Chapter 431 Show Some Shame

Chapter 431 Show Some Shame

No matter who her opponent was, Ye Ci would always give her all during a fight. To Ye Ci, going all out was the best way she could honor an opponent. She might not be a good person, but she was still one with good manners. 


“Gongzi You, would you have gone easier on me if I’m a female?” asked one of the Rogues she had faced in the tournament. 


She never liked talking to her opponents, as she saw it as gloating against an opponent that she had just defeated. But many of them still tried to talk to her. 


The Rogue, with the name Moment Of Sadness, was one of them, “Nope. I only see the class of my enemies in combat.” 


“Uhmmm… Can I ask you a question, Gongzi You?” 


“What is it?” 


The one minute where players were allowed to remain in the arena was a grace period for the system to update the result of their battle. But that did not stop the players from talking to each other, and even taking selfies together. 


The Rogue would of course not want to miss out on a chance to have a meaningful conversation with one of the top players in the game. 


Ye Ci was alarmed by the sudden question. She had run into no small number of players seeking gossipping materials. 


“Am I the one who lasted the least amount of time against you?” asked Moment Of Sadness. He was defeated by Gongzi You three minutes and twenty four seconds after the match began, and it took the two combatants two minutes to meet each other at the middle of the map. 


He knew that victory against Gongzi You was impossible, but he did not want to be the one who lost to her the quickest. 


“No, you’re not.” Ye Ci gave her answer after a brief moment of hesitation. Even she herself could not remember how long it took her to defeat her previous opponents, but Moment Of Sadness was definitely better than some of them. 


“Gongzi You, I’m honored to have fought against you. I wish you good luck in the tournament.” 


“I will.” Ye Ci had responded with a smile. 


“Let’s have a selfie together, Gongzi You!” a smile spread across Moment Of Sadness’s face. 


And a photo was already taken before Ye Ci could react. 


It eventually made its way to the forum, much to the amusement of Bai Mo and Tan Polang. 


As she was caught off guard by the sudden request, Ye Ci was not prepared when the photo was taken. Her usual ferocity was not present in the picture. Her gaze was unfocused, and her mouth was slightly open. She appeared.. Like a fool in the photo. 


Many of the players could not believe what they saw. Is that really Gongzi You? Bai Mo shook with laughter as he saw the picture online, “Ye Ci, look at that retarded look of yours! It’s like you suddenly lost half your IQ!” 


Unlike Bai Mo, Tan Polang knew that he must remain implicit with his words, “This is… Very not like you, Sister Ye Ci.” 


Fleeting Time voiced his opinion of that picture as well, as he whispered it into Ye Ci’s ears in-game, “Little Gongzi, that was very cute of you.” 


No! This is not me! This is unreal! Ye Ci shouted in her heart.


Of course, this was a small episode that happened during the PVP tournament. 


Many things were going on during the PVP tournament. 


It took a full three months for the first stage of the tournament to finally be completed. And this gave the participants fifteen days of rest before they would then proceed to the next round. 


Many of them used the two weeks' time to prepare for their next match, while many more set themselves to complete other tasks in the game. The players of Upwards Ho! were among their numbers, as the fifteen days would be used to attack the abandoned fort of Sodom. 


Zero Arsenic had been keeping Ye Ci informed of the changes made by Golden Era on their plans to attack Sodom. The guild had initially planned to hit Upwards Ho! with a surprise attack when they made their attempt at capturing Sodom, but with Bai Mo and his officers keeping their plans under a tight lid, Golden Era was forced to constantly update its plans. 


Due to the importance of this event, and the ever looming threat of an intervention from Golden Era, the time of the attack was set two months earlier than it was previously planned. It was a nigh impossible mission for Upwards Ho!, and this was why Ye Ci decided to enlist the help of Sir Ditty. 


The leader of Wolf Pack, who was standing half naked in the lake by a waterfall, stared at Ye Ci with mouth agape as if he saw a ghost. 


While Ye Ci continued staring at him with no intention of averting her gaze. 


“Y-y-y-you…” Sir Ditty was stuttering as he pointed at Ye Ci. 


“You have a nice figure.” Ye Ci nodded at him, “I thought a mage like you would be thin as twig.” Ye Ci had grown used to seeing the three males of her family walking around the house half naked. 


But it did not mean that Sir Ditty was used to being stared at by someone who was blatantly violating his privacy. 


Due to his obsession with cleanliness, Sir Ditty would always have the urge to take a bath even if he was in the game, but was extremely reluctant to go to the public baths at the same time. This was how he discovered this secret spot that gave him privacy while he enjoyed the wonders of nature. 


The sudden appearance of Gongzi You came as a shock to him. 


And the fact that she was staring at him openly made matters worse, “Gongzi You, have you not thought of respecting my privacy?” 


“Why are you so shy? Are you a girl or something?” Ye Ci was baffled. 


“Y-y-you…” Sir Ditty was at a loss for words, “You’re the girl! And you’re peeping at me as I bathe! How can you be so shameless?” 


Ye Ci pursed her lips and retorted, “Your figure is not THAT great. It’s not like you’re fully naked anyways. Come on, get up here. I need to talk to you about something.” 


Sir Ditty’s heart was filled with grief. He was a guild leader of a major guild that was respected by all wherever he went, but even he could not do anything against Gongzi You at this very moment, “Come up, don’t waste my time. I’ll post the screenshot of yours that I just took to the forums if you don’t get up here!” 


“Gongzi You! You b*tch! I’ll kill you! Turn around!” shouted Sir Ditty who was driven to the edge of madness by Ye Ci. 


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