Chapter 53 The Past Doesn't Matter

Chapter 53 The Past Doesn't Matter

Ye Ci had always felt the scar left in her heart by this man.

Even after her reincarnation, she had trod carefully, ignoring any and all information regarding the Tang Dynasty. When she learned anything about Wandering Cloud, she acted as if she was illiterate and could not understand anything at all. She did not want to face him.

However, the Goddess of Fate was headstrong.

She was hit by this drama in her moment of peace.

She was caught off guard by his sudden appearance.

Truth to be told, Ye Ci knew that she could not ostracize herself and hide from him forever. The Tang Dynasty ranked no.2 in the East Continent. They ranked no.5 in Country Z. Their paths would meet eventually no matter how hard she tried to avoid him. But she had never thought that they would meet so soon.

How do I face him? Ye Ci had thought, thinking of the scenario when she would meet Wandering Cloud once again.

With hatred? With anger? Or with meek expectation?

It was a question that she had thought of many times but had no answer to.

However, life is strange.

When she once again faced this man, she only felt an odd unfamiliarity and nothing else.

Wandering Cloud knelt on the ground, looking up at the Huntress before him. Her skin was pale. While her eyes were not gorgeous, there was something about her gaze that intimidated him. She stared at him with her amber eyes. It was as if those eyes were devoid of any human emotions. They were so calm that he even felt despair as she stared on.

Wandering Cloud gulped and said, “You really are Gongzi You…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Gongzi You had grabbed him and her face inched closer to his. He could even feel the warm breath coming out of the Huntress’s mouth. It was as if tens of thousands of ants had burrowed themselves into his skin, gnawing at his nerves. He felt afraid.

Ye Ci took a careful look at the face so close to hers. It was so young, so handsome. It was a face that had once deeply enchanted her. However, she no longer cared for it.

When the system gave her the choice to hide her name, she chose to announce it. It was not for the fame. But rather because… she had realized that the past doesn’t matter anymore.

No matter what she did in her last life, what relationship she shared with this man, they were all in the past.

She was Ye Ci. She was Gongzi You. She had begun a new life. There was no point in torturing herself with something that had happened in her last life.

At that moment, she felt a sense of relaxation that she had never experienced.

She was herself. She lived for herself. Her joy and happiness were all for herself.

Just these things were enough.

Ye Ci smiled.

It was a relaxed smile that Ye Ci never had before. A smile that was so warm that it could even melt the snow.

Wandering Cloud looked at the unforgettable face so close to his. Coldness has always been her only expression. Then that expression was suddenly replaced with a smile. He then heard her cold voice coming out of her moist lips.

“What is mine, nobody else can take.”

Her voice was soft and carefree. Additionally, there was a hint of coldness and detachment in her eyes despite her smile.

“Whatever belongs to me, Gongzi You, don’t you even think about taking it away. Not even the Tang Dynasty has that right.” her smile disappeared, replaced by an icy gaze as cold as the steel of her blade.

She let go of Wandering Cloud and stood up, never taking her eyes off him. In the blink of an eye, she nocked an arrow and let it loose. Glistening Snow, who had just revived fell back onto the ground with a yelp.

“If you don’t want to drop any items, tell your men to stay put, or… “ Ye Ci’s lips formed into a grin.

That is, if, it counted as one.

Wandering Cloud’s eyes burned with anger.

He was the vice guild leader of Tang Dynasty. Never had he suffered such a great humiliation. He had paid attention to Gongzi You and he had guessed that the previous First Bloods had something to do with the Huntress.

After he confirmed that Gongzi You was on the same continent as him, he was afraid that the Huntress would try to steal away his most prized loot, the shield dropped by the Armored Giant Tortoise. It was information he had bought from a certain Fate GM before the open beta test had begun with 200,000 RMB.

He had already known that the Armored Giant Turtle had a chance of dropping one of the best pre-lvl 80 shield, the Swordback Hold. Since the average player level was still quite low, he was not worried that someone else would seek out the Armored Giant Tortoise and try to defeat it. As a precaution, he had ordered some of his trusted guild members to pay close attention to Winter Hotspring.

After finally getting to lie on the bed after staying up all night long, Wandering Cloud received a phone call from Lazy Blue before he could even close his eyes. He was then informed that Gongzi You was collecting herbs at Winter Hotspring. He was anxious, but did not pay too much heed to it. After all, the Armored Giant Tortoise was a lvl 40 monster, even Gongzi You could never defeat it by herself.

But after five to six hours of sleep, Lazy Blue called once again. Gongzi You had already started fighting the Armored Giant Tortoise and had already chipped away half of its HP. It was at that moment that Wandering Cloud truly became nervous. He immediately arranged some of his men to meet up with Lazy Blue and stop Gongzi You from getting the First Blood. He got off from his bed and raced to the spot from the other side of the Eastern Continent.

What happened next you already know.

This entire fiasco was all Wandering Cloud’s idea. He told nothing about the BOSS stealing to the guild leader, NightAndDay. He was an honest and upright person. He would be very angry if he learned that Wandering Cloud had tried to snatch a First Blood and BOSS away from somebody else. Wandering Cloud was very afraid of NightAndDay.

He wanted to call for help badly, but… he couldn’t.

He knew that NightAndDay would never allow him to use guild resources for this matter. He was a smart man. He knew that NightAndDay would question his words even if Wandering Cloud told him that Gongzi You was the one who tried to KS the BOSS. The guild leader had once promised Wandering Cloud that once most of the members of the guild had hit lvl 40, they would help him acquire the shield. Except this incident would definitely arouse NightAndDay’s suspicion.

The shield was definitely valuable. However, to lose his standing in the guild for a mere shield was a very dumb move.

However, Wandering Cloud couldn’t bring himself to admit defeat to Gongzi You. He bit his lips and glared at Ye Ci as she casually killed any of his friends who tried to revive themselves.

He couldn’t bear to watch his brothers sacrifice themselves again and again for his sake. He finally relented, “Do not revive.”


Wandering Cloud’s men were shocked by his decision. He was not someone who could stomach humiliation, but…

“I already said, don’t revive yourselves,” although Wandering Cloud had deceived Ye Ci in her past life, he still cared about his friends. His roar had managed to stop his men from their continuous attempts to revive. He then looked at Ye Ci and said, “Gongzi You, I’ll remember you.”

Ye Ci laughed at his words. She sat on the Tortoise’s shell and said, “I will never forget someone who tried to steal something that’s rightfully mine.”

Wandering Cloud gritted his teeth and remained silent. He could only watch on as Ye Ci dissected the carcass of the Armored Giant Tortoise.

Ye Ci collected the loot from the carcass with the fastest speed possible. She did not even take note of her loot. She knew very well that Wandering Cloud was the vice guild leader of Tang Dynasty. If that bastard called for help, she’d be in a pinch.

At this stage of the game, she only had single target attacks. She could easily handle a few players in combat but if more were to arrive on the scene, she’ll certainly get defeated.

After solving the matter that has been gnawing at her heart, Ye Ci did not have the mood to stay at this place for any longer.

The past doesn’t matter anymore. Not to mention that at this point in her new life, she did not have the strength to defend herself against a large guild. It would be stupid to not run away as soon as possible.

As she was about to leave, Ye Ci took one last glance at Wandering Cloud’s angry face. Her eyes narrowed and her lips formed into another sinister grin. She walked up to Wandering Cloud and stooped down.

Wandering Cloud gritted his teeth, “What do you want?”

Ye Ci leaned in closer to Wandering Cloud seductively and said in a small voice, “Floral Apartment, Room 612. Don’t always do it in the same place. Go somewhere new once in a while.”

With that, she patted Wandering Cloud’s shoulders and summoned her steed. Ye Ci smiled at him, “Till we meet again, o’ great guild leader,” then left.

As soon as Ye Ci disappeared from their sight, the people who were previously laying on the ground immediately got up. “Cloud, let’s gather some players from the guild, we’ll go after her.” said MuQing.

“No.” said Wondering Cloud. His face was pale white and sweat dripped from his forehead. He was trembling with fear.

“Why?” Wandering Cloud was known to be a vengeful person. His reaction was something out of his character.

“I said no!” Wandering Cloud roared in anger. The others were shocked after noticing his expression. Knowing that he had lost control, Wandering Cloud immediately changed the topic, “I’ve been crippled, carry me back to the city, I can’t move.”

The four knew that Wandering Cloud was hiding something and it had something to do with the what that Gongzi You had whispered to him. Nobody dared to ask. They carried him up from the ground and prepared to return to the city.

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