit open the door already, can’t you see that I’m trying to get things moved here?”

Ye Ci rolled her eyes. There was a saying ‘The dove taking over the magpie’s nest’. Bai Mo was doing just that.

Ye Ci’s place was a small unit with 2 bedrooms and a living room. It was the only available unit left. The small unit was now a humble abode of two residents. Ye Ci was exhausted after helping Bai Mo with his stuff. She couldn’t help but grumble, “I shouldn’t have rented this place.”

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