Chapter 440 At The Peak

Chapter 440 At The Peak


Despite the battle raging on, the beauty of the map was not lost. 


Ye Ci looked up into the sky, and saw a beam of light splitting the gloomy sky apart. She saw the dazzling beauty of nature. 


She stared silently at the scenery afar, sitting quietly just like a statue. Fleeting Time stared at Ye Ci, as if the raging battle had nothing to do with him. And in actuality, it was indeed none of his business. He was here because of Gongzi You. 


“I saw Naga.” Ye Ci broke the silence. 


The statement was so sudden that it took Fleeting Time quite a while to muster a response, “And what happened?” 


“What happened?” Ye Ci pulled off the gloves given to her by Fleeting Time and shook her ring finger in front of him, “He gave me this so that we can win.” 


“Were the soldiers summoned because of the ring’s skill?” 


Ye Ci had always found it easy to communicate with top-tier players. She did not even have to explain much before Fleeting Time quickly understood the situation.


“Yup. It’s one of its more powerful skills?” Ye Ci narrowed her eyes at the ring. 


“And what do you have to do to receive the ring? I doubt Naga will give it to you for free. No NPC would do something like that, let alone Naga.” 


“I don’t know yet.” Ye Ci sighed. She met Fleeting Time’s gaze and shrugged, “He told me that all will be made clear when the time is right. We’re just players, but he’s the Final BOSS of an Epic-iter quest. The only thing I could do was to agree to his terms.” 


“Hah, this is the first time I see you so helpless. I bet the NPC is a tough nut to crack.” Fleeting Time chuckled. 


And Ye Ci responded with a sigh, “He’s too smart. And I have weaknesses that he was able to exploit.” 


“Well you don’t seem displeased.” 


“Well, I enjoyed seeing Golden Era’s men being crushed by waves after waves of NPCs and our own players.” and she spread her arms open with an innocent expression, “Aren’t wars fought so that we can see the failures of our enemies? It’s just like attending a live concert so that we can hear the singer’s voice crack?” 


This elicited a laugh from Fleeting Time, “Wow, I didn’t know that you’re a philosopher.” 


Ye Ci joined in on his laughter as well. 


The battle was still being fought as the duo sat laughing far away. 


It took Fleeting Time quite a while to finally regain his composure, “By the way, what was the cost for summoning so many troops?” 


“Souls.” Ye Ci shrugged, “But I did not have a lot of those.” 


“And what did you use instead?” a slight frown appeared on Fleeting Time’s face. 


“The only thing I had in abundance… Was experience points.” Ye Ci sighed. 


Fleeting Time blinked upon hearing her response. So that’s how it is. “Then… How much of your experience points did you spend? What’s your level now?” 


“Lvl53.” even Ye Ci could feel sadness welling in her heart as she gave the response. What a scam! And this came as a shock to Fleeting Time.


“Hey, don’t look at me like that. I bet you would’ve done the same thing.” 


Fleeting Time was speechless. But he knew that he would do the same thing if he was placed in Ye Ci’s position. He would have done it without even the slightest hesitation, for his personal benefit mattered not to him. 


He had come to realize that he was just like Ye Ci. That was why he was able to understand her decision despite his shock. He knew that she would do the same thing again if given the choice, just like he would. 


A top player held more responsibilities than a normal player, even if he or she did not like it. 


“Do you regret what you did?” Fleeting Time could not resist the urge to ask despite knowing the answer. 


“No.” There was no hesitation when she answered with a slight shake of her head and a smile on her face. 


“Even if nobody know of your sacrifice today?” 


“Yes.” She nodded, “You know why I’d still do it?” 


Fleeting Time sighed. I guess we are the same sort of people, “Because you’re Gongzi You.” 


“Yes. It’s exactly because I’m Gongzi You.” there was a hint of sadness in her expression, “But I do have some regrets.” 


Fleeting Time immediately understood what she meant. She had always wanted to square off against him in the PVP Tournament, but it was now impossible.


He smiled at Ye Ci, “I’ll continue moving forward. I’ll not stop and wait for you because of this.” 


“I know.” Ye Ci took in a deep breath and stood up before stretching herself, “But it’s okay. I’ll catch up to you in no time.” she turned around and spoke in a grave tone, “And because of that, Fleeting Time.” 


“Hmm?” The smile remained on Fleeting Time’s face. 


“I want you to continue standing at the top. Don’t let anyone defeat you before I catch up. I’ll be there before you know it.” she grinned at him, “Wait for me, at the peak of the world.” 


“Very well. I shall wait for you at the top until you catch up, and perhaps even surpass me.” 

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