Chapter 432 I’m Out Of Ideas For Chapter Names

Chapter 432 I’m Out Of Ideas For Chapter Names


Sir Ditty's expression was dark as he sat in front of Ye Ci. While ‘nothing happened at all just now’ was written all over her face, Sir Ditty could remember it very well. It was apparent from the glare that he was shooting Ye Ci’s way. 


“What do you think of my proposal?” asked Ye Ci. She was confused by Sir Ditty’s lack of reaction after all that she had said to him. The man had a reputation of being somewhat talkative. It was highly unusual for him to just remain silent. 


Sir Ditty’s mind was still stuck at the moment when Ye Ci saw him bathing. Shouldn’t she be looking away just now?! 


She laughed at him when he told her to turn around. And it was a humiliation that he as the leader of a large guild should not have suffered. 


Of course, she was as famous as he was, but she was still a girl. 


But why is she so shameless?! 


Ye Ci was still waiting for a response from Sir Ditty, who was not even paying attention to her words much to her displeasure. She hated wasting her time on someone who was not even listening. And that was why she drew her dagger and threw it at Sir Ditty. 


Sir Ditty caught something flying towards him from his peripheral vision, and dodged out of reflex. A loud ‘clag’ came from behind him. He turned around and saw a dagger embedded on the rock behind him. 


“What are you doing, Gongzi You?! I might die!” 


“Well I missed, didn’t I?” 


“That’s because I dodged it! What if I didn’t?!” Sir Ditty raised his voice. 


“Well, you’re still alive.” 




“I asked you a question, but you were not listening. I had to do something to catch your attention.” Ye Ci had become as shameless as Fleeting Time as time passed. 


While Sir Ditty was furious, he was still a gentleman with good upbringing. “What was the question again?” he sighed.


I knew it! He wasn’t even listening! Ye Ci rolled her eyes at him. She began explaining the situation to him once again, and finally asked, “So what do you think of my proposal?” 


Sir Ditty listened intently to her words this time. There were certain things that he had to take into consideration before making a final decision. 


Helping Upwards Ho! in its fight against Golden Era was not a difficult task. They were allies, and his guild had already been suffering from Golden Era’s aggression. He was helping himself by helping Upwards Ho!. 


But Wolf Pack had not been engaged in open hostility with Golden Era. He was still reluctant to offer his aid if nothing came out of it. The objective of both guilds was an abandoned city. He knew very well that nothing good would come out of fighting against Golden Era. But how is he supposed to grab benefits from the clutches of Gongzi You? This was a question that he found himself unable to answer. 


Of course, there was still something that he had to take care of before offering his guild’s help to Upwards Ho!. He looked at Ye Ci, and mumbled a string of words under his breath. 


“What did you say?” Ye Ci could not hear his overly soft voice. 


Sir Ditty repeated himself again, but his voice was still too soft for Ye Ci. 


“What are you saying? Can’t you speak louder?” Ye Ci raised her voice, “Do you call yourself a man?” 


Sir Ditty’s embarrassment turned into anger instead, “Delete the pictures you took of me!” he stood up and roared at Ye Ci. 


The Huntress’s expression rapidly darkened as she stared up at him, and without warning, she broke into laughter much to Sir Ditty’s surprise. 


He had always regarded her as an enigma that he could not understand. His guard was up even when she was laughing at him. 


“Wait, do you really believe that I took a picture of you? Oh come on! You’re not some 36D big busted beauty! Why would I take a picture of you?” 


Sir Ditty gritted his teeth at Ye Ci and shouted at her, “Gongzi You! Why do I have the misfortune of knowing someone like you?” 


Ye Ci’s laughter only grew in intensity, “I would’ve taken it for real if I knew that you wanted me to do it.” 


Of course, a response must still be given to Gongzi You’s proposal. But it was not to Ye Ci’s liking. Ye Ci had thought of only using the equipment dropped by Golden Era’s players as payment for Sir Ditty, but the man wanted more. 


In the end, he was able to secure a portion of the tax collected from Sodom once the city was operational. 


“What a stingy man you are…” Ye Ci sighed at Sir Ditty, “Really, you’re a very stingy man.” 


“Don’t talk to me. I don’t want to see you anywhere near me these few days.” Sir Ditty’s expression was dark. 


These words were also what Ye Ci intended to say to him. 


Bai Mo, on the other hand, was very satisfied with the result of the negotiations. He expected to be losing 10% of their tax revenue to Sir Ditty, but in the end, Wolf Pack had settled for only 5% of the revenue. He was able to secure Tang Dynasty’s aid by promising them 5% of Sodom’s tax revenue as well. 


And with this, the benefits of these guilds were all tied to the abandoned city of Sodom. Nobody would miss out on an opportunity to earn some easy money, which was why Ye Ci was not worried that the two guilds would not do their best during the fight. 


Ye Ci had no need to worry about the preparations to take the city, all she had to do was to play her own role during the day of the battle. She was a formidable fighter, but not an effective leader after all. 


While the initial plan was to attack Golden Era’s rear as the guild focused its attention on Sodom, Upwards Ho! would find that things were not going their way. It was only natural for a large guild like Golden Era to obtain intelligence about Upwards Ho!’s plans to attack the city. 


Golden Era did not see Upwards Ho! as a threat, as the levels of their players had almost caught up with the game’s average. But if Upwards Ho! wanted a fight, they would of course oblige. 


Nobody knew why Golden Era would not attack Upwards Ho! directly, and instead chose to compete for the fort instead. 


Breeze had been keeping it a secret, while Death Blossom was ever elusive when asked about it. 


But Golden Era members were obedient. They listened to every instruction given by their superiors. 


Ye Ci was part of a 100-players scouting force deployed around the forest surrounding Sodom. What stood before them was the vast numbers of Golden Era players. Players from the scouting force began talking among themselves as they observed Golden Era’s vast formations. 


“Heh, look at them. Are they expecting us?” 


“I don’t think so. It’s probably security measures that they would’ve done regardless of the situation.” 


“How can you tell?” 


“Well, they’re Golden Era.” 


“So what if they’re Golden Era?” 


“This is an old guild we’re talking about. Their players are all veterans of many battles. This was something you’d expect them to do.” 


“Hey hey hey, are you implying that they’re better than us?” 


“No! I’m just analyzing the situation objectively. I know we’ll win.” 


“And how do you know we’ll win?” 


“We have Gongzi You on our side.” 


Ye Ci sighed when she heard the player’s words. Being trusted by the members of her guild was a burden that was crushing down on her. But it was also something that she had never tasted even once in her last life. 


And at that moment, she found herself appreciating the fact that she had been reincarnated. 


But her attention still remained on the Golden Era players. Are they simply defending against us? 


Ye Ci made the decision to sneak past their lines after a moment of hesitation. 


“Stay here, I’ll go and have a look.” she said into the party channel. 



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